Review the Best Google Font Combinations for Your Website

Blending fonts can create an engaging appearance for your website. Unrelated fonts sometimes match up and lead to typographic connections that help your site visually pop.

Out team at Connective Web Design can help you review your design options. We search for the best Google font combinations when we handle website design. Contact us today to learn more.

The Best Google Font Cominations

Want to get into the specifics by reviewing Google font combinations that work? Explore these options as you polish website design.

1) Oswald + Oswald

oswald 20230907 202750


Combining Oswald fonts gives you a clean-looking website with a modern appeal. Furthermore, you might also enjoy using a blend of Oswald fonts as a way to utilize white space effectively; white space provides visitors with a quick-browse contrast to the content on your site.

You can easily include animations when you blend Oswald fonts, allowing for eye-catching designs. In addition, the use of animations in an otherwise clean-looking site provides an interesting contrast for guests who visit your webpage.

Keep this font combination in mind if you want to aim for a modern and crisp appearance.

2) Libre baskerville + Montserrat

libre baskerville montserrat 20230907 202751


You may also choose to mix Montserrat with Libre Baskerville fonts. These font combinations look fashionably modern, helping you design a website that stays on the cutting edge of aesthetics. If you want to sell products with a futuristic appeal, consider this font blend.

Montserrat and Libre Baskerville combinations also provide you with valuable white space on your webpage. In this way, they resemble the options you’d find with an Oswald blend.

However, with Libre Baskerville and Montserrat, you have more options for color choice. A few bursts of complementary or contrasting color grab customer attention.

3) Montserrat + Open Sans

montserrat opensans 20230907 202751


Interested in Montserrat but not sure that Libre Baskerville styles work for you? Consider blending Open Sans with Montserrat fonts. This blend allows you to maintain the use of your subtly framing white space.

Open Sans and Monserrat blends often work well if you prefer to focus on iconography. Websites created with this font blend often catch the eye, encouraging visitors to stay a while, and promoting in-depth conversions.

You have multiple font options to choose from when you consider Montserrat. You could also blend in other Sans fonts, like Sans Serif typeface or Work Sans.

4) Esteban + Montserrat

esteban and montserrat 1 20230907 202809


Not happy with Open Sans or Libre Baskerville as a match for your Montserrat font? Choose an Esteban font instead. This modern font makes it easy to support white space throughout your website design.

Whitespace provides a place for website visitors to relax their eyes before focusing on the page’s intriguing content. The modern blend of Montserrat and Esteban works fabulously if you wish to include animations on your pages.

Choppy animations often discourage visitors from sticking around, so selecting the right font matters. A good choice will balance the animations, encouraging customers to linger a while.

5) Kanit + Archivo

kanit and archivo 20230907 202752


When considering the best Google font combinations, make sure that you review Archivo Black and Kanit blends. This particular blend works well for including colors on your website. For example, you might want to change the font color for different website sections.

You can also easily adjust the fonts you choose when you select an Archivo and Kanit blend. Adjusting your choices allows you to personalize your webpage to visually appeal to visitors.

Additionally, animations often work well with a Kanit and Archivo blend. With plenty of balance and vitality, this blend may work for you.

6) Alegreya + Lato

alegreya lato 20230907 202800


Do you want to convey information quickly and easily on your website? If so, consider blending Lato and Alegreya fonts. These fonts make it simple to display key visual facts on your web pages, helping people get the details they want in a user-friendly way.

We recommend Alegreya and Lato blends if you want to set up an informational website without ending up with an unappealing aesthetic. The fonts also work well if you’re seeking to add color and highlights to your website pages.

Guests are often more likely to absorb information when framed within an appealing presentation.

7) DM Serif Display + Manrope

dmserifdisplay manrope 20230907 202800


You can mix Manrope and DM Serif Display fonts if you are seeking an option that allows for custom iconography. Blending fonts already increases your possibilities for customization. However, these fonts go above and beyond by offering nearly limitless options.

In addition to allowing you to personalize the iconography on your site, you can adjust the colors used when you mix DM Serif Display and Manrope. Moreover, these fonts provide the option to utilize ample white space throughout the design.

Consider working with a website designer to fully customize this font combination for your webpage. For more Manrope font combinations, you can check our article here.

8) Montserrat + Source Sans Pro

montserrat sourcesanspro 20230907 202753


Montserrat and Source Sans Pro are both beautiful fonts on their own. When you blend them, you can glean the benefits of both fonts for your website. The blending provides white space for your website, offering a contrast with the information you provide your visitors.

