Here are some of the best personal injury law firm websites for your web design inspiration! Click through for a quick preview or scroll down to read more.

A personal injury attorney provides legal services and representation to individuals who have been injured due to another party’s negligence. Examples of cases these attorneys handle include auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, work accident claims, and any other type of injury accident.

Personal injury attorney websites serve as a space for potential clients to visit, find answers to their questions, and learn more about the attorney and the firm. A successful site conveys knowledge and confidence while conveying empathy and understanding of the potential client’s needs. To stand out from the competition, exceptional attorneys need exceptional legal website designs.

Conveying the law firm’s tone and messaging on the website goes deeper than mere content. The website design is the first impression the potential client sees. The color choices, font, and images used, as well as links and calls to action, all play an important role in expressing what the law firm is all about.

The best personal injury lawyer website designs. Here’s why:

1) Flanagan & Bodenheimer

Flanagan & Bodenheimer


Highlights: Bold Typography | Well Done Content

This is a good law firm website to study if you want to see how a ton of really well-done content can elevate the classiness of a site. Check out their contact form as an example. Not many legal websites put that much attention to detail into a form. As it’s pretty much the most important design element of the page, I’m surprised more designers don’t give it the love that iLawyer has done here.

The huge serif headings really do it for me too. Simple messaging. Easy to skim. Unique. Inspiring web design for sure.

2) Habbas & Associates

Habbas & Associates


Highlights: Nice Typography | Button Designs | Photography

This site features dramatic photography set upon incredibly done content. I love the use of the leather background textures in spots as it gives the law firm a high-end and luxurious feel.

All the attention to detail is crazy too. Hover over the buttons. Take note of the dotted outline theme repeated in their content. Check out the subtle animations when you play with their testimonial slider. All of these features didn’t need to happen to have a great design, but doing them set this design apart.

3) McClellan Law

McClellan Law


Highlights: Amazing portrait photography | Detailed oriented content

The web designers at Scorpion are no joke. Scroll through this home page and notice all the small details. The rollover effects on the buttons. The beautiful oversized headlines with tasteful letter spacing. All the attention to detail really adds up to one really well-done law firm web design. There isn’t one part of this page that wasn’t cared for.

This home page design is also a perfect example of how professional photography can elevate a web design. It takes a great design to a whole new level. This site has a very Hollywood feel because of the photography and the way the designer integrated them into the design. The different sections almost have a poster design feel, yet didn’t go too far into being cheesy.

4) Zaner Harden Law

Zaner Harden Law


Highlights: Great Heading | Nice Accent Colors | Cool Contact Form

I love the header on this website. The serif font, the killer logo, the lines around the phone number and the tasteful orange accents make for a classy heading for this PI attorney.

The section that features ZH in the media is also the best-designed media section I’ve seen yet. Media displays on lawyer sites are essential, but more often than not, their designs usually lack taste. I like how these display in a way that keeps to the overall color scheme.

Scroll to the bottom of the home page and look over the free consultation form. So well done. The area packs a ton of info that one area yet keeps the design simple and easy for potential customers to understand.

5) Malman Law

Malman Law


Highlights: Nice Practice Area Interface | Top Notch Awards Design

This site really inspired me while studying its content. It oozes SEO content and provides the user’s with digestible interfaces to consume it all. Check out the practice area section and notice just how much info that one area of design real estate can provide to users (and search engines).

Another impressive aspect of this design is all the line art surrounding their content boxes. Subtle and effective. It’s a nice repeatable design feature that ties it all together in an exciting way. Check out the lines surrounding the buttons and the CTA’s and then look at the logo to see a perfect example of how a designer can carry branding throughout a web design.

6) Farar & Lewis

Farar & Lewis


Highlights: Nice colors | Sleek content features | Modern Typography

Farar & Lewis has probably the most fashionable website that I reviewed. Very L.A.

The site features a clean layout, elegant typography, and exceptional photography all while providing a ton of SEO friendly content. I particularly like the subtle background patterns and their overlapping design elements that you see throughout create a nice theme.

The site has a fantastic full-width layout that looks just as great on a phone and oozes with detail. Check out their practice area callouts and the case results section on the home page. The design does an excellent job of showing experience while not being gaudy like many other PI sites I look at.

