Your potential clients are shopping you versus the competition, and your website is your first chance to show your credibility, uniqueness & superior services. However, even if your law firm is the best for the case if your website does not reflect this, your clients may not get the chance to see it. Therefore, you need a high-end attorney web design. READ MORE

Every successful law firm today recognizes the need to have a solid internet presence. Just simply having a website address to put on your business card is no longer enough. Your potential clients are shopping for you versus the competition, and your website is your first chance to show your credibility, uniqueness & superior services. Even if your law firm is actually the best for the case, if your website does not reflect this, your clients may not get the chance to see it.

In addition to having a top legal web design, it’s equally important that your visitors know what to do once they find you. Having strong calls-to-action, prominent contact info, and easy access to all information is essential.

All of our Attorney web design projects are crafted from the ground up with years of experience working with law firms around the entire country. As a result, your website will be optimized for search engines, look incredible, and provide tangible results!

The legal industry is SUPER competitive online. That means you need every competitive advantage you can grab. Having a law firm website design agency like ours heading up your web design efforts can be the edge you have to win. We live, eat, and breathe this stuff, and it shows. Good law firm web design doesn’t happen by accident either. It takes a professional, experienced team that truly can understand the information surrounding your firm and fuse it with your unique needs to successfully build a user-friendly site that converts.

Of course, slick visuals and easy navigation are only part of the equation. Your site must also contend with the demands of search engine optimization. Connective Web Design specializes in custom-designed law firm websites. We can build you a new site from scratch with end-users and search engines in mind. If your current site is already reasonably solid but underperforming, we can certainly upgrade it.

Our web designs are well-researched, tested, search optimized, and poised to bring new cases.



We live and breathe this stuff, and it shows

Each project is thoughtfully crafted and custom-designed around your customer’s needs. We deep dive into your firm’s strengths, goals, and pain points. We learn what matters most to your clients, and, from there, we recommend the best approach to show your law firm in the best possible light that connects with your target audience. SEE OUR FULL PORTFOLIO


Custom Designed

Your law firm is unique and better than the rest. Your website needs to show that. To do this, we learn all about you, about your ideal customers, and put together a custom design perfectly fit to show your law firm in the best possible light to your customers!

We don’t believe in templates when handling web design for small business clients. Instead, each design is crafted forms scratch, allowing you to stand unique in a sea of competition.



Built on WordPress

WordPress makes the best platform for lawyer websites. There is no better CMS to make updating a breeze which is critical.

WordPress is a breeze to use, and we find that all of our attorney clients have no issue adding content to their website.



Search Engine Optimized

If you’re a law firm partner, you understand that search engine visibility is vital to your success. We specialize in SEO web design, and Google loves our clients for it.

Our attorney website designs are developed using the best SEO practices. Each page is well researched, fast, and conversion-oriented. This will all aid in your trajectory to the top.



Conversion Oriented

We have spent the better part of 15 years studying what makes potential cases turn into new cases. Our attorney websites are explicitly designed to aid in this process.

Of course, our web designs for law firms are expertly designed, but we know that what you really need are new cases.



Responsive Web Designs

Your potential customers use all manner of devices to research attorneys: phones, tablets, computers…everything. 

All of our websites are built using responsive web design. This means that your site will look fabulous no matter the size of the screen it’s on.



Blazing Fast

If your website has an award-winning design but takes too long to load, you will never reap the benefits.

Websites must be fast. Period. Any amount of waiting will significantly increase the chances of a bounce. People are impatient and will leave before they can even learn about your law firm. We have this all sorted. Your site will be fast!



Why work with us

Customer Service

You’ll quickly discover that customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. So we listen with care and transform your ideas into a sleek, functioning website.


Results-driven web design. Your law firm’s bottom line depends on your ability to convert. Our web developers are here to help.

Attention to detail

From the initial wireframe to font selection and content, we know that every detail matters. So choose the team that will give your site the same care you would.

User-centric design

Your site must be attractive but also accessible to new users. Therefore, we build with a focus on understanding, straightforward navigation to core pages, and simplicity of use.

