We are a WordPress design agency that creates beautifully designed SEO-optimized WordPress websites. What does it take to be able to call yourself an expert WordPress web design agency? We have a combined 40+ years of experience pumping out custom-designed WordPress websites, modifying themes, crushing custom WordPress development projects, researching and learning every essential WordPress plugin out there, and being fully entrenched in the WordPress ecosystem. READ MORE

WordPress is what we use daily, and our systems and processes are built around its workflow. As we are so versed in it, we can put out a stringent level of quality while keeping WordPress design pricing affordable because of our efficiency. This level of detail, quality, and efficiency can only come from putting in your 10,000 hours, and we have certainly put in the time.

We are, hands down, one of the best WordPress web design agencies around, and we want to work with software and tools that are also the best. WordPress is undoubtedly that. We have been working with WordPress as our primary content management system since the beginning. Back when WordPress was primarily a blog engine before it blew up into the full-featured software today.

We stay aware of all the other competitors out there, such as Drupal, Square Space, Wix, Shopify, and Joomla, and we still think WordPress is, by far, the best CMS on the planet. We have even helped develop proprietary content management systems in the past to exact specifications and always come back to WordPress as the better choice.

The WordPress community is vast, with more than 27% of the entire Internet running on it.

Many Fortune 500 companies, from Sony to Rolling Stone, currently rely on WordPress development, and almost any kind of website you can imagine can use it to their advantage. Business websites, personal blogs, eCommerce sites, community-driven sites, and all forms of small business use WordPress daily to get it done. Because of its widespread use, it’s also effortless to get help working on WordPress, and you will never need to feel trapped with your current developer simply because of the CMS that was used.

At the end of the day, you want a WordPress web design company that has the custom design and internet marketing experience that you deserve.


WordPress Portfolio

Each project is thoughtfully crafted and custom-designed around your customer’s needs. We deep dive into your organization’s strengths, goals, and pain points. We learn what matters most to your clients, and, from there, we recommend the best approach to show your brand in the best possible light that connects with your audience. See what our WordPress website design services can do for you. SEE OUR FULL PORTFOLIO


Custom Designed

No pre-designed WordPress themes here. All of our WordPress web designs are purpose-built individually for our great clients. We start with helping clients understand how they want to be represented online and who their customers are. 

We strategize to produce your sitemaps and wireframes. All of this is done to ensure we provide the perfect new website for your business.



Easy to Use

Because WordPress has been around for almost 20 years, it has had the time needed to iron out the bugs. They have spent every single update since inception making the best possible user AND admin experience. 

It is the perfect mix of power and flexibility to make website development easy for web developers yet still accessible for non-technical people to use daily.



Search Engine Optimized

From proper mobile display to engaging content with high-ranking keywords, we implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Our web designs consistently rank on the first page of Google search results.

You need your customers in Houston, TX, to see your website in order to make money. With our help, you can increase high-quality website traffic with web design.



Conversion Oriented

Our offering is much more than just WordPress website design. We go deep into the intentions of your target audience and make sure we give your site every possible chance to convert.

Most design companies just focus on making a beautiful site. We make sure that your website visitors will turn into paying customers.



Responsive Web Designs

With Google transitioning most websites over to their mobile-first index in search results, it’s no longer an option for any website serious about being visible not to have a responsive web design. 

We have been building mobile-friendly responsive websites with WordPress for many years. So your site will function as perfectly and beautifully on phones as it will on desktops.



Blazing Fast

WordPress web designers are notorious for producing slow websites. Installing a million and one plugins without consideration for the speed of your site.

We build on the WordPress platform, but we know how to make sure it provides the best possible user experience.



Why work with us

We are WordPress Design experts

We have used WordPress since it started. We can bend WordPress to look any way we want it to look.

We create optimized, 100% responsive websites.

It's not a "nice-to-have" anymore. The lion's share of website visitors are on their phones. Our sites run great on ALL platforms.

We build SEO-optimized WordPress sites.

Although just being on WordPress isn't the golden ticket to high rankings, it does provide all the tools needed (in the right hands) to get you there.

We are a partner you can trust.

We answer the phone. We respond to emails. We will guide you in the right direction. You'll think of us as part of your entire team.

We strategize around SEO and User Experience.

WordPress SEO is by far at the leading edge of search optimization. If SEO is important to you, you should most certainly be working with an SEO agency specializing in WordPress.

We are a WordPress agency that cares. It sounds like it should be a prominent attribute in any WordPress development company, but I assure you that it’s not. We treat your WordPress website like we do our own. 

There are a thousand ways that corners can be cut in web development to save time and cost and your content management system should not be one of them. From the initial install with the security steps we take through to the training and support we provide at the end of our WordPress web design projects, it will be evident that we are a WordPress website design agency that truly cares.

