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When creating or updating a criminal defense law firm website, the design is crucial. These days, your potential clients are searching online for a criminal defense lawyer, and your website is your law firm’s first impression. If your website doesn’t convey your expertise, services, and professionalism, people are more likely to go with your competitors.

The main objective of a criminal defense law firm website is to appear at the top of searches in your area. You want potential clients to know you exist and what types of criminal case services you handle right off the bat. A criminal defense law firm website is also where you get to show off your credentials and recognition awards, as well as inform potential clients how to get in touch with you.

If potential clients are immediately turned off by your website’s appearance, however, they’re more likely to choose someone else to represent them. They may click off of your website for a multitude of reasons, such as the site’s unprofessional and typo-ridden content or an off-putting color scheme that makes the website hard to view. This is when implementing law firm website design comes in handy.

Some of the best criminal defense lawyer website designs:

1) The Law Offices of Veronica Barton

The Law Office Of Veronica Barton


Highlights: Key Visual | Colors | Branding | Clear

The website is one of the best criminal defense law firm websites on the web. We can say that with confidence for many reasons. When you click on the website, you immediately see an intriguing closeup image of a woman lying in bed in distress. This use of imagery evokes emotions that are likely to resonate with prospective clients and their families.

Most attorney websites prefer to play it safe with color. However, this website plays with variants of blues, creating visual interest without overwhelming the viewer. The color scheme also seamlessly integrates with the typography, the copy, and the images used throughout the site.

2) Feldman & Royle

Feldman Royle


Highlights: Custom Photography | Graphics | Copy

We always recommend that companies use high-quality custom photography in their designs. This law firm website does a great job of incorporating custom quality visuals.

We also enjoy how the site uses graphics in each subsection to illustrate each of the crimes that the practice covers. The site also uses transitional effects when a visitor hovers over critical text, such as the contact number and the “Learn More” buttons.

The copy on this website is outstanding. You can tell that a lot of time went into crafting content that is well-written and informative for prospective clients who land on the website searching for help.

3) Marrone Law

Marrone Law


Highlights: Modern | Color | Photography

This website features a black-and-white contrast that’s just perfect. The deep hues are vibrant and quickly grab visitors’ attention. The gold typography offers a good contrast ratio. It also adds elegance that is aesthetically pleasing.

What we enjoy most about this website are the custom images and videos on the homepage. Video and photographs can be profound ways to complement copy in communicating a message with prospective clients. This website incorporates video testimony from past clients, which a lot of law firms don’t take the time to do.

Another attention-grabbing element is the animated text at the bottom of the screen displaying all the hefty settlements that the firm has won over the years.

4) Law Office of Kevin Cahill

Law Office of Kevin Cahill


Highlights:  Good key visual | Colors

Unlike many attorney websites, this law firm site doesn’t shy away from using captivating photos to reel in visitors. At the top of the homepage is a vibrant landscape photo with burnt orange hues that are quite intriguing.

The typography is simple, perfect in size, and fully legible, so visitors won’t have a hard time scanning or reading the content. Equally important is that copy is the product of skilled writing. And the clear call to action at the end of the block of text will ultimately help convert visitors to clients.

The site also includes a Contact Us page, and the homepage has a Contact Us form near the bottom that allows visitors to enter contact details and specify whether they are a new or a returning client.

5) Crucible



Highlights: Overlapping objects | Colors | Clean

This website has an appealing design that is trendy and makes the brand feel trustworthy. The site incorporates a lot of high-quality images. Still, plenty of white space allows users to focus on important content, and the layout is easy to scan.

We love that this website has a “News” section that is similar to a company blog. Content is king, and this section of the site is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

6) Protass Law

Protass Law


Highlights: Colors | Modern | Fonts

The website’s black header combines with bold, white typography to convey power, control, and sophistication, which is everything a client wants to feel when searching for a criminal defense attorney for representation.

You can tell that the custom photography on this website was taken by a highly skilled photographer. We like the buttons at the top of the page, a design element choice that allows visitors to easily navigate through each of the pages. The teal Contact Us button creates a beautiful contrast against the black header.

7) Robert Sparks

Robert Sparks



Highlights: Colors | Fonts | Modern

The cleanly designed white interface provides the perfect backdrop for the vibrant colors used on the page. We can spend all day talking about the playful color scheme that makes this site fresh and modern.

