At Connective, we know that great SEO is vital to the life and reach of your business website. We believe in working smart by starting SEO campaigns with a thorough SEO audit of all your digital assets. Performing this search audit will aid in our strategy to get you to the top of the search engines! READ MORE

We will help you build your digital marketing campaign and improve your search rankings. First, let us analyze your site and your competitors. Then, we’ll find the best path to bring your pages up for the perfect consumers.

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SEO Audit Service

Connective understands SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to provide a meaningful SEO audit service. We know that a combination approach is the most successful, and we constantly adapt to the changing digital environment. Keep reading to learn more about how Connective’s SEO audit service can help your business.

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ROI Focused

Your return on investment is a crucial indicator of your website’s performance. We will help draw in the customers that are right for you. An SEO audit service can help your customers and sales opportunities find you more easily.

SEO Strategy Agency

Up to Date

At Connective, we understand that search algorithms that power engines like Google are constantly changing and learning. We stay in step with algorithm advancements to be able to provide top-notch traffic.

SEO Strategy Agency

Top Strategies

Just as the algorithms change, so do other aspects of SEO, web design, and web development. We constantly test our approaches to ensure efficiency, usability and to maximize results and ROI.

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Stay Connected

The Connective team is proud to offer excellent support through every step of the process and beyond. When you hire Connective for your SEO audit service, you’re bringing us on as an extension of your team. We value that partnership and promise to be responsive.

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More Than Just SEO

While SEO audit services are an essential part of complete web design, it’s only a part of the package that we offer. Connective is a one-stop shop for all of your web design needs. We’ll be there for every web design development aspect from A to Z.

Connective’s SEO Audit Services

Our SEO services are top-notch for a good reason. We’ve spent years dedicating our time to building winning digital marketing campaigns. Our work is successful across numerous markets and industries. 

Our combined experience gives our team an edge in SEO audit services and overall web design. We know what it takes to identify all of the opportunities that will create long-lasting success. Keep reading to learn more about our SEO audit service process.

SEO Strategy Process

Connective Web Design uses a reliable SEO optimization process to hone in on your business story. We build a connection between you and your customers to help your business grow. Take a look at how we approach each audit service below and the SEO reporting that we can provide.

Onsite Audit Assessment

Connective Web Design uses a reliable SEO optimization process to hone in on your business story. We build a connection between you and your customers to help your business grow. Take a look at how we approach each audit service below.

Site structure

We examine the number of pages you have versus the number of pages that search engines have found. We also dive into your page structure and check for headings, tags, and meta descriptions.

Internal linking

We check for internal links and the strength of your link anchor text. This step improves onsite maneuverability for your consumers and strengthens your page authority.


We explore your website in detail to learn how long users stay on your site and analyze their behaviors. This part of the process tells us where we can make improvements to increase user engagement.


During our technical SEO audit, we test the loading speed of your pages and determine how to help pages load faster for your users.

Offsite Audit Analysis

The next step involves taking a deeper look at the offsite aspects of your website, including:

Backlink analysis

Our team will examine the links that contribute to your site authority and determine if there are issues. We’ll also start planning to find backlinks that help improve your website authority for use with our link building services.

Anchor text distribution

We will explore the variation and distribution of the anchor text for all of your links to improve their quality as needed.

Link velocity

Link velocity relates to how quickly your site is accumulating backlinks. We’ll examine your link velocity and compare it to your business profile to optimize our approach.

Competitor Research

No matter your industry or market, you need to know your competitors. Our research helps us build an SEO strategy that allows your business to compete more effectively. The research includes:

Backlink analysis

We’ll explore the backlinks that your competitors are using. Then, we’ll compare those with the backlinks that you’ve used to help us identify improvements for your website.

Competitor page analysis

We’ll examine the number of pages and overall structure of competitor sites and how they compare to yours. We’ll check to see how their usability compares to your site as well.