What keeps us going

Our satisfied clients

My business revolves around my website. I didn't have a ton of startup cash and good web design is not cheap, so after interviewing a bunch of potential designers I went with Connective. I made the right choice. My site looks great - more importantly, it's really easy for me to manage and for customers to get around. The whole team was extremely quick with communication and very helpful,...
Rodney and his staff have taken the weight off my shoulders as far as web design goes. I know nothing when it comes to web design, how things should look, the feel of a website, etc. They made all the complications go away and made things very easy for me to understand, from a layperson perspective. But Connective Web Design, LLC took a wonderful, team-oriented approach to correcting errors,...
I could not be happier with the hard work, dedication, and outside-the-box ideas, this team brought to my website project!! This was the third team I hired and the third time was certainly a charm. I continue to get compliments on my website from everyone who visits it. Thank you!!!

I have worked with Connective for over eight years now and can recommend them without any hesitation. They are creative, responsive, and able to provide all of the services needed to have a thriving online presence. If you are looking for help with online marketing, look no further, Connective is your team!

You're in good company

WordPress websites make up over 40% of the entire internet! Let that sink in. If you wonder if WordPress can handle your website, know that a site of your scope is out there running. Take a peek at some of the more famous WordPress users below:


Frequently asked questions

WordPress is a website builder and content management system. It started as open-source software for bloggers to make their websites in 2003 but eventually transformed into something much more powerful: CMSs that could create fully functional sites with its easy drag & drop interface.

There is nothing inherently better about WordPress from an SEO perspective compared to other content management systems out there. WordPress is a tool and in the hands of the right craftsman, you can dominate the search engines.

Our current favorite SEO plugins for WordPress are Rankmath for most SEO duties, Elementor for designing beautiful websites, Nitropack for site speed, and Wordfence for security.

Contact us

Wondering what we can do to help your business grow with WordPress? We can help you make smart decisions that best meet your needs. From basic questions on WordPress to complex inquiries on branding, web design, marketing, web development, or other wordpress services we’re here to help!

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How much will a WordPress website design cost?

To answer this question without more information is difficult. Our WordPress websites tend to fall between $6,000 and $50,000, depending on the specifications. Although we can and will work for less and have handled custom projects for more, the average cost for a custom-designed WordPress website is around $7,000 to $15,000. 

Our current rates are $100/hour, and we have a few hard costs that go with most projects, such as themes, plugins, copywriting, and hosting. Every project is quoted individually, though.

Many factors determine the actual cost of a WordPress website and web design. However, it comes down to the following:

1) How much design time will be required for the WordPress design?

2) How big is the website?

3) How much functionality is needed?

4) Additional factors such as schedule and time needed to manage the project.

Most of the web design comes down to just labor costs; most of the estimating process can be handled by educated guesses relating to person-hours for each project phase. 

To determine the price of your WordPress project, we just need 15 minutes discovery call with you to discuss the particulars, and we can come back with a full proposal, usually within a day or two. After that, you can try our pricing calculator to get a rough idea or contact us for a quote specific to your project.

Our Web Development Process

Step #1: Getting Started

A typical project for us starts as early as the initial sales meetings. We take in job requirements and strategize on the best ways to build your website together with our technical, superior understanding of scope, which allows super-accurate pricing.

Step #2: Planning & Discovery

Before we begin your project, we’d like to ask you a few questions. This will allow us to get a better idea of your goals and preferences for this project so that we can create the best possible finished product. You’ll also have a chance to give feedback on our design style if applicable!

Step #3: Design & Content

At Connective, we work with you to design a home page for your website and provide instructions on how to give the written content for the entire website. Clients are always expected to give the content before we approve the design. This speeds up our workflow and ensures that any schedule is met.

Step #4: Development

Now, you will see your website come to life as we implement it on your small business hosting platform. We are also sending you an updated project schedule and asking for the remaining items needed to finish up your site.

Step #5: Test & Launch

We have a detailed quality assurance process to ensure your website is error-free before we launch! We squash all bugs, and everyone on our team is involved in ensuring the launch goes smoothly, and your experience is top-notch.

Step #6: Maintenance

A website is a living and breathing marketing machine. Software needs to be updated regularly so that it runs smoothly and doesn’t get infected by viruses, which will hurt your business’s reputation. Security, speed, and user experience all improve when you keep your website updated.

Step #7: Evaluation

We recommend getting back in touch about 3-6 months after launch. Since the site has been live for a while and you’ve had time to adjust, we want to hear how it’s going. Are there any ways we can improve? Are there any changes you wish were made? Or anything you’d like to do differently in the future?

The 3 building blocks of a WordPress website design


A proper WordPress website design company will understand WordPress completely. This is more than just understanding how to leverage a pre-designed theme.