The designer placed a Contact Us button strategically at the top of the website, which helps to convert website visitors into clients as soon as possible.

The layout cleverly links images to additional resources on the website, making navigating the site super easy. And it doesn’t stop there. Visitors get a glimpse of a few of the recent posts on the firm’s blog, a brief FAQ answers common questions that prospective clients have, and, as you scroll down, a neat contact form invites visitors to fill in their information.

8) Stuart Miller

Stuart Miller


Highlights: Unique Layout | Modern | Colors | Fonts

This attorney’s website has an impressive layout that makes navigation simple, so prospective clients won’t have a hard time finding what they need. The white interface allows visitors to focus on high-quality content that does a great job of inspiring prospective clients to trust the firm with their cases.

Lots of images break up blocks of text and add further visual interest. In addition, this site uses a standard font that complements the overall design.

9) Calgary Defense

Roulston Urqhart


Highlights: Well Organized | Fonts | Iconography

Overlapping boxes highlighting text give this website a rich tactile design that stands out from a typical law firm website. One of the most noteworthy features is the dark gray photograph of the Calgary Defence legal team. This photograph is captivating, and it feels powerful.

The copy is straightforward yet relevant, and it conveys brand authority. As you scroll further down the homepage, you’ll find a resource section where visitors can browse through an abundance of information. The resources offer additional value to visitors, which further establishes brand authority.

10) Ktenas Law

Ktenas Law


Highlights: Colors | Fonts | Layout

What stands out the most is the site’s simple interface. The design incorporates neutral colors, but the button animations make this website interesting. The images on the page separate blocks of text, making it easy for visitors to scan through the content.

At the bottom, the chat feature adds to the page’s functionality because visitors can chat with a representative in real time to get the information they need.

11) Chudnovsky Law



Highlights: Professional Photography | Colors | Iconography


Without a doubt, the stand out feature of Chudnovsky Laws’ website is the use of professional photography. Done in black and white, photos of the lawyers give a personal and professional appeal to every page of the site. The site uses black and white throughout, with bright green and red accents that give fantastic contrast.

With serif fonts for the headings and sans-serif fonts for the body text. Some headings combine both serif and sans-serif fonts to emphasize key SEO terms and phrases. 

12. Beckham Solis, Attorneys at Law



Highlights: Professional Photography | Contrast | Typography


Another great use of photography in the Beckham Solis law website with a unique positioning just above the fold of the homepage. This positioning entices the user to scroll down for more information and discovery on the firms’ practice areas and case record.

The websites’ use of muted, transparent black and blue with bright blue highlights and calls to action make this site extremely legible and usable.

What makes a great criminal defense law firm web design?

A criminal defense law firm website requires several key features to be successful. These include appropriate color choices, images, and clear copy describing your experience as a criminal defense attorney. It’s also necessary to implement SEO throughout and incorporate a clear call to action.

Law Icon

Color Choice

Choosing colors for your website is more than just picking the aesthetic. An effective color palette requires research on color theory and psychology as colors can evoke certain emotions. For example, blue summons feelings of trust, competence, and reliability, making it ideal for a criminal defense law firm website design. On the contrary, red evokes danger, power, and passion, which may not be the emotions you want clients to feel while browsing your website.

Another essential aspect when coming up with a color palette is contrast. When dark text is on a dark background, it becomes difficult to read and potential clients are less likely to stay on your website. Having a high contrast creates more accessibility and a better design overall.

If you are unsure whether your color scheme works or don’t have an aesthetic in mind, the color wheel is a great tool to use. From there, you can create one of five color palette types.

Analogous Color Palettes: Colors directly next to each other on the color wheel, like blue, green, and purple, are analogous colors. These colors tend to make a nice color palette if you’re looking for something in a specific color family. However, the similarities can also make it difficult to create contrast, so a complementary color may need to be added for the website’s smaller text.

Monochromatic Color Palettes: A monochromatic color palette takes a single color and develops a scheme using a variety of tints or shades of that color. For example, if the base color is red, your palette might include blush, maroon, and mahogany. Like analogous color palettes, monochromatic colors also make it difficult to create contrast.

Triad Color Palettes: Triad color palettes tend to give off playful vibes and may not be the best choice for a criminal defense law firm website design. This scheme is made up of colors evenly spaced apart on the color wheel, creating a triangle between them. A basic example would be blue, red, and yellow.

