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Are you tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks? Do you know what ad platforms, content, or campaigns move the needle for your business? Are you overspending on marketing without getting the results you know are possible?

Before you spend another dime on marketing, it’s time to look at the data. At Connective, we help brands optimize their marketing performance by taking a deep dive into the marketing data to get actionable insights. No more guessing. No more assumptions. With Connective on your team, you’ll discover new ways to convert data into dollars.

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What We Offer You

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    Conversion Tracking

    From phone calls to form submissions, we track conversions so that you know what’s working (and what needs to change).

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    Software Implementation and Integration

    We ensure that all of your marketing and operational software works in unison to provide you with accurate data.

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    Powerful Toolbox

    No shortage of tools here! We leverage Google Ads, Analytics, Tag Manager, and Google Ads – to name a few.

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    Marketing Strategy Development

    You want to win, right? With our data analytics chops, we help our clients develop massive growth strategies.

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    Customized Marketing Analytics Dashboards

    Say goodbye to boring, hard-to-read reports. We create beautiful, bespoke dashboards that are easy to understand.

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    Competitive Intelligence

    Keep a step ahead with detailed competitor analytics, helping you refine strategies and seize market opportunities.

Our Marketing Analytics Process

  • Phase 1:


    We start with a kick-off meeting to discuss your goals and set you up for success. Fill out a Discovery Questionnaire, and we’ll take it from there.
  • Phase 2:

    Research and Planning

    How do we analyze the data? We start by gathering some data of our own. We do a deep dive into your business and the competition.
  • Phase 3:

    Tracking and Monitoring

    We put our ears to the ground and our noses in the data to track and measure the metrics that matter most to your business.
  • Phase 4:

    Analysis and Reporting

    Data is nothing more than numbers without meaningful insights. Our data scientists can distill data into actionable insights.
  • Phase 5:

    Strategy Development

    Armed with information, we identify opportunities and make strategic recommendations that are designed for growth.
  • Phase 6:

    Improve and Iterate

    The more data we collect, the more we can help your business. Be prepared to shatter revenue records.
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Marketing Analytics FAQs

How can marketing analytics improve my business's ROI?

Marketing analytics can significantly enhance ROI for most businesses by identifying the most effective marketing channels and strategies. By analyzing data, companies can allocate resources more efficiently, targeting efforts that yield the highest returns.

Conversion tracking is crucial in marketing analytics as it helps businesses like Amanda’s in the medical technology sector understand which marketing activities lead to sales or desired actions. This insight allows for fine-tuning marketing strategies to maximize conversions.

Software integration streamlines data collection and analysis, which is essential for businesses. It consolidates data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of marketing performance and customer behavior.

A data-driven marketing strategy can lead to more targeted client or customer outreach, improved retention rates, and better allocation of marketing funds, ensuring that efforts are focused on the most effective channels.

Companies can use marketing analytics to identify market trends, understand customer needs, and track the performance of marketing campaigns, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive growth and innovation.

What advantages do marketing analytics offer to e-commerce businesses?

E-commerce businesses benefit from marketing analytics through enhanced customer segmentation, personalized marketing, and understanding customer purchase patterns, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Marketing analytics provides insights into customer preferences, buying habits, and engagement patterns, which is invaluable for businesses tailoring their marketing strategies to meet customer needs more effectively.

Yes, by providing data on the performance of various marketing channels and campaigns, marketing analytics allows businesses to allocate their budgets more effectively, focusing on high-performing initiatives and reducing spend on less effective ones.

Challenges include data integration, ensuring data quality, and interpreting data correctly. Overcoming these requires investing in the right tools, training staff, and partnering with experienced marketing analytics agencies.

Marketing analytics complements other digital marketing strategies by providing data-driven insights that inform content creation, SEO, social media marketing, and email campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and effective overall marketing approach.

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See if we’re a fit.