At its core, WordPress is a collection of PHP files organized in several folders and directories. You can then break those files down into the core files that make WordPress run, the files that users add to the system to extend its functionality, and finally, the user media files that users add to the system. WordPress updates its core files for security reasons and to make the software run more smoothly, all while taking advantage of the newest technologies available.

There is nothing hidden from us regarding what makes WordPress tick. So if you want to, you can dive in and see how WordPress development works. But, of course, you don’t ever really need to, and the WordPress core software are files that you should never have to touch.


All WordPress websites require a theme to run. While the core WordPress software handles the engine behind a WordPress website, the theme files take the look and feel. You must have a theme to have a WordPress site. To some, a theme implies cheating or using someone else’s design. That is not the case. If you code a WordPress design from scratch, you will be making your own WordPress theme.

The theme is responsible for what the website looks like. It houses all of the template images and the CSS behind the web page structure. The standard headers and footers are all defined in the theme. This keeps core WordPress development functionality separate from design. If you want to change the look of your website, you just need to replace the theme components of your site. Very smart!


Although WordPress has a vast feature list that it can handle out of the box, it had the foresight to know that people would want more. So they developed a hook system that allows software developers to “plug in” to the WordPress system for extending its functionality. 

Plugins are one of the most fun and beneficial aspects of working with WordPress development. See some functionality on a website that your website doesn’t have? There is probably a plugin for it. Want to add a fantastic eCommerce section to your website? Instead of having to code for hundreds of hours to have a bare-bones shopping cart, you can now install a plugin and just configure it. If you can dream it, there is likely already a plugin for it.


WordPress is Search Engine-Friendly.

If you're serious about search engine optimization, WordPress should be your CMS of choice. There are a dizzying number of tools available to WordPress designers, developers, and users that streamline the SEO process. For example, the Yoast SEO plugin alone will give you on-page grading of keyword focus, create XML sitemap files for you to submit to Google Search Console, provide fields for customizing meta tags, and much more.

WordPress frameworks tend to be semantically correct for perfect on-page SEO. WordPress business websites will also be lightning fast at getting any new content indexed with its "pinging" functionality that tells search engines that new content is available, so please come crawl it.

WordPress is easy to use for non-technical people.

WordPress development has come a long way since it came out on May 27, 2003, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. But, of course, that is a long time iterating and making improvements with its usability. Nevertheless, we have found that WordPress is by far the easiest to use for the end-user.

The owner of our websites will get full WordPress training at the end of the project, leaving them with all the skills necessary not to have to hire us for updates (although we are more than happy to do updates if desired). Tasks such as adding blog posts, updating testimonials, changing the pricing on eCommerce sites, and adding services pages are easily handled by even the most technically challenged.

WordPress offers ultimate design flexibility.

Other content management systems can look great if you stick to the designs and layouts that they use out of the box. What if you want your web design to be a little different? What if you want something completely custom? Using WordPress allows us to design without restriction. If we can dream it up, we know we can implement it with WordPress.

Don't make your marketing bend to your CMS. Instead, let your business be represented online in as unique a way as you want it to. We have been implementing custom WordPress web designs and development for a decade. So whether you dream it or we do, we can feel confident that the choice in content management will not be restricting us in any way.

WordPress is the most used, most reliable CMS.

Given the vast user base and giant community behind WordPress, there is little argument that it is the best polished CMS out there. Amazingly, something so complex can work so well. The plugins, themes, and customizations that can be done using WordPress development and still not give you problems are pretty amazing. And in the off chance that something does go wrong, it is straightforward to find people that can help. Want to learn to be a WordPress expert yourself? Go check out WordPress.tv or do any search you can think of on Youtube, and you will find all the tutorials you can handle. Buying into the WordPress community and ecosystem is a decision you will not regret.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a completely free piece of community-driven open-source software that came into existence in 2003. It is a set of PHP files driven by a MySQL database that creates a website framework. It was used initially as a blogging platform but quickly grew into the powerhouse that it is today. For the end-user, most of this is irrelevant. What users truly enjoy about WordPress is the ability to control website content and design without knowing complicated code.

Although you can go as far down the rabbit hole as you can imagine with WordPress, the basics of managing a WordPress site for tasks such as adding a blog article, editing a page of content, or even adding some functionality are all relatively simple to learn.

WordPress can perform the backbone duties of almost any kind of website you can think of or web development platform out there. Here is a small list of the types of websites that WordPress performs especially well behind:

  • Blogs
  • Business Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Portfolio Websites
  • Social Network Sites
  • Membership Sites
  • Learning Websites

This list can go on and on. But, essentially, bar the most complicated website specifications, WordPress can provide the engine for any website you can imagine. We have been building WordPress websites for over a decade now, and we have seen it all done. It allows us rapid web development, lightning-fast speed, and functionality that you would otherwise have to spend hundreds or thousands of hours on without.

Ready to start the conversation? Call us at (888) 831-6095.