Complementary Color Palettes: Complementary color palettes use colors on opposite ends of the color wheel. For example, yellow’s complementary color is violet. These color schemes can work nicely on a webpage as long as one of the colors is used as an accent color.

Split Complementary Color Palettes: Split complementary color palettes put a spin on complementary palettes. These palettes also use two complementary colors but add a third to give the scheme more depth. Typically, the third color should be an analogous color to one of the others in the palette. Using the previous color scheme examples, blue would make a pleasing addition to yellow and violet.

Law Icon


Font choice says a lot about a business as it conveys a personality beyond the words written. For a criminal defense law firm website, the typography should remain professional and legible. While it doesn’t have to match the font used in your company logo, it shouldn’t clash, either.

Font size is another design aspect that can ensure your website is easy to read. Typically, you never want the main body of your text to be smaller than 16px (equivalent to 12pt font in a word processing document). Additionally, use H1 and H2 headlines to break up the text into short, easy-to-read paragraphs. Highlight important information such as your services or why your law firm is more reliable than the rest with bullet points.

Law Icon


Using images to support your text is another essential design aspect. Potential clients should be able to get a feel for who you are right away by viewing a photo of your team or lawyers. Many people feel more comfortable when they can see who they’ll be working with.

Law Icon


Your web copy shouldn’t just look professional and legible; it should also provide a clear message to readers. They should see right away that they’ve opened a website for a criminal defense law firm in their area. Your homepage should include the following web copy:

  • Kinds of criminal cases you handle
  • How you can help those in need of an attorney
  • Information about the firm’s lawyers, including their credentials
  • Some testimonials from previous clients
  • Call to action
  • Location or address
  • Contact information or form

It’s also essential that you thoroughly edit your web copy for typos and grammatical errors. If you aren’t the best writer, consider hiring a content marketing team to write flawless copy and implement the proper SEO tactics.

Law Icon

Clear Calls to Action

A call to action or CTA is a content marketing tactic in which a statement guides web viewers toward a specific action. Often, the call to action encourages readers to call or contact the business, which in this case would be your law firm. An example would be: “Learn more about how our criminal defense attorney can assist you by calling us at 555-123-4567.”

A call to action doesn’t have to lead to a phone call, though. If you’re looking to beef up your email list, you can create a CTA asking them to sign up for your newsletter. Another alternative is to link to a page on your website that offers information you’d like them to see, such as a blog, about page, or directions to your office.

Law Icon

Website Features

Various design features can help a criminal defense law firm website stand out from the competition. As mentioned earlier, having testimonials from previous clients is always a safe pick. Other website features you may want to consider include:

  • An AI chatbot to answer basic questions
  • Contact forms
  • Social media links
  • A link to scheduling a free consultation
  • A link to prior case results
  • Google Maps widget
  • Trust badges from your state’s bar association, local law enforcement, Avvo, and any other supporters

Law Icon

Contact Information

It’s essential to include your law firm’s contact information on the home page, but it should appear in other places as well. Many successful criminal defense law firm websites will have their contact information fixed at the top and bottom of every page. They also will include a contact form in the middle of the homepage.

Your contact information should include more than just the basics. Consider including:

  • A direct link to your phone number
  • Google Maps directions to your office address
  • A link to your email address
  • Social media links
  • Contact form
  • Free consultation contact form
  • An AI chatbot so clients can have basic questions answered outside of office hours

Law Icon

Great SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a practice that helps a website rank higher in online searches. At a minimum, it requires the research and use of relative keywords. SEO also entails inserting internal and external hyperlinks, adding meta descriptions to each page, and optimizing images.

Implementing SEO will help bring more potential clients to your website. When done correctly, it can help a business achieve success. However, it’s not something you can learn overnight. Consider hiring a professional to write your web copy and improve your SEO ranking.

Law Icon

What Makes a Successful Criminal Defense Law Firm in Short

When it comes down to it, having a well-thought-out website design and digital marketing plan is essential to running a successful criminal defense law firm. It’s the first impression many potential clients will receive, and you want to make it a good one. An appealing color scheme and images on your homepage will encourage possible clients to view your website, but you’ll need more to keep them there.
Be sure your web content is both informative and professional, ensuring the reader your law firm is trustworthy. After they’ve made it through the text, they should be able to find your contact information within seconds. Every step of the web design process triggers a positive response that turns potential clients into paying ones.

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