7) Staver



Highlights: Awesome Practice Area CTA’s | Unique Content

This site has some of the best-designed content I’ve ever seen on personal injury law firm website. Check out the cutout images of the practice areas. That has to be one of the nicest ways to display attorney practice areas I’ve ever seen. Same with the section dealing with truck and car accidents.

They have checked every box too as far as what types of content should be on a PI attorney’s home page. Testimonials, results, video content, awards and accolades, bio information, and more are all included here. So much content yet the design keeps it all in check in an easy-to-digest way.

8) Bostwick & Peterson

Bostwick & Peterson


Highlights: Strong color | Persistant Contact Form | Full Screen Layout

Bostwick and Peterson’s site makes it as easy as possible for their potential cases to get in touch with a nicely designed persistent contact form. As you scroll through their amazing content, the form stays put. Normally I wouldn’t dig this kind of thing, but they did such a nice job nesting the form into each section of the home page clearly showing that the form wasn’t an afterthought.

I also love the full-width layout of the design. The designer manages to maintain a high level of design precision no matter the width of your monitor. Check out the cool hover effects on the practice area CTA’s. I am also really drawn to the overlapping triangular background images that repeat throughout the design.

9) Gerber Injury Law

Gerber Injury Law


Highlights: Cool Color Scheme | To-The-Point Layout

At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about this design. The more I looked at it through, the more I appreciated its straight-forwardness. It’s a clean layout that keeps the site’s message clear and front and center. It checks all the items needed to have a pro personal injury landing page.

I like the even weight given to the Blue and the other Orange / Red color. It creates an interesting effect that lets it stand out a bit from the typical Primary / Secondary color relationship you would typically see. The circular hover effects over CTA’s and buttons are also a nice touch.

10) George Salinas

George Salinas


Highlights: Nice Highlight Colors | Cool Logo | Clean Layout

Salinas is another great example of an effective law firm web design. The designer did a fantastic job of controlling your eye through the layout’s orange highlights.

I particularly like their header. The logo is clean and modern feeling and the line art that is repeated in both the header and footer nails the purpose of the site at a glance.

This is also a site that made pointed effort to make their live chat feel integrated into the design rather than the after-thought look of most other PI web designs I checked out.

11) Westcoast Trial Lawyers

Westcoast Trial Lawyers


Highlights: CTA | Message | Key Visual

This website initially seems very busy when you first pull up the page but has clear organization and layout. The website also uses excellent custom photography that integrates into the flow and structure of the page.

West Coast Trial Lawyers also have one of the better CTA sections, something that the best personal injury law firm websites need. The boxes contrast with the imagery in the background, and the large blue icons/buttons make it clear where to enter your information.

12) Parris



Highlights: Custom Photography | Fonts

Parris’s website is an excellent example of how fonts can create a feeling of professionalism and clarity. The sans-serif fonts are bold, simple, and easy to read against the white background. Parris also does a good job incorporating custom photography at various points in its site.

Parris’ front page does a good job with its layout. Each element follows logically, and the page keeps its overall structure when you minimize or flip the page. The dense information in the text boxes complements the linear, clean design, and the CTA at the bottom has a bright red button, so it’s hard to miss.

13) The Gomez Firm

The Gomez Firm


Highlights: CTA | Key Visual | Branding Message | Case Result

The Gomez Firm is another example of the best personal injury law firm websites. The first thing to notice is the dense layout with a grid-like structure. Such a layout is straightforward but does a good job of logically presenting information.

One of the first things you see on the page are icons showing the firm’s past case history. As you scroll down, you pass profiles for the attorneys and a section for client testimonials. The black backgrounds and orange/white texts make relevant icons pop.

14) Arnold & Itkin

Arnold & Itkin 


Highlights: Key Visuals | Main Navigation | Video Testimonials

One of the most unique parts of the Arnold & Itkin front page is the use of video testimonials. Most of the best personal injury law firm websites have testimonials of some form, but video reviews are a new twist on the classic section.

The page also features a deep blue color palette to reflect the firm’s specialty in maritime law. The animations, color fading, and white texts work together to create an incredibly unique page as far as law firms go. As an added bonus, you can see stars moving in the background, almost as if you were looking at the night sky yourself.

