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Digital marketing is the best way to advertise your services and ensure the growth of your firm. Any law firm looking to gain new clientele should probably seek out an amazing law firm website design agency. Now more than ever, clients expect to see visually-appealing websites stocked full of relevant information.

A website is the first impression a potential client has of your firm. It is how you introduce specialties and convince a client that you are the correct fit for their case. A thoughtfully-designed webpage will also help your firm stand out from the competition.

The perfect web design for attorneys must look professional. The website should include tools for easy navigation and up-to-date information for clients. Your chosen design should look unique to both your firm and your field of law.

Keep reading to find out the key components of the best law firm websites and how you can make yours stand out from the crowd.

Our Top Picks!

1) Blake Harris Law

Blake Harris Law website


Highlights:  Typography | Animations | Custom Photography

The Blake Harris Law webpage was impressive due to its use of animations. Key parts of the homepage are animated as you scroll, highlighting areas such as client reviews of the firm and the latest articles.

This website has great SEO content, highlighting news articles and blogs about current events in law. Thus, clients can trust that this firm is staying up-to-date with U.S. law. Even the typography is SEO-oriented!

Their custom photography depicts friendly staff and client interactions, which shows that this firm’s lawyers are willing to discuss a case with a smile on their faces.

2) Zaner Harden Law

Zaner Harden Law


Highlights: Unique Layout | Colors | Fonts | Custom Photography

I love the header on this website. The serif font, the killer logo, the lines around the phone number and the tasteful orange accents make for a classy heading for this PI attorney.

The section that features ZH in the media is also the best-designed media section I’ve seen yet. Media displays on lawyer sites are essential, but more often than not, their designs usually lack taste. I like how these display in a way that keeps to the overall color scheme.

Scroll to the bottom of the home page and look over the free consultation form. So well done. The area packs a ton of info that one area yet keeps the design simple and easy for potential customers to understand.

3) Miles & Stockbridge

Miles & Stockbridge


Highlights: Modern | Unique Layout | Colors | Fonts

This website is designed with a modern layout that’s different from any we’ve reviewed thus far. The black-and-white color contrast, highlighted with assorted elements colored an appealing green, is an excellent use of color theory. The intriguing modern photography instantly catches the eye.

The copy is presented in a standard typeface in white, which is simple yet attractive and easy to read. We especially love that this website is easy to navigate, and the load times are fast.

Links at the bottom of the webpage direct visitors to the law firm’s social media pages, which are convenient for clients and potential clients who want to interact with the firm on social platforms.

4) King & Siegel

King & Siegel


Highlights: Custom Photography | Animations | Colors

King & Siegel’s home page incorporates beautiful photography with great use of color pairs. The blue and black elements contrast against the photos and white background. Scroll down the page further, and you will find the service area links organized in a grid-like fashion.

King & Siegel also provides good information on the page. You can download a free eBook covering your rights as a pregnant worker, and there is also a section showing their results and case history. Despite the simple page layout, they fit a lot of informational text in each section. SEO optimization is on point, with several text sections dedicated to keywords.

5) Kluger Kaplan

Kluger Kaplan


Highlights: Modern | Animation | Key Visual

Kluger Kaplan provides a great example of how to use key visuals and animations on your front page. The first thing you see is a bolded font transition across the page with the images in the background. The animations give the page a distinctly modern look, something that the best employment law firm websites need.

Kluger Kaplan also knocks it out of the park with its navigation. You can hover over the top bar to click on the links you want, and the responsive menu changes depending on your page orientation and settings.

6) The McClellan Law

The McClellan Law


Highlights: Modern | Colors | Custom Photography

The web designers at Scorpion are no joke. Scroll through this home page and notice all the small details. The rollover effects on the buttons. The beautiful oversized headlines with tasteful letter spacing. All the attention to detail really adds up to one really well-done law firm web design. There isn’t one part of this page that wasn’t cared for.

This home page design is also a perfect example of how professional photography can elevate a web design. It takes a great design to a whole new level. This site has a very Hollywood feel because of the photography and the way the designer integrated them into the design. The different sections almost have a poster design feel, yet didn’t go too far into being cheesy.

7) Feldman Royle

Feldman Royle


Highlights: Custom Photography | Headlines | Texts

We always recommend that companies use high-quality custom photography in their designs. This law firm website does a great job of incorporating custom quality visuals.

We also enjoy how the site uses graphics in each subsection to illustrate each of the crimes that the practice covers. The site also uses transitional effects when a visitor hovers over critical text, such as the contact number and the “Learn More” buttons.

The copy on this website is outstanding. You can tell that a lot of time went into crafting content that is well-written and informative for prospective clients who land on the website searching for help.

8) Calgary Defense

Calgary Defense


Highlights: Neat | Font | Iconography

Overlapping boxes highlighting text give this website a rich tactile design that stands out from a typical law firm website. One of the most noteworthy features is the dark gray photograph of the Calgary Defence legal team. This photograph is captivating, and it feels powerful.