In addition to having a top legal web design, it’s equally important that your visitors know what to do once they find you. Having strong calls-to-action, prominent contact info, and easy access to all information is essential.

All of our Attorney Marketing projects are crafted from the ground up with years of experience working with law firms around the entire country. As a result, your site will be optimized for search engines, look incredible and provide tangible results!

We are a group of forward-thinking law firm web designers and if you’re looking for a new website that can dominate search engine rankings, then look no further! Most marketing companies excel at either handling a new website design or executing internet marketing campaigns for lawyers. We can handle it all!

The legal industry is SUPER competitive online. That means you need every competitive advantage you can grab. Having a law firm website design agency like ours heading up your web design and internet marketing efforts can be the edge you have to win. We live, eat, and breathe this stuff, and it shows.


What keeps us going

Our satisfied clients

My business revolves around my website. I didn't have a ton of startup cash and good web design is not cheap, so after interviewing a bunch of potential designers I went with Connective. I made the right choice. My site looks great - more importantly, it's really easy for me to manage and for customers to get around. The whole team was extremely quick with communication and very helpful,...
Rodney and his staff have taken the weight off my shoulders as far as web design goes. I know nothing when it comes to web design, how things should look, the feel of a website, etc. They made all the complications go away and made things very easy for me to understand, from a layperson perspective. But Connective Web Design, LLC took a wonderful, team-oriented approach to correcting errors,...
I could not be happier with the hard work, dedication, and outside-the-box ideas, this team brought to my website project!! This was the third team I hired and the third time was certainly a charm. I continue to get compliments on my website from everyone who visits it. Thank you!!!

I have worked with Connective for over eight years now and can recommend them without any hesitation. They are creative, responsive, and able to provide all of the services needed to have a thriving online presence. If you are looking for help with online marketing, look no further, Connective is your team!

Our expertise

You should be focused on your law firm, not trying to sort the tech behind your website. We stay on top of trends because we want you to focus on running your business while we handle everything else!

Your tech stack is something that shouldn’t be noticed or even thought about by you. So you can trust that you will be set up on the best systems out there that will poise your firm for success.

Lawyer Design

Frequently asked questions

Law firms should have a website that is easy to navigate, informative for potential clients, and have pictures of the firm’s staff. Furthermore, it needs to be updated often with any new information about changes in law or other developments within your field.

A law firm website is a business’ first impression. Make your contact information easy to find, make the pages user-friendly and use HTML headers for better search engine results. Catch digital typos with spell check or grammar check tools before publishing content on your site!

74% of prospects visit a law firms’ website before acting, according to the National Law Review. If your site is clean and easy to navigate, it will provide an accurate first impression for any potential client looking in on your company’s digital footprint.

Social media is a fantastic tool for lawyers. Not only can you share helpful graphics and informative videos, but also monitor the conversations happening around your firm with just a few clicks of the mouse! Share valuable blog posts to keep your followers up-to-date on relevant news in law and respond to any comments or queries that come through; it’s all about transparency. Show off what makes your brand unique by telling its story with social media!

The steps for marketing your law firm are: create a marketing budget, build a well-designed website with search engine optimization (SEO), claim free online profiles, make sure you have an active social media presence on all the sites that matter to you and potential clients. Last but not least, try content marketing to get more people aware of your professional services!

Contact us

Wondering what we can do to help your law firm grow? We can help you make smart decisions that best meet your firm’s needs. From basic questions to complex inquiries on branding, lawyer web design, or marketing, we’re here to help!

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Our 4- step process to

Our Web Development Process

Step #1: Getting Started

A typical lawyer website design project for us starts as early as the initial consultation. But, first, we take in job requirements and strategize on the best ways to build your website.

Step #2: Planning & Discovery

Before we begin your project, we will provide you with a questionnaire. This will allow us to understand better your goals and preferences for the web design project to create the best possible finished product.

Step #3: Design & Content

We work with you to design a home page for your website and provide instructions on how to have you supply written content for the entire website. Attorneys are always expected to give the content before we have an approved design. This speeds up our workflow and ensures that all schedules are met.

