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Finding a skilled graphic designer to execute your company’s branding vision can be challenging. At Connective, our graphic design agency is passionate about bringing your vision to life with designs that reflect your brand, attract your target audience, and convert more leads. 

With design services ranging from print ads and brochures to packaging and marketing assets, we can be your go-to graphic design firm. We can show you how to best engage your customers and grow your business with eye-catching, thoughtful designs. 


  • Custom Designed

    Custom Designed

    No cookie-cutter designs or templates are used here — we’ll build your designs from scratch and customize them to your unique brand.

  • Highly Creative

    Highly Creative

    Our artists will spend time creating thoughtful, unique, and creative designs that catch your audience’s attention and keep it.

  • Built for your Audience

    Built for YOUR Audience

    Not all demographics respond to designs the same way. We analyze your target audience and use design strategies proven to engage your customer base.

  • Time-Saving


    Say goodbye to waiting weeks for one brochure design. We know time is money, so we’ll work efficiently to get your designs to you quickly.

  • Branding Expertise

    Branding Expertise

    Our graphic design firm has extensive experience and training in the psychology behind branding. We’ll put our expertise to work to captivate your audience while staying on brand.

  • Collaborative


    You’ll have direct access to a strategic project manager who will work with you throughout the graphic design process, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Our 6-phase Graphic Design Process

  • Phase 1:


    After setting up project management tools, we hold a meeting discussing your business, branding, and goals to gain a deeper understanding of how our graphic design agency can best assist you.

  • Phase 2:

    Research and Planning

    Next, we’ll get to work researching your target audience and planning future marketing assets as part of an effective marketing strategy.

  • Phase 3:

    Concept Development

    We’ll develop strategic branding concepts for each marketing asset to engage your audience and use our graphic design skills to the fullest.

  • Phase 4:

    Client Presentation

    After our graphic design team crafts up the perfect designs, you can sit back and relax as we present our concept ideas and sample designs.

  • Phase 5:

    Feedback and Revision

    As part of our collaborative process, we’ll invite your feedback on all our ideas. Then, we’ll get to work revising our designs until they achieve your vision.

  • Phase 6:


    In no time, you’ll have custom-built, creative, unique designs that you can use to promote your brand and grow your business.

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What sets your graphic design services apart?
Our graphic design services are distinguished by a unique blend of personalized creativity and a deep understanding of branding psychology. We don’t just create designs; we craft visual stories that reflect your brand’s identity and ethos, ensuring each piece is visually striking and effectively communicates your brand’s core message.
Tailoring designs to your brand involves a deep dive into your brand’s identity, values, and target audience. This comprehensive approach ensures that every design element we create is aesthetically pleasing, resonates with your audience, and aligns seamlessly with your brand’s narrative.
Our services cover a wide range, from print ads and brochures to packaging, marketing materials, and digital designs. Each service is crafted to meet your specific branding and marketing objectives, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence across all mediums.
We conduct thorough research into their preferences and behaviors to captivate your target audience. This strategic approach allows us to create designs that appeal aesthetically and engage your audience on a more meaningful level.
Our process is systematic and client-focused. It starts with an initial consultation to grasp your vision, followed by in-depth research and concept development. We then present our ideas, incorporate your feedback, and refine the designs for final delivery, ensuring each step aligns with your goals.
How long does a typical graphic design project take?
The timeline for graphic design projects varies based on complexity and requirements. We prioritize delivering high-quality designs efficiently, ensuring we meet deadlines while maintaining our standard of excellence.
Our graphic design services are priced flexibly to match your project’s scope. We offer hourly rates for smaller tasks with a clear estimate of the hours needed. For larger projects, we provide a range of hours or a fixed price option, ensuring affordability and transparency.
We continuously engage in industry research, participate in design forums, and collaborate within the design community. This commitment ensures our designs are not only contemporary but also forward-thinking and influential.
Choosing professional graphic design brings expertise, creativity, and strategic branding insight. Our professional designs ensure that your visual communications are aesthetically pleasing and strategically crafted to meet your business objectives.
Graphic design is pivotal in shaping and reinforcing your brand identity. It serves as a visual language that communicates your brand’s values, personality, and story, creating a memorable and distinct image that resonates with your audience.
See if we’re a fit.

See if we’re a fit.