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If you’re a small to medium-sized business, your primary focus should be cultivating a solid internet presence. In the modern age, web searches and customer testimonials are the most common ways potential clients learn about businesses. Your website is your first impression to customers, and you need to be playing toward the best SEO practices if you want new people to find your site online, to begin with.

Next Level Technical SEO Services By a Team That Truly Cares

How a Technical SEO Agency Can Benefit You

At Connective Web Design, we have the tools and expertise to identify technical issues, crawl errors, broken pages, and other website problems through technical SEO audits. Often, these invisible issues in your site’s backend keep your website from reaching its full potential. Our auditing reveals broken URLs, duplicate content, orphan pages, and other problems that can impede your ability to rank well in Google searches. 

Post audit, we’ll formulate a technical SEO strategy that increases crawlability, indexing, and your site’s overall performance. We’ll revamp your site’s framework, internal links, external links, HTML, and more, allowing its pages to hit more keywords. 

While audits can’t entirely solve a company’s SEO problems, it’s a surefire way to identify impactful changes that will promote better SEO practices in the future. Our technical SEO services can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your site so you can make informed decisions on how to restructure your web presence.

Improving Core Web Vitals

Core web vitals (CVW) include a set of SEO factors that Google considers relevant for user experience. Depending on how well you score on these values, you may rank higher or lower on search results for your target keyword. The three CWV categories include:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

This is your website’s loading time. A good score ranges from 0-2.5 seconds. Anything between 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds needs improvement, and anything over 4 seconds is poor.

First Input Delay (FID)

This refers to your site’s interactivity. Shoot for a score around 100ms. Anything above 300ms is poor and needs work.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

This is the visual stability of your site. It measures how much your content moves as it loads. Things like ads or improper responsive design implementation can lead to high CLS.

In 2021, Google publicly stated that CVW is critical to a website’s overall ranking in searches. This is understandable, as creating a smooth user experience (UX) is essential to getting customers to return to your site. 

Your technical audit will give us insight into the layout of your CWV redesign. From there, we’ll modify your site’s code to promote a better UX design, directly appealing to Google’s algorithms. By the time we’re finished, your site will be more intuitive to use. 

This all amounts to tremendous benefits on the user end. Your site will work faster, perform smoother, and meet your customer’s needs.

Rethink Your Site Structure

When your site appears readable and streamlined, Google and users alike have an easier time browsing through your pages and associating them with one another. A strong homepage is a great start, but it’s equally critical to utilize:

URL paths

Internal and external links

Navigation bars


Sleek design

Google rewards sites with a structured hierarchy, so creating more internal pages for different services will only yield more search results. 

Prioritize your homepage. Your secondary pages consist of your category and subcategory pages, followed by your product pages and miscellaneous pages. A larger site will lead to a more complex and vital organizational process. 

With more pages, it’s more difficult for Google’s web crawlers to find relevant information. Our team can ensure your site follows the technical SEO best practices, making you visible to every keyword search in your industry.

Internal Linking

By utilizing clickable hyperlinks, you can convey your site’s layout to Google bots. Likewise, these links keep users engaged with your site, diving deeper into other services and related topics. 

Having more internal links increases your site’s link equity. You can use this to catapult important pages into relevance by linking to them appropriately. Our SEO experts will explore the ways your website can use internal links to your advantage. 

In addition to creating more links, we offer related services such as:

Repairing broken links

Redirecting links to new places based on relevance

Improving anchor text based on legibility and SEO

Using an internal linking profile will allow you to promote new pages the moment they go online. Immediately get your new product or service onto the screens of potential customers. Link building is more than just external sites and many agencies forget this!

Site Speed, Performance, and Quality

Technical performance stats play directly into improving your rankings on search engines. If crawlers realize your site loads slowly or is unresponsive, it’s unlikely they will show your site in search results.

Likewise, customers tend to avoid dated sites that are a battle to navigate. Many won’t even wait long enough for a slow site to load, even if they see it on a search result. 

Google has a Pagespeed tool where you can gain some insight into how your website performs. If your score is sub-80, you need a faster site. Google will give you suggestions on how to improve your speed but working with a professional SEO expert is the best way to start converting customers and speed up your site. 

At Connective, we have the tools to make your site more responsive, even on mobile platforms—an arena many sites still don’t give enough attention. With our technical SEO services, you can avoid any penalty enacted by Google due to shoddy performance even as your site continues to grow. 

If you decide to migrate to a new site for faster speeds, we offer guidance and migration assistance. Our team will make sure web crawlers find all your new URL paths so you can maintain your high rankings.

Let connective put together an extensive SEO report that can guide your campaign.

Structured Data Markup

A great way to enhance your content marketing is by enhancing how a search engine understands your website. 

Using schema and other data vocabularies in your site’s code can mark your content, so search engine crawlers know how to appropriately send a user to your site. Schema makes it easier for crawlers to organize your content based on page, keyword, and category. 

It’s essential to pay attention to your use of rich snippets. These are the descriptive snippets accompanying your website’s name on a search result. Rich snippets also include:

The brand logo

Social media accounts

Event listings

Client reviews


Rich snippets make your brand appear personable, professional, and appealing. Like most SEO practices, appeasing the bots that run SEO algorithms also pleases your target audience. 

Google offers a structured data testing tool to help website owners test data markup. Structured data markup is a growing skill for web developers familiar with technical SEO. Our skilled technicians at Connective Web Design have the skills to transform your site’s structured data markup while making it more transparent to you, the data’s owner.

SEO Best Practices FAQ

We know that you might have some questions about SEO audit services and what they can do for your company. We’ve listed a few of the most frequently asked questions below. If your question isn’t answered here, please get in touch with us at (888) 831-6095.

SEO tools are programs that give you analytics and alerts about the health of your site. With the proper tools, you can learn to play to your site’s strengths while identifying and eliminating weaknesses.

SEO tools are customizable and able to help you:

  • Perform market research
  • Create and optimize on-page SEO
  • Check your rank
  • Improve site speed
  • Optimize for mobile

Overall, SEO tools provide the quickest way to rank faster and appear to more customers.

 On-page SEO involves optimizing each of your site’s pages to achieve a higher rank. Using relevant keywords specific to your industry influences on-page SEO, but so do invisible factors residing in your site’s code and backend. The smoother your code, the easier it is for Google to crawl through it, and the higher you will rank. 

Some crucial elements to account for include:

  • Programming language
  • URL structure
  • Rel canonical tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles
  • Target keywords
  • Schema

Schema is a semantic vocabulary of tags that you can add to your site’s code to help search engines understand it, allowing them to know when and why they should be showing your page in search results. 

We can give you the tools to play toward these factors through our technical SEO services, developing a more robust website. We’ll strengthen your code, rework it if needed, and improve your site’s readability.

Canonicalization involves picking the best, most optimized URL when you have several options. Typically, this process is reserved for home pages but can also be used when a business offers several distinct services. Rethinking your site’s URL can go a long way in creating a more straightforward and searchable name.

Your site’s speed drastically increases its SEO and bounce rate. Bounce rate refers to the number of single-page sessions of zero-second duration divided by the total number of page sessions on your website. While it sounds confusing, this essentially is the way Google and other search engines track engagement with your site while browsing the backend and navigating. 

Optimizing your site’s code, its images, and its web host efficiency are all great ways to start optimizing for speed. If you have any questions about page speed, contact us.

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