Step #4: Development

Now, you will see your firm’s website come to life as we implement it on your web hosting platform. We are also sending you an updated project schedule and asking for the remaining items needed to finish up your site.

Step #5: Test & Launch

We have a detailed QA process to ensure your website is error-free before we launch! We squash all bugs, and everyone on our team is involved in ensuring the launch goes smoothly, and your experience is top-notch.

Step #6: Maintenance

A website is a living and breathing marketing machine. Therefore, software needs to be updated regularly so that it runs smoothly. Security, speed, and user experience improve when you keep your law firm’s website software updated.

Step #7: Evaluation

We recommend getting back in touch about 3-6 months after launch. Since the site has been live for a while and you’ve had time to adjust, we want to hear how it’s going. Are there any ways we can improve? Are there any changes you wish were made? Or anything you’d like to do differently in the future?


Attorney Branding

Your logo – your brand – is a visual representation of who you are as a law firm. An Image, when professionally designed, can be a powerful communication tool that elicits a positive response from clients even before they read a single word of content on your website.

Connective helps build a stronger brand for your law firm. We create a personal brand reflected in your logo, graphic designs, content, email marketing, and social media accounts. With years of experience in helping clients build their brands, we create a brand that best represents your law firm’s expertise.

We create a visual identity for you, one that best reflects you and your law firm. Connective helps your law firm create its character with each logo, which separates you from your competitors. Our professionally designed lawyer logos can be proudly displayed on your website, business cards, print, and packaging. Logos bring uniformity and consistency to all your communication and marketing materials.

Attorney logo designs can be used for your digital and physical assets and are an essential branding component. We craft the top attorney logo designs. So let’s get you there.



Attorney Search Engine Optimization

Paid advertising is vital in driving traffic to your law firm’s website, but organic search is just as important. Millions of people turn to the internet for help every day. Law firm SEO services help you capitalize on the power of organic search results. But, of course, SEO isn’t as simple as posting new content on your blog every week.

Search engine optimization crosses the boundary between several areas. First, there are technical elements like responsive design, page load speed, and URL structures. Second, there are research and analysis components in keyword selection. Finally, you must also contend with copywriting the static content on your pages, as well as developing keyword-optimized new content. That’s a wide range of expertise to find in one place.

Connective is the place where you’ll find all of those law firm SEO services. Our team includes experts on the technical side of site optimization, keyword experts, and copywriters. We’ll help you transform your existing site into one that search engines and clients cannot ignore.



Law Firm Pay Per Click

Organic search can prove a powerful tool, but it’s also unpredictable in competitive fields like legal representation. Search engines also make regular updates to their algorithms and guidance. It’s the definition of a moving target. This makes it quite difficult to rely on organic search results alone to draw attention to your firm.

PPC for lawyers helps you bridge the gap. Pay-per-click ads offer you two crucial benefits. First, you can focus the ads on specific keywords. For example, you can build ads around a single practice area you want to bolster, such as business law or personal injury. Second, adequately tuned Google Adwords PPC campaigns routinely appear on the first page of search engine results.

That drives relevant, focused traffic to your website. Connective brings years of experience in PPC law firm advertising to the table:

  1. We’ll work with you to identify your legal practice area that can benefit the most from PPC ads.
  2. We’ll locate competitive keyword phrases.
  3. You’ll help guide the general tone of the ads.

Then we’ll construct a campaign that delivers results without bleeding your ad budget dry.



SMM For Lawyers

With years of experience in social media management for attorneys, we have developed a deep understanding of how a carefully executed social media strategy helps you build better client-lawyer relationships, increase client acquisition, improve client retention, and manage your online reputation.

We at Connective simplify the complexity of social media management and let you focus on the more critical side of your profession – serving your clients. Social media has become an indispensable tool for connecting businesses with their market and expanding their business footprint.

However, it takes a team of professionals to leverage the full marketing potential of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and that’s where we come in. We also specialize in developing social media posts that reflect the content and message contained in your website. We help craft content designed to drive more traffic, improve your online reputation, and increase client acquisition for your business. Social Media brings a new dimension to lawyer-client relationships.