15) Parker & Parker

Parker & Parker


Highlights: Colors | Imagery | Fonts

Here we see a great example of what unconventional colors can accomplish. The mixture of greens, yellows, and whites creates a unique page with plenty of styles to catch the reader’s eye. The backgrounds also incorporate great custom photos, including a grainy wood texture in the Practice Area icon section.

Parker & Parker’s front page also features great responsive design, which can be very difficult when dealing with as many custom elements, colors, and images as the site has. The heavy use of green and nature-inspired imagery provides a feeling of comfort, health, and happiness. Yellow and green are closely related secondary colors, so they complement each other well.

16) Leader Law Firm

Leader Law Firm


Highlights: Fonts | Colors | Iconography

One of the best features of Leader Law Firm is its use of icons and logos. The double “L” in the main symbol is immediately recognizable, and the font design reflects a style present everywhere else on the page. For example, the icons under the “Benefits” section all have the same design emphasis as the main logo.

Leader Law Firm also does a great job with its video section where you can get to know the attorneys. Coupled with a straightforward CTA and contact box at the bottom, you have one of the best personal injury law firm websites out there right now.

17) Malek & Malek

Malek & Malek


Highlights: Modern | Colors | Fonts

Malek & Malek’s front page shows us how effective bright coloring can be for drawing attention to specific elements on the page. The bright red text and informational boxes make clear which details are important, and the use of custom icons throughout makes it easy to navigate the page.

The page uses serif fonts for the headings and sans-serif fonts for the body text. Some headings combine both serif and sans-serif fonts to emphasize key SEO terms and phrases. The alternating red and black colors in the font keep the reader’s attention, and the bright red form submission button is a great CTA.

What makes a great personal injury law firm web design?

Every great web design has key elements that must be carefully considered. These include color scheme, typography, imagery, content, calls to action, and contact information. Other elements that need attention include optimizing SEO and any other special elements such as testimonials or reviews.

Law Icon

Color Choice

The first thing a potential client notices when landing on your website is the color palette. If the colors are off-putting or not appropriate for the look and feel of a law firm, this potential client will bounce and head over to a competitor’s site.

Using the right colors to help convey the message, branding, and tone of the law firm is crucial for the website’s success. Creating a color palette that is not only visually pleasing but also evokes feelings of trust and knowledge is ideal.

Choosing colors that represent professionalism and knowledge are good choices for these sites. For example, blue is commonly associated with trust, logic, calmness, and reliability. This makes the use of blue on a law firm website an appropriate choice.

On the contrary, yellow may not be a good color to use because it is mostly associated with feelings of happiness, excitement, energy, and creativeness. Using it in very limited amounts as an accent color might work but as an overall theme color might convey the wrong message.

While the color choice might seem intimidating, paying attention to the commonly interpreted meanings of colors ensures you will make an informed choice. Also, looking at other website color combinations and paying attention to how you feel strengthens your understanding of the power of color.

Law Icon


attorney-typography law-firm-typographylegal-typography

Just like color, typography is a crucial component to portraying professionalism and evoking confidence in potential clients. When considering typography, there are a few important factors to remember.

First, decide on the font. There are two main types of font categories: serif and sans serif. For websites, sans serif is preferred because it is easier to read online. Two popular examples of sans serif fonts include Arial and Verdana.

Next is the arrangement of your text. Content that is blocked together in large chunks turns visitors away fast. Users want bite-sized bits of information that are easy to read and skim.

The text should be organized into short paragraphs that are 3-5 sentences long. These paragraphs should then be divided up with headings where appropriate. The heading text should be bigger and, sometimes, in bold to clearly show a new section of text is starting.

Choosing the right font and organizing the text for maximum readability ensures your context gets read.

Law Icon


Utilizing good imagery sets your site apart from the competition. Images help draw the user into the site and enhance the branding and messaging of the law firm.

When using images, make sure they are of high quality and optimized for the web. Nothing looks more unprofessional than blurry, pixelated images. Also, make sure the images have a purpose. Don’t add in a picture just to fill the space.

