Here are some of the best employment law firm websites for your web design inspiration! Click through for a quick preview or scroll down to read more.

As an employment lawyer, you want your website to reflect your legal expertise in labor law. Whether you primarily serve employers, employees, or both, your website should be client-friendly and instantly present the broad scope of your services.

No matter what your clients need — from revising an employment contract to filing a lawsuit against an employer — your website should make them say, “I want to work with this legal team.”

Your website is the face of your business. Settle for nothing less than top-quality law firm website design services.

Some of the best employment lawyer website designs. Here’s why:

1) PortaLaw

Portal Law


Highlights: Key Visual | Clean | User Friendly

The first thing to notice about PortaLaw ‘s website is the clean layout and accessible design. The soft, pastel-colored buttons contrast against the off-white background, and the sans-serif typography on the page make things easy to read. PortaLaw also has a simple call to action, which involves pressing the large button on the top right of the screen.

PortaLaw considered its user’s experience when they designed their easy-to-use website with a minimalistic design.

2) King & Siegel

King & Siegel


Highlights: Custom Photography | Animations | Colors

King & Siegel’s home page incorporates beautiful photography with great use of color pairs. The blue and black elements contrast against the photos and white background. Scroll down the page further, and you will find the service area links organized in a grid-like fashion.

King & Siegel also provides good information on the page. You can download a free eBook covering your rights as a pregnant worker, and there is also a section showing their results and case history. Despite the simple page layout, they fit a lot of informational text in each section. SEO optimization is on point, with several text sections dedicated to keywords.

3) The Gould Law Firm

The Gould Law firm


Highlights: Custom Photography | Colors | Fonts

The Gould Law firm made an interesting choice with their color scheme, choosing bold yellows, whites, and blacks as the main components. The black borders, typography, and informational boxes provide a clean look, while the yellow accents exude an atmosphere of friendliness and optimism.

Aside from the color scheme, this website excels at readability. There is a lot of text on the page, but the layout is logical and follows an optimal placement for skimming for information. Strategically placed headers and SEO terms let you know the information present on the relevant part of the page. Top it off with a simple contact form at the end, and you have one of the best employment law firm websites on the internet.

4) Donnelly & Gross

Donnelly Gross


Highlights: Colors | One pager | Animations

Donnelly & Gross have an interesting page here that plays fast and loose with principles of website design. They forgo a typical symmetry with an off-center yellow cross with page headings on the left side. The photographic backgrounds provide a sense of depth and creativity to the overall page.

Similar to the Gould Law Firm, Donnely and Gross’s page utilizes a palette of greys, whites, and yellows. The neutral greys and whites serve as the base of the page, while the yellow accents draw the eye to important informational sections.

5) Lipsky Lowe

Lipsky Lowe


Highlights: Neat | Straightforward | Colors | Fonts

When it comes to the best employment law firm websites, sometimes simple is better. Lipsky Lowe has a great example of minimalist design with its homepage. The white background makes the sans-serif black text pop, coupled with the unique red and orange imagery.

The page also does an excellent job with its icons. The red and white icons are immediately decipherable, so you know exactly what topic the link page covers. The simple, pared-down design lends itself to user-friendliness and navigability.

6) Tremaine Artaza

Tremaine Artaza


Highlights: Key Visual | Custom Photography

The first thing to notice about Tremain Artaza’s website is the heavy use of imagery and photography. The first nature-inspired image you see on the page reflects the attitude of the overlaid heading text and draws your eyes to the “Learn More” button in the center of the page. Tremain Artaza also did a great job with its media icons.

The use of text on the is minimal, but what is there is well-structured. The quick blurbs present information concisely, and the user can navigate to other pages on the website. Overall, Tremain Artaza’s website is a good example of the effectiveness of custom photography and simple designs.

7) Racine



Highlights: Fonts | Animations | Clean | Mega Menu

One of the best features of this website is the thin, unobtrusive typeface. Thin sans-serif typeface provides a feeling of cleanliness and professionalism. The demure typeface contrasts nicely with the animations on the front page that show you a panning view of Brussels’ cityscape.

Racine’s navigation is also great. Click the “Menu” button on the top right, and you will see the entire site directory. Like Tremaine Artaza, Racine is pretty sparse on the text, but the information is deep.

