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If you’re a divorce attorney, your family law firm website design is the face of your practice. When potential clients need a divorce lawyer or legal assistance during a custody battle, the first place they’re going to search is online. Unless your website is updated and SEO-friendly, you’re likely losing clients to your competitors.

Put your best foot forward with a website design that demonstrates your professionalism, experience, and reliability across all sectors of family law. Remember, you only get to make a first impression once!

The goal of your family law firm website should be to attract new clients. You want to provide information on your law firm, divorce attorneys, what types of cases you handle, and anything that makes your law firm stand out from the rest. Those who click on your website will expect answers to common family law questions, access helpful resources, and how they can contact you to take the next steps in their case.

A poor web design can discourage people from choosing your law firm, a decision they often make just seconds after opening your website. They may have found the text too difficult to read or the colors off-putting. Some may have felt your website was outdated and unprofessional. There are many reasons your site may be losing traffic, which is why it’s so important to consider what makes a successful site and update your  legal website design.

Some of the best family lawyer website designs. Here’s why:

1) Ylaw



Highlights: Good choice of colors

I like the playful photography on this page as well as the blue tints and shades incorporated throughout. The images are fun and quirky while still being relevant to the nearby information. The page plays with the contrast of the text and background, which makes it more visually enticing.

Some of the best family law firm websites include testimonials, an About Us section, areas of practice, and a variety of awards to showcase their capabilities and successes. This website manages to provide all of this and more without feeling overwhelming. I especially appreciate that this site features each attorney’s initial consultation fees upfront—and I’d bet their clients like it, too.

2) Schoenberg Family Law

Schoenberg Family Law


Highlights: Modern | Colors | Fonts

This site screams San Francisco from the firm’s branding to the opening image of the famous Golden Gate bridge. You know immediately what community this firm serves. The addition of automatic scrolling testimonials at the top of the page lets you know how the firm has served other clients. The boldness of this design choice is much more direct than some of the other law firm websites on review here.

The design also integrates a nice combination of serif and san-serif fonts and modern add-ons like animations and videos. These are excellent ways to direct the reader’s attention to important information throughout the page. Check out how the animations pop up as you explore this page.

3) PHEB Attorneys

PHEB Attorneys


Highlights: Modern | Colors | Iconography

My first impression of this particular family law firm page is that the header is really quite elegant. This site uses an alternating dark and light color scheme to set its sections of information apart. This color scheme is very visually striking and gives the page a sense of class and elegance while still providing information and leading us to the firm’s contact form.

This site doesn’t use a lot of photography, instead choosing to use easily recognizable icons that relate to the text. I like this website design approach because this site feels classy, simple, and “to the point” rather than overly fussy.

4) Horea Crisan Law

Horea Crisan Law


Highlights: Fonts | Colors | Animations

Much like the previous site, the header on this website feels a bit luxurious. The combination of gold and silver over a black background gives this site a strong introduction. Even the font choices feel elegant yet easy to read, with a combination of serif and san-serif fonts through the headers and text areas.

The home page design is quite striking, with sections that automatically center themselves when you stop actively scrolling. It’s a delightful show of attention to detail in web design. The page also includes a visual map of the region the firm serves, which is a nice touch that nudges the site’s SEO without weighing the page down with extensive text.

5) Procopio



Highlights: Colors | Fonts | Key Visuals

This site immediately invited me to play a minute-long video that introduces the law firm. The design choice allows for a quick visual that covers some of the featured points that are farther down the page. Another key visual is the inclusion of the law award on the top-most image.

I felt some disappointment in the design for the “featured” section, though. Two of the images are exact duplicates, which tells me their designer uses stock photography. Beyond this misstep, the rest of the page takes a very simple approach that relies on internal links to provide more information.

6) Denver Family Lawyers

Denver Family Lawyers


Highlights: Key Visual | Colors | Custom Photography

The blue tones here on this site are really pleasing to the eye: nice and consistent. The visuals in the custom photography really speak to the region the practice covers and even the areas of practice they offer. Some of the best family law firm websites use well-chosen imagery or custom-made photos, as this site does.

Not only does this homepage showcase a slew of legal accolades, but it also includes practice areas, testimonials, and a custom contact form in a way that is well-defined and attractive. The background design shows impeccable attention to detail with near-invisible fading into the header and footer photographs.

7) Hage-Chahine



Highlights: Photography | Animations

The photo selections on this website relate closely to the region and the related information in each section. This attention to detail tells me that the website designer thought carefully about each image and how it connected to the information the firm wants on display. The care in this design shines through in every section.