We’ve found that Source Sans Pro and Montserrat blends often suit websites that include custom images. The fonts pair well with these personalized touches, resulting in a well-blended website that appeals to your guests.

You can contact us if you have more questions about Source Sans Pro and Montserrat fonts.

9) Montserrat + Istok Web

montserrat istokweb 20230907 202753


You can learn more about the best Google font combinations when reviewing the benefits of blending Istok Web and Montserrat fonts. These fonts help you highlight key visual information quickly. Drawing attention to the critical information on your website helps users feel like they’re making the most of their time.

You can also use Istok Web and Montserrat blends if you want to include custom photography on your website. These fonts work well with photos of different sizes and styles, supporting your website design choices. Contact us to further discuss this font blend for your website.

10) Quicksand + Manrope

quicksand manrope 20230907 202800


Manrope makes a good partner for many other font styles, including Quicksand. We recommend this blend if you want a clean design for your webpage. It does away with many extra details that could distract readers from your message.

The clean iconography helps website viewers get to the essential information you want to share with them, meaning visitors can grab the main points and move on.

Quicksand and Manrope blends also work well for including different colors on the website. Colors highlight information or break up the monotony of a page, making the design more visually engaging.

11) Playfair Display + Roboto

playfair display roboto 20230907 202754


Are you looking for a font combination that works well with animations? Consider mixing Roboto and Playfair Display. These complimentary font styles allow you to include animations without jarring your guests.

The Playfair Display and Roboto combination also provides adequate white space for your website. You can use the white space to show off and draw attention to the iconography throughout your webpage.

Our team can help you utilize a Roboto and Playfair Display combination in a way that will beautifully enhance your website’s display. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of this option.

12) Merriweather + Montserrat

merriweather and montserrat 20230907 202808


A Merriweather and Montserrat font blend offers your business several benefits when it comes to website design. First, these fonts can easily draw attention to key visual information on each page of your website.

Many website designers find it easy to utilize colors when working with Montserrat and Merriweather combinations. Depending on how you would like to present your website information and the mood you would like to convey, you could adjust the color scheme on your website.

Montserrat and Merriweather blends also represent a good choice if you want to include custom photography on the website.

13) Poppins + Inter

poppins inter 20230907 202754


Are you looking for a font combination that allows you to utilize attractive colors throughout your website? You may want to consider a Poppins and Inter blend to get the look you want for your online presence. You can select multiple colors to work well with this blend.

The Poppins and Inter combination also provides a very modern aesthetic to your website. It negates many of the more traditional expectations for fonts. Seize control of the future by considering this option as you design your website.

We will gladly discuss the perks of blending Inter and Poppins.

14) Inter + Roboto

inter roboto 20230907 202755


Are you still looking for the most suitable option for your website? Consider the benefits of a Roboto and Inter combination if you want to add vibrant colors to your text. You can draw attention to specific parts of your message using bright or eye-catching colors.

Roboto and Inter blends look good in various colors, providing you with unique choices when it comes to the aesthetic you want. They also offer a great way to draw attention to key visual elements throughout your webpage.

These features make the blend one of the best Google font combinations available.

15) Bitter + Nunito

bitter nunito 20230907 202801


Do you want to create a clean-looking website without a lot of extra bits and bobs to distract from your message? If so, consider adopting a Bitter and Nunito combination with the help of web design specialists.

When blended, these fonts create a clean look when blended, making it easier for your website visitors to pick up key visual information. In addition, they work well with designs that incorporate tranquil white space.

The clean website design works well if you do not want a very detailed look for your pages. Find out more about this option with our team.

16) Rubik + Lato

rubik lato 20230907 202802


Some businesses want to use colors to secure the attention of their readers. In this situation, we recommend considering a Rubik and Lato font combination. These fonts work well in an array of colors, allowing you to personalize your space on the web.

They also function well if you want a significant amount of white space on your website. Finally, we’ve found that the blend represents a good choice for iconography, as well.

A website designer can help you incorporate a Lato and Rubik blend throughout your website, encouraging visitors to stay on the page for longer.

17) Syncopate + Montserrat

syncopate montserrat 20230907 202758


You have several options to keep a modern look for your website. One of those options is a Syncopate and Montserrat font combination. Focusing on a modern look helps make your website more appealing to many current web users.