8) Bertram



Highlights: Fonts | Animations | Clean | Mega Menu

This website features excellent use of color and simple typefaces to get its message across. The purple and orange typefaces are an interesting choice to contrast with the white background, and the flat, sans-serif text keeps the page looking neat and clean. Moreover, the page displays a nice logical flow, going from an ”About” section and media icons to practice areas and news articles.

Bertram’s media icons are some of the best we have seen, using a simple grid layout to organize their awards. The colors on the icons are softer than normal to mesh with the purple and oranges in the text. The page also features an excellent responsive design that resizes elements perfectly depending on your device’s orientation and browser settings.

9) Taylor Janis Workplace Law



Highlights: Modern | Colors | Fonts


Taylor Janis’s website stands out for its evocative imagery of the frustration of needing the services of an employment law firms’ services. Bold sans-serif headlines provide a strong reassurance of the firm’s message to “Give a voice to the silenced”.

Strategically placed on the homepage, contact details and a map pinpointing the firm’s location serve as inviting prompts for potential clients to initiate contact, fostering engagement from their initial encounter with the site.

10) Kluger Kaplan

Kluger Kaplan


Highlights: Modern | Animation | Key Visual

Kluger Kaplan provides a great example of how to use key visuals and animations on your front page. The first thing you see is a bolded font transition across the page with the images in the background. The animations give the page a distinctly modern look, something that the best employment law firm websites need.

Kluger Kaplan also knocks it out of the park with its navigation. You can hover over the top bar to click on the links you want, and the responsive menu changes depending on your page orientation and settings.

11) Brenton Legal



Highlights: Contrast | Colors | Fonts


This website of the Benton Legal law firm is notable for it’s use of contrast. With muted black and white background design, that contrasts with bold orange design forms and information boxes.

The contact form is front and center, overlayed into the homepage image inviting users to interact, immediately.

12) Lawrence Queen Employment Lawyers



Highlights: Modern | Branding | Typography


The website of Lawrence Queen Employment Lawyers features a well designed logo that is tastefully integrated into a bold image of the Richmond skyline. The imagery gives the page a distinctly modern look, something that the best employment law firm websites need.

As you scroll down you see the use of their logo on each call to action increasing branding presence.

What makes a great employment law firm web design?

We suggest that you look at top-ranking employment law firm websites, including the websites of your most successful local competitors. While color schemes and website features may differ, you will likely notice that all your top competitors’ sites have some elements in common.

Web design is a major investment. So how do you make sure your site drives business to your firm?

Law Icon

Color Choice

A smart, coherent color scheme makes all the difference in law website performance. Colors can evoke emotion, convey meaning, promote brand recognition, or communicate an important message.

For example, your web design may use a sedate, harmonizing color scheme, but include red-framed bold text for brief, urgent messages you don’t want your clients to miss (“Warning: Don’t Make These Legal Mistakes”).

Many leading law firms choose a blue color scheme for their websites since blue is a color that the human subconscious ties with trust, reliability, and competence. Shades of brown are also popular thanks to their association with protection and support. Small amounts of complementary color contribute to better visual balance.

The principal elements on your website, such as your contact form or important announcements, should appear in contrasting colors to grab people’s attention and improve legibility. Other details can appear in lower contrast to avoid visual “busy-ness.”

Law Icon


In general, simple, legible fonts are the best choice for an employment lawyer’s website. Line length, the spaces between lines, and color contrast will also influence website readability. Make sure your website’s text fonts harmonize with the fonts of your logo or brand symbol.

Often, people visit law firms’ websites while looking for an answer to a specific legal question, for example, “Do I have grounds for filing a lawsuit against my employer?” They may be too rushed to read a lengthy, densely written article. Your web content should include plenty of headlines so that visitors can easily find the information they’ve been looking for, like “When to File a Charge of Workplace Discrimination.”

Keep in mind that potential clients will access your website from a plethora of digital devices. We recommend testing fonts to make sure they work equally well on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices of all types.

Law Icon


Cleverly chosen images help your employment law website stand out. On inner pages, images can add variety by breaking up or enhancing text.

Law firms often include images associated with justice and courtrooms, like scales or a judge’s hammer. Other photos, like a group of people perusing a work contract, may also perform well for employment lawyers.

Your website images should represent the type of legal cases your employment law firm works on. A visitor should be able to say at a glance, “This looks like the right kind of attorney. I want to find out more.”

Professional custom photography of your entire legal team:

  • Improves your firm’s credibility
  • Adds a personal touch
  • Shows clients who they may expect to work with

Some law office websites feature a prominent image of their leading attorneys as the face of the firm. Others include photos of the team in the “About” section.