The sliding transition is playful with an elegant design, making it easy on the eye and pleasing to see while scrolling back and forth. The homepage includes a contact form at the bottom of the page, which is a fairly typical placement, although it feels like a bit of an afterthought in comparison to the rest of the page.

8) Bhatt Law Group

Bhatt Law Group


Highlights: Colors | Branding

The website design here really reinforces this firm’s brand colors, with only a few splashes of additional color in various sections of the page. This design choice definitely makes the page cohesive and consistent, along with the repetition of the logo at the top and bottom of the site.

This site’s layout offers a ton of information that all of the best family law firm websites should include. It even goes above and beyond expectations by listing the available languages, which I haven’t seen on other sites on review here. It’s a nice bonus that the designer included this information in such a bold placement.

9) Eiges & Orgel

Eiges & Orgel


Highlights: Custom Photography | Colors | Layout

Custom photography and videography are both great tools that can communicate important information in more interesting ways, and this website uses that to its full advantage. Even more importantly, the photos and videos guide the eye down the page in a pleasing manner.

The layout is thoughtful, detailed, and practical. The designers made it easy to interact with various elements for exploration. The menu stays at the top of the window, offering easy access to all of the particular practice areas, with automatic dropdowns appearing with a simple hover. The overall color choice is appealing as well, without appearing too similar to other law sites.

10) Lisa Feldstein

Lisa Feldstein


Highlights: Clean | Branding | Animations

The layout for this website is clean and stays focused on the most important information. The branding colors really guide the color selection of the page accents and icons. The brand logo also reinforces the type of services this firm focuses on. I found these all to be fantastic design choices.

The inclusion of image animation on hover points is an interesting design addition that I didn’t expect to see. It adds an element of playfulness and interaction while still being serious. The text changes in the “what we do” section add a nice animated flair as well as a personalized touch in a fun manner.

11) Kate Smith P.L.L.C.



Highlights: Modern | Colors | Logo Design


The website of Kate Smiths’ law firm features a very soft color pallet of muted green and orange. Or is that pink? Peach? I let you decide what color that is, but it’s used well in a great design that flows from soft gradients more contrasting solid sections of color.

Sans serif fonts are utilized throught the site complimenting the smooth curves of it’s design elements.

12. Modern Law



Highlights: Key Visual | Colors | Branding | Clear


The website of Modern Law, stands out as one of the premier divorce and family law firm websites. Immediately noticed is its minimal layout and bold headlines, characterized by a grid-like structure that efficiently organizes information in a logical way.

As users scroll down, they encounter attorney profiles and a section dedicated to client testimonials. The strategic use of black backgrounds and orange/white text enhances visual contrast, ensuring that relevant icons and information stand out.

What makes a great family law firm web design?

There are a handful of key features that make a family law firm website successful. At first glance, the colors shouldn’t be overpowering and the text should be legible. Images should be professional and give a general idea of what kinds of cases your law firm handles. Any awards or trust badges should be prominently displayed.

More in-depth features that will make your family law firm website successful are professionally written content, testimonials from previous clients, and a contact form. Proper SEO use ensures your website gets seen by more people in search results, and a proper call to action will encourage them to contact you for your services. Alone, these attributes will improve your website, but when combined, they work to turn your law firm into a success.

Law Icon

Color Choice

Selecting your website’s color palette is more difficult than it sounds. A poor selection may make text difficult to read or give viewers an unprofessional vibe. An effective color palette for a family law firm website comes off as professional and doesn’t distract from the content.

To get started, choose one of the five types of color palettes:

Analogous Color Palettes: These use colors next to each other on the color wheel—for example, yellow, orange, and red. These combinations tend to make an appealing color scheme but are close enough that contrast may be too low. If that’s the case, add a complementary color like black or white to your palette.

Monochromatic Color Palettes: These use various tints and shades of a single color. If you choose blue, your color palette might include teal, Tiffany, and Prussian blue. Monochromatic color palettes also tend to create low-contrast designs, so consider adding a complementary color.

Triad Color Palettes: These are created using three colors evenly spaced out on the color wheel, such as blue, red, and yellow, resulting in a triangle. Such palettes often don’t appear professional and may not be the best choice for your family law firm website design.

Complementary Color Palettes: These are created with colors on opposite ends of the color wheel, like blue and orange. These palettes work best when one is the primary color and the second is an accent color.