With an estimated 79 percent of the US population with a social networking profile, the benefits of well-oiled social media management for attorneys should not be ignored.



Law Firm Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an indispensable tool in any successful online marketing campaign. Just imagine the possibility of connecting with thousands of potential clients by merely sending an email once a week, and that’s only a start. With 92 percent of US adults using email services, the opportunity to build your clientele is hard to miss.

Connective’s team of email marketing experts helps you implement an effective email marketing strategy that answers your business needs. It does not only improve client acquisition but, more importantly, builds trust among your clientele. Our email marketing services are designed to be simple, efficient, and cost-effective. With emails and newsletters, recipients become potential clients, turn past clients into repeat clients, or become sources of referrals.

We understand that most law firms do not have the resources or technical know-how to implement an effective email marketing campaign. That is why we at Connective offer full-service email marketing services from planning to execution. We have made it simple to quickly build your clientele while offering it at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns.


Top Law Firm Copy

Lawyers already deal with a substantial writing load in their day-to-day work for clients. Unfortunately, surviving in the current market requires every business to write copy for websites, blogs, publications, and straight marketing. These kinds of writing are skills in and of themselves. While lawyers could develop those skills and write the copy themselves, it’s not an ideal use of their time.

Legal copywriting services free you from the burden of mastering those skills and developing the copy yourself. Outsourcing the work lets you reap the benefits of those skills while still keeping your hand on the rudder. First, you determine the tone, style, and topics of the content. Then, you can forget about it until it’s time to sign off on the final draft. In addition to web design, PPC, and SEO, Connective also provides copywriting services.

Our copywriters have extensive experience turning legal jargon into the kind of user-centered content that attracts visitors. We are also well versed in the subtleties of legal content marketing. We’ll position your firm as the expert in a practice area or legal topic of your choice.



Attorney Portrait Photography

What’s the first thing anyone looks at when they arrive at a website? It’s the pictures, of course. People respond to images. That means the first impression your law firm takes on a potential client depends on the quality of the pictures on your website. Rational or not, professional-grade photos on your site create the impression that your firm is also professional.

Professional photos benefit your marketing efforts in more ways than one. Yes, they make you more appealing to potential clients. They also bolster your search engine optimization. Search engines like websites with images. The better your SEO, the better your site ranks in organic search results. In addition, you can use some of those images on your social media profiles to burnish your brand image.

Connective understands the importance of professional photographs for your firm. We’re here to help whether you’re looking for attorney portraits or a complete package of images that includes your offices. We pride ourselves on working with seasoned photographers. They’ll bring that professional shine to every image. They’ll also respect that work happens at your firm and minimize any disruptions.


Lawyer Videography

When you operate in Houston, you’re almost required to have high-quality video content. With so much filmmaking going on, you’ve got immediate access to everything you need. It goes deeper than that, though. Video content quickly supplants all other media online in terms of consumer consumption. Most of your potential clients would rather watch lawyer videos than read about your firm. The advantages of video are unparalleled. You can deploy music, color, and even camera angles to help put your potential clients in the right frame of mind. You can host the videos on your servers or put them on public video streaming services to reach a wider audience. Your videos can entice clients or educate them about a legal topic. Connective knows how to present your law firm on screen.

Whether you want a basic online ad or plan a series of educational videos, our team can create a video that will make you proud. Then, when the time comes to take it live, we’ll help you get the most marketing value from every second of screen time.


Print Services for Lawyers

Our team of professional graphic designers with solid business acumen are experts in creating moving images that convey your brand and messages. When it comes to graphic designs for law firms, our images take equal importance as the words in your business cards, one-sheets, flyers, letterheads & envelopes, social media banners, and postcards.

Graphic designs can be used to communicate with your target audience visually. We understand that even in this digital world where emails have become the norm for sending formal correspondence, a well-crafted letterhead and envelope can speak volumes for your business. By working with our graphic designers, you can present a more uniform approach to image creation.

It reinforces your branding – your identity – letting you stand out from the competition. At Connective, we guarantee that all graphic designs for law firms are crafted to reflect your brand and reinforce your message through images.

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