Law Icon


You grabbed your visitor’s attention with a smart color scheme, spot-on images, and a clear headline. Now you need to keep them on your website with the help of engaging, well-written copy. Your opening paragraphs should make potential clients understand that you can help them solve their issues.

Let’s say your website visitor is a distressed former employee who believes their employer had terminated their contract on wrongful grounds. They need to read something like, “Did you lose your job based on unlawful claims? Smith & Co, Employment Lawyers, fight for victims of wrongful termination across the state.”

To be an effective business funnel, your website should include a lot more than just “hire us” messages. Successful employment lawyers regularly publish articles and blog posts as part of their content marketing strategy. Your website needs to offer value in the form of accurate, valuable content people want to read, link to, and share.

Law Icon

Clear Calls to Action

You have succeeded in keeping a visitor on your website thanks to your user-friendly design and awesome copy. Make the most of this business opportunity by presenting a strong, compelling CTA. The specific CTA (Call to Action) depends on what you want people to do and usually includes a phone number to call or a link to click.

Here are a few examples:

  • “Looking for reliable legal representation in your breach of contract case? Call us today!”
  • “Browse the Our Team page to see which of our lawyers specializes in cases like yours.”
  • “Click to download our free guide, Harassment Claims: Dos and Don’ts.”
  • “Subscribe to our podcast to learn more about illegal employment practices.”

Here are the two most essential call-to-action rules: your CTAs should be extremely clear, and you should only have one CTA per page or text section. A single, direct, clickable CTA motivates your readers to do what you want them to do.

Law Icon

Website Features

The right website features help you:

  • Engage your readers
  • Boost your credibility
  • Improve your site’s search engine rankings

It’s always a good idea to display your law firm’s trust badges from organizations like AVVO, Best Lawyers, or your county’s bar associations. Any awards your firm has won, including volunteering or public service awards, can also contribute to your image.

Nothing speaks for a law firm like first-hand testimonies by real, local people. Every law firm should have a reviews and testimonials page, preferably with the clients’ names and case details. For example, an effective testimonial page might contain: “Robert says: Smith & Co have helped me reach a fair settlement with my former employer.”

Adding video content also makes your website more engaging. Many employment lawyers address their potential clients in a brief intro video that summarizes their core values, introduces the law firm, or gives a recommendation. Some law firms produce video content regularly and embed it in their articles or blog posts.

Law Icon

Contact Information

Your website navigation should make your firm’s contact information easily visible. Phone numbers and contact forms should stand out, not hide away in tiny letters at the bottom of a page. A potential client who needs to spend more than a few seconds looking for a way to contact you might give up and move on to your competition.

To improve conversion rates, a Contact Us page needs to present all your contact options, like phone, email, and website form, in a clear and accessible way. Don’t forget to include links to your social media profiles.

You should also have your contact information in other strategic locations on your website, like the top, bottom, or sidebar, but a centralized Contact Us page is essential.

Many law firm websites have pop-up live chat windows for instant contact. A live chat option can improve your accessibility, but you should make sure pop-ups don’t inconvenience users.

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Great SEO

An attractive, professionally designed website helps your law firm entice clients — but only if it ranks well in SERPs (search engine result pages). When people search for “employment lawyer in my area,” your firm should appear on the first page of Google’s results and ideally in the top three slots.

The right attorney SEO strategy helps your website achieve higher visibility. SEO combines both on-page and off-page optimization methods.

On-page SEO includes elements like:

  • Keyword research
  • User-friendly web architecture
  • Convenient navigation.

On-page SEO ensures that visitors can easily access and use your website across devices, without inconveniently slow pages or funky text arrangement on mobile.

Off-page SEO may include:

  • Earning inbound links from high-authority websites
  • Using strategic anchor texts
  • Analyzing SEO tactics that work well for your competitors

Beware of black hat SEO techniques like link farming and keyword stuffing, which may cause search engines to penalize your website.

Law Icon

Strategic Web Design for Employment Lawyers: The Secret to Your Success

At this moment, while potential clients in your area are looking for “employment lawyer near me,” your website may show up in their search results. Your site’s design and content may decide whether they hire you or one of your local competitors.

Your website is the core element of your law firm’s digital marketing plan. An expert web design agency specializing in website design and SEO for employment attorneys can help you increase the value of your digital real estate.

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