The copy is straightforward yet relevant, and it conveys brand authority. As you scroll further down the homepage, you’ll find a resource section where visitors can browse through an abundance of information. The resources offer additional value to visitors, which further establishes brand authority.

9) Procopio



Highlights: Colors | Fonts | Key Visuals

This site immediately invited me to play a minute-long video that introduces the law firm. The design choice allows for a quick visual that covers some of the featured points that are farther down the page. Another key visual is the inclusion of the law award on the top-most image.

I felt some disappointment in the design for the “featured” section, though. Two of the images are exact duplicates, which tells me their designer uses stock photography. Beyond this misstep, the rest of the page takes a very simple approach that relies on internal links to provide more information.

10) Weiner Law

Weiner Law


Highlights: Good Photography | Colors | Branding

Blue is a color that people associate with trust. For the best estate planning law firm website, establishing a mutually trustworthy client-attorney relationship is essential – and you must include this feeling in a first impression.

The Weiner Law website employs several hues of blue, setting both a reliable and professional tone. The photography is high-quality and placed so that the page is not too busy.

By using a large header text and muted blues, the website effectively demonstrates Weiner Law’s estate planning process is hassle-free. Overall, the Weiner Law website design is minimalistic but effective.

11) Farar & Lewis

Farar & Lewis


Highlights: Custom Photography | Colors | Fonts

Farar & Lewis has probably the most fashionable website that I reviewed. Very L.A.

The site features a clean layout, elegant typography, and exceptional photography all while providing a ton of SEO friendly content. I particularly like the subtle background patterns and their overlapping design elements that you see throughout create a nice theme.

The site has a fantastic full-width layout that looks just as great on a phone and oozes with detail. Check out their practice area callouts and the case results section on the home page. The design does an excellent job of showing experience while not being gaudy like many other PI sites I look at.

12) Osborne Clarke

Osborne Clarke Website


Highlights: Iconography | Colors | Well Structured

This website’s design is an excellent example of how some of the best business law firm websites are really well-structured and attractive. Each design element draws attention in a smooth line from section to section. Every page element also complements the overall color scheme, whether it’s the text, buttons, background, or the iconography.

The icons are well done on this site, too. They’re similar in design and draw attention to key points of interest. Some of these points are interactive, like the expandable panels just below the header image. This interactivity is a fun way for the firm to engage with potential clients and doesn’t feel distracting.

13) Ellis Winter

Ellis Winters Website


Highlights: Modern | Typography | Animations | Custom Photography

At first glance, you may not realize that Ellis & Winters is a bankruptcy attorney site. The nature-inspired photography and large header look more like a sporting brand than a law firm. This website does a great job of meshing a modern professional look with many styles.

For example, the company logo looks like something off of an 80s rock album, which contrasts with the flat sans-serif lettering on the headings. The bold use of full-page pictures on the main page immediately captures your attention, even if the choice of photos seems odd at first.

14) Elyon Legal

Elyon Legal Immigration Website


Highlights: Colors | Branding

This website starts with a clean white background that is highlighted by pops of color strategically placed as you scroll down the page. These flashes of colors don’t distract from the message they’re conveying; instead, the colors add visual interest.

Modern photography communicates the message of family, marriage, and the need for immigration legal services in the business. Not a lot of law firms take advantage of photography and imagery. A picture can say a thousand words. We love how Elyon Legal uses imagery to communicate its mission.

At the bottom of the webpage, you can find links to the firm’s latest blog posts, which are helpful for prospective clients who have questions.

Why Is Designing a Website for My Firm Important?

Clients often search for specific types of law firms or the content of their cases such as business law, a personal injury law website, or a family law firm website. To obtain new clients, a proper law firm website design is the only way they will be responsive to the help your firm can provide.

Nowadays, many people know how to use programs such as Photoshop or Canva, which can make anything from a resume to an Instagram post look professional. Clients are not attracted to websites that look outdated or are difficult to access.

It is incredibly easy to lose the attention of a potential client. 93% of all online interactions start with a search engine. While you could pay for online ads for your firm, 70-80% of users ignore ads and only read the first page of Google results.

Polishing your website and using skills such as Search Engine Optimization will make your website more visible. However, even if a potential client clicks on your website, a good first impression is essential to keeping that client’s attention.

What makes a great law firm web design?

The visual design, ease of access to the contact page, calls to actions to display your legal services, and tailored SEO content is essential to creating a good law firm website and a solid marketing strategy.

If your website lacks any of these, there is potential to lose a client either by failing to show up in an organic search or failing to grab your client’s attention. The top categories that all the best law firm websites focus on are as follows:

  • Color Choice
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Copy/Messaging
  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Website Features
  • Contact Information
  • Great SEO

Law Icon

Color Choice

Kluger Kaplan WebsiteMiles Stockbridge Imagery Websitefeldman royle criminal defense 20230907 202613 2

Have you ever seen a movie where the colors do not look real but add to the general mood of the film? Websites are the same. Different color palettes will send different messages to your clients due to color association.