Content gap analysis

We look for any gaps in content between your website and your competitors. We can work out a content plan that will help bridge the gap which will be crucial during the content marketing phase of your campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword selections are another vital factor in drawing organic traffic to your website. We’ll review your keyword rankings in comparison to your competitors by using:

Keyword and topic clusters

We’ll create a list of realistic keywords for which your site topic can rank more easily. We use specialized SEO tools to analyze the potential keywords that will be best for your site.

Keyword gap analysis

We’ll search for any gaps in keyword selections across your entire website. Then, we’ll offer a strategy that works for you.

Connective’s clients can benefit from these detailed SEO audit services to build a better roadmap to help your business reach its goals. We know that the long-term view will involve continually adapting to the changing markets. Let us help you overcome each obstacle that the market presents.

Our SEO Audit Service Tools

Below is a short selection of the tools we use during an SEO audit.

Google Analytics

This analytic platform offers valuable insights into the metrics of your campaigns. The organic search data that is available here is a considerable facet of the campaign success analysis. This tool can help you track your campaign reach more easily.

Google Search Console

This free service helps web admins identify problems that relate to your Google search rankings. This tool will expose any indexing issues or penalizations that Google places on affected pages. We’ll be able to correct these technical issues to optimize your site quickly.


Connective uses the SEO research platform at Ahrefs to guide our SEO audit service strategy. This tool provides information on keywords, competition, high-performing content, backlinks, and much more. Ahrefs is a reliable multi-purpose tool that we can rely on.

Surfer SEO

Surfer allows us to get very scientific about what content Google loves. We can deconstruct the top content in any SERP and see how it compares to your content. This will allow us to see what gaps and deficiencies you may have in your content marketing.

SEO Agency FAQ

We know that you might have some questions about SEO audit services and what they can do for your company. We’ve listed a few of the most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch with us at (888) 831-6095.

The available services of an SEO agency depend significantly on the SEO agency. Some SEO audit service agencies will only focus on SEO without consideration for other website details. The Connective Web Design team works differently than those SEO agencies.

At Connective, we embrace SEO as an integral part of web design and web development services. Certain features of SEO research can help identify SEO-related technical issues. Our extensive web design and development background allows us to offer more technical support for your website overall.

Regular SEO auditing can help you stay on top of keyword trends as the market evolves. Neglecting to use an SEO audit service can negatively impact your customer reach and search rankings. Every business should rely on regular SEO audits to maintain best practices.

Don’t let your best customers fall through the cracks by ignoring your SEO strategy. SEO audits find the problems that affect your profits and branding and offer workable solutions to fix them. This service also provides tracking and reporting to help you alter your strategy as needed.

It may be tempting to try using SEO tools on your website on your own to save money. But, without experience and expertise to guide your SEO strategy, your diverse business goals can slip out of reach. Trust in the SEO audit service professionals like Connective Web Design.

SEO strategy is an integral part of the Connective approach to building better business websites. We’ve been building websites and improving SEO for years while adapting to an ever-changing market environment. Let us share that experience to your benefit.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Essentially, SEO works to optimize your website to make it more easily found by the consumers that want and need your product(s). SEO is the strategy that creates a plan of action to gain attention from your target audience.

Your website might have a few visitors and a few purchases without SEO services, but you could be missing out on better profits. SEO auditing will help you identify areas of improvement. SEO tracking tools let you know what is working, and our input can shape the most appropriate solution for your site.

The length of time that each SEO audit takes will vary by each individual company website. Large websites with numerous pages and immense amounts of content will require more time to examine thoroughly. Smaller websites with fewer pages or less content will require a little less time.

Generally, a detailed SEO audit service will take a minimum of two weeks. Some company websites may require six weeks or more to complete. In every case, the service will provide personalized insight into SEO improvements you can take action on.

At Connective Web Design, we encourage building long-term professional relationships with your SEO agency. SEO practices, algorithms, and trends change constantly. The valuable insights that we provide with our SEO audit service will help you keep up with your competition.

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