Split Complementary Color Palettes: This scheme requires two complementary colors and a third typically next to one of these colors on the color wheel. Thus, if you were using the complementary colors blue and orange, you would consider adding a yellow or violet.

In addition to color theory, a powerful color palette requires some knowledge of psychology. Research has shown that colors evoke certain emotions. For example, black inspires thoughts of power, control, and depression, which may not translate well into a family law firm website. However, blue summons feelings of trust, competence, and reliability, which is exactly what you want potential clients to feel while browsing your site.

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Typography entails far more than choosing a font. While the font can certainly add personality to your words, the most important thing is that it’s easy to read. Here are some simple rules to follow when designing your website’s text:

  • Don’t use text smaller than 16px
  • Make sure your website’s font doesn’t clash with your logo
  • Keep line length short—between 45 and 75 characters
  • Ensure text colors highly contrast against the background
  • Break up your text with H1 and H2 headlines
  • Paragraphs should be three sentences or less
  • Help important information stand out with bullet points

Overall, your goal is to make sure potential clients can read your web content. It’s essential to test your site on various devices before publishing it, as what looks nice on a cellphone might not translate to a desktop.

Law Icon


Using images to support your text is another essential design aspect. While it’s tempting to use stock images, try to limit them. Potential clients likely want to see a photo of your team or lawyers and get a feel for who they’ll be working with.

Graphics and icons are also great design features to add and can help make your content easier to digest. It’s not uncommon for people to leave websites when faced with a wall of text. Using icons to break up the text or replace some of it entirely will benefit your website.

Law Icon


One of the first things visitors will notice on your website is your header web copy. This is often just a few words to describe your law firm and can be as simple as, “Putting Families First.” Beneath your header in smaller font would be a more detailed description of your practice but should be no more than a sentence. Together, these should give visitors a clear idea of who you are and what services you offer.

Beneath the header is the bulk of your web copy, which will describe your family law firm in more detail. Your content tone should be informative and professional, providing a clear message to readers. Some content you’ll want to include on your homepage includes:

  • Types of family law cases you handle
  • Answers to common questions
  • What makes your law firm stand out
  • Information on your team
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Location
  • Contact information

If you’re not the best writer, consider having a professional content writer create your web content. This ensures your copy will be free of typos and grammatical errors and will be SEO-friendly.

Law Icon

Clear Calls to Action

Part of your web copy is going to be a call to action or CTA. This is a marketing tactic in which a sentence or two guides potential clients toward a specific action. It might encourage them to schedule a consultation with one of your divorce attorneys or fill out a contact form. A simple example would be: “Schedule your free consultation today by calling us at 555-123-4567.”

A call to action will guide potential clients toward various actions. A CTA can also redirect visitors to an FAQs page, email list, blog post, and more.

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Website Features

When it comes to website features, it’s imperative to have an easy navigation design. People want to have access to clear menu options as it allows them to browse quickly. If your navigation is too busy, your website visitors are less likely to stay on your page.

Other website features you may want to consider include:

  • Modern web design
  • Company blog
  • About Us page
  • AI chatbot
  • Client testimonials
  • Social media links
  • A scheduling option
  • A link to prior case results
  • Google Maps widget
  • Trust badges from your state’s bar association, local law enforcement, Avvo, and any other supporters

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Contact Information

Your family law firm’s contact information should be fixed at the top and bottom of every page. Additionally, a contact form should be available from the homepage. A proper contact form will explain the benefits of reaching out and only ask that potential clients provide a name and phone number. After the form is submitted, a thank you with a general timeline for responses is often expected.

You may also want to consider including other types of contact information:

  • Google Maps directions to your office address
  • Social media links
  • A consultation scheduling form
  • An AI chatbot

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Great SEO

These days, search engine optimization or SEO is a requirement for any successful website. SEO tactics rank websites higher in online searches, resulting in more traffic and clients. Implementing SEO is far from simple, though.

Here are some SEO tactics that will improve your family law website:

  • Keywords
  • Title tags
  • Header tags
  • Image alt tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Optimized URL structure
  • Internal link structure
  • External links
  • Original content
  • Earning inbound links

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you properly implement SEO, it can completely turn a business around. However, it’s something that often requires a professional. You may want to consider hiring a law firm website SEO specialist to assist you with this phase of your website design.

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What Makes a Successful Family Law Firm in Short

Your website is your first impression on most clients and is often the key to a successful family law firm. An appealing web design that follows the principles of great web design gets people talking and will keep visitors on your website longer. Decisions like your color palette and photos may seem small, but they can make a significant difference in the long run.

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