For example, a recipe blog cannot have the same color palette as a vineyard, as the goods or services that each of these companies provides are completely different. Often, products will have website color schemes that are playful and bright.

Law firm websites must employ muted and professional colors. An example of a suitable color scheme is predominantly blue and grayscale with pops of red. Blue represents trust and reliability, while red draws attention to important information.

You also need to visualize the color wheel when hand-picking colors. To look visually appealing, colors must be complementary, analogous, triad, or monochromatic. A truly professional but interesting color scheme will take all of these suggestions into account.

Law Icon


Weiner Law TypographyZaner Harden TypographyCalgary Defence Typography

Everyone knows that Comic Sans font can make your website look like a joke. However, choosing the right font is no easy task. While many may think a classic Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman font looks professional, this is not appealing for a website.

You must choose suitable for large and small screens, as people may search on a variety of electronics. It should look professional but not old-fashioned. You must select a font that is easy to read in several brightness levels as well, which includes both size and color.

It is also imperative that the font’s letters do not blur when the size is reduced on a phone. Choosing a font with lots of open space will prevent this. The chosen font should not clash with your logo but rather complement it as well.

You also must vary the size of text on your website. Header tags can make key parts of your site pop, such as the principal goal of your firm. A potential client should glance at your webpage and understand its base content immediately.

Law Icon


Imagery will grab your potential client’s attention and keep them interested in your law firm’s work. High-quality photography of your field of law and your firm’s employees are two essential images you should include on your website.

You should also break up large blocks of text with high-quality images, graphics or photos. We recommend including three graphics per page, particularly when it comes to blogs. This makes your website more appealing and easier to navigate.

Finally, animation can emphasize critical components of your website. Animating a call to action or client reviews causes webpage viewers to automatically read that content.

Law Icon


You must include specifics on your homepage as to what cases your firm specializes in representing. If your firm’s expertise is not evident within the first few seconds of viewing, clients will simply move to the next firm’s site.

This type of content marketing is integral to keeping a client’s attention and getting them to contact your firm. You also must include a value proposition as to how you can positively influence a client’s case. The focus should remain on the client at all times.

Every law firm website must also include a chatbox, even if it is not always live. Websites without ease of contact with an attorney may cause clients to become disinterested and leave. Clients expect to always have information at their fingertips.

Law Icon

Clear Calls to Action

Calls to action are essential to marketing your law firm and guiding people to your practice areas. Publishing any webpage on your firm’s site without some form of a call to action is an opportunity wasted to market your firm.

You can link CTAs to any information on your website. For example, including buttons that will lead to a contact form or successful case outcomes are fantastic ways to advertise your firm. Clients must see that you are reliable and easy to talk to and know exactly what you do. This is common among all of the best law firm sites.

Law Icon

Website Features

A good website should be easy to navigate, authoritative, and packed with information. One of the most effective parts of a law firm website is the blog, where you can include updated information on laws relevant to your practice. This ensures clients that you are aware of the latest in law.

Your website must also appear professional but artistic. This appearance increases your client’s perception of your expertise and respectability. First impressions are always the most important.

Law Icon

Contact Information

You must create a user-oriented contact page. Potential clients should have the opportunity to easily access contact information throughout the site. One of the best strategies for including a contact page is by placing a link in your website footer.

Your contact page design should also match the aesthetic of your website without providing too much distraction. Contact pages should always include your law firm’s name, address, email, and phone number.

We highly recommend including a contact form that a potential client can fill out with their email, name, and inquiry. This is the most likely way a client will get in touch without overthinking it.

Contact pages must also include a subtle call to action to encourage the customer to get in touch. This is an indirect way to persuade the customer that you are a friendly firm looking to answer any potential questions without commitment.

Law Icon

Great SEO

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization.” SEO is a strategy to make your website appear on the front page during an organic Google search. SEO is integral to the digital marketing scheme and will help keep your firm visible.

Only 5% of people search past Google’s front page. Thus, creating an SEO-friendly website is the only option for getting your firm’s website to stay relevant as front-page content.

Some of the most popular SEO strategies include:

  • Doing keyword research and organically placing suggested keywords throughout your webpage
  • Using title and header tags to structure the webpage
  • Creating a website that will work in a variety of formats such as computers and phones
  • Using several kinds of content on each page, including graphics, imagery, lists, block text, buttons, etc.

Law Icon

The Importance of a Tailored Website to Your Digital Marketing Plan

Having a strong website design is essential to marketing your law firm online. If your website does not look professional or eye-catching, you have lost prospective clients. Only the best law firm website designs that rank well in search engines can properly assist your sales team to entice site visitors into requesting assistance with their legal issues.

You should consider a budget for putting together your own law firm website design and updating it periodically to ensure that you stay relevant. If you are uncomfortable with designing your firm’s site, contact a professional that can handle lawyer websites at the highest level.

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