Examples of imagery to use could include pictures of the attorneys. This helps create a human connection as the user can see who they may be working with. You could also include graphical icon imagery or infographics to add interest to a page.

Law Icon


From the moment the user lands on your site, they need to feel confident that you understand their problem and that you have the solution to help them. Writing your website content from this viewpoint ensures the content is clear and helpful.

Think about what your potential client needs. What questions do they have? What are their concerns? Anticipating these issues and addressing them in your content creates a connection with your user. They feel as if you truly understand them, instilling confidence that you can help them.

Other than what you write, consider how you write. What language are you using? What is the tone of your content? You may know all the legal jargon, but if your user doesn’t, make sure to break it down so they can understand it.

Also, consider showing empathy and compassion. Your potential client is most likely going through a difficult time. Letting them know you understand this can go a long way in building trust.

Law Icon

Clear Calls to Action

Having a website with valuable information for your user is great, but the goal of the site is to move the passive visitor into the role of an active client. Adding in calls to action (CTAs) ensures the best possible chance for this to happen.

CTAs can include whatever you would like but typically are things like a button to “Learn More” or a link to a “Free Consultation.” They can also include internal links to other pages on the site such as a link to the “About Us” page in a paragraph about the attorneys at the firm.

The point of these CTAs is to direct the user where you want them to go and, ultimately, book that appointment or fill out your contact form.

Law Icon

Website Features


Your website is the ideal place to brag and showcase your achievements. Displaying any awards or trust badges you have earned helps potential clients feel more comfortable and confident in your abilities.

Displaying these on an “About Us” page or along the footer as a static image the user sees no matter what page they navigate to are nice options.

Another powerful feature is adding testimonials from past clients. Reading others’ experiences with your law firm helps potential clients feel more comfortable and better understand how you may be able to help them.

Law Icon

Contact Information

Your website can have the most beautiful design, organized content, stunning imagery, and amazing referrals. Guess what? If you are missing contact information or making it difficult for potential clients to find the contact page, none of that stuff matters. Your potential clients will get frustrated, leave, and find a competitor’s site.

Making it easy for clients to find your contact information is crucial. Adding information such as the phone number, contact email address, and physical address will help clients reach you easily.
Including contact forms is also a great option because the client can contact you directly through the site without ever having to click away. The ease of these forms helps convert passive onlookers to interested and active potential clients.

How you display your contact information is up to you. However, having a great contact page like these helps. Once you have your contact page, make sure there are links to it in the main navigation as well as in the footer. Also, where appropriate, add internal links for it on other pages on your site.

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Great SEO

legal-contact-form-designlaw great seo 2 20230907 202552law great seo 3 20230907 202553 1

What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization and it’s a factor for how high you rank with search engines when users are looking for personal injury attorneys in your area.

Great law firm SEO will help your website rank high in the search results. This means users will see your website more frequently in searches, which equals more clicks and visitors.

Just a few things that help SEO include the proper use of keywords, tags, titles, and meta descriptions and creating a good URL site structure.

Law Icon

Designing Attorney Testimonials

lawfirm-testimonial-layoutslegal-testimony-layout attorney-testimonial-layouts

Showing social proof on a law firm web design by way of client testimonials is pretty standard practice. Making them look good, be tasteful, and feel authentic can be tricky.

It’s usually a bit of a struggle to make multiple testimonials visually appealing on the landing page as they tend to be different lengths and very text heavy. For the sites that display many testimonials, you would usually see them in a slider or in columns side by side. The side by side testimonials, I suspect, get edited to have similar lengths.

There were a couple of law firm sites that chose to have just a single featured testimonial linger around the contact form (very smart). These would usually provide a link to view all testimonials. Having only a single testimonial to display allowed them to be more “designed” and as such, I liked them more.

Law Icon

What Makes a Great Personal Injury Law Firm Website in Short

In planning your law firm’s digital marketing strategy, a great website design is the center of it all. Your website is your main hub showing the world who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help those who need your services.

Designing a great site includes paying attention to visual design elements such as color, font style, and imagery. Just as important is the content design and making sure it is easy to read and well organized.

Other elements to consider are navigation, SEO, and calls to action. Keeping all of these in mind ensures your site is not only visually appealing but also offers users the best experience possible.

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