The blend of Montserrat and Syncopate fonts allows you to effectively utilize colors throughout your webpage. For example, you may use colors to set the tone for your page or help encourage viewers to look at certain areas of the text.

Syncopate and Montserrat blends also do well if you want to include custom photography on your website.

18) Raleway + PT Sans

raleway ptsans 20230907 202759


Take advantage of another modern option to make your pages stand out by blending PT Sans and Raleway fonts. This combination helps you avoid an old-fashioned look for your website and encourages users to stay on the page.

Raleway and PT Sans combinations often have a very clean look, helping you avoid a cluttered appearance that some website guests find overwhelming.

The blend also utilizes a healthy amount of white space, allowing you the freedom to insert other key design features onto your webpage. Work with a web design professional to learn more about this option.

19) Poppins + Source Sans Pro

poppins sourcesanspro 20230907 202802


Poppins and Source Sans Pro offer you another modern choice for your font combination. These two fonts blend in a way that can offer your website a unique yet very contemporary look.

This blend provides a clean look for the text on your webpage, making it easier for visitors to read the information.

We find that Source Sans Pro and Poppins combinations often look good in different colors, making them an optimal choice if you want to avoid black and white text. Finally, the mixture represents a solid choice if you want to include iconography.

20) Merriweather + Source Sans Pro

merriweather sourcesanspro 20230907 202759


Do you want more information about the best Google font combinations for your website? You may investigate the benefits of a Merriweather and Source Sans Pro blend. This combination works fantastically if you want to play around with shapes.

These fonts also provide a good option for animations. They’re easy to read, so visitors can follow along with information in an animation without missing key details.

Some website owners prefer Sans Serif font to Source Sans. You can discuss all your options when you reach out to one of our expert team members for assistance.

Why Use Google Fonts?

Perhaps you are wondering why you should select Google Fonts when making your website. Google Fonts offers a free-to-use service for both commercial and non-commercial web pages. Therefore, you can save money on website design.

We also find Google Font’s interface user-friendly and accessible. The user interface allows you to sort fonts by features or style, so you can quickly find what you want. You can even change the background color, allowing you to view the font in different environments.

The company provides a useful cross-platform display, ensuring that your fonts appear correctly on any major browser. This advanced computer tool comes in handy since you cannot predict what system your customers will use to access your site.

Other options for your website fonts are out there. But Google Fonts provides excellent options to find precisely what you want. Plus, it costs you nothing.

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Things To look at When Combining Fonts

Before you start combining fonts for your website, consider what makes a good combination. Your website design choices impact every single visitor, after all.

To begin, you will want to assess the compatibility of the fonts. Most fonts convey a certain “mood”. For example, some fonts bring a sense of professionalism to your website, while others might exude playfulness.

Be mindful to select fonts that have complementary personalities when blending them. Unfortunately, complementary personalities often don’t align perfectly. For example, an extra bold font might work very well with a neutral or even subdued option. You may also want to focus on the following:


Contrast with fonts helps you create distinctions throughout your website. You can contrast fonts based on several factors, like their:

  •       Weight
  •       Size
  •       Color
  •       Spacing
  •       Style

For example, perhaps you want to grab attention with the headline on your website. You may want to use a very chunky font in this situation. However, chunky fonts may become uncomfortable to read for a significant stretch.

In this situation, you could pair your bold font with something thinner and more elegant. You can also add color to help specific parts of your website stand out, like the date or keywords.

Avoid Too Much Conflict

Fonts often work well together when they have differences that complement one another. However, some differences go too far and generate conflict instead. You want your font choices to share certain qualities to make them pleasant to read.

When selecting a font combination, examples of qualities to consider include proportions and overall shape. For example, you may want to avoid fonts with different size letters, different letter heights, and a different overall style.

Avoid Extreme Similarities

While you want to avoid extreme conflicts in your font choices, you may also want to steer clear of fonts that look very similar. Fonts without sufficient conflict tend to blend, making it hard for readers to distinguish information on your page.

Additionally, readers may think you made a mistake if you included two very similar fonts. Instead of considering the two fonts as a design decision, they may simply think that you selected the wrong font for a particular section of your website.

You can check this issue by selecting two fonts and putting them side by side on your screen. If the two look about the same when you look at them and squint, they’re probably too similar for a good font combination.

You can factor these issues in when looking for the best Google font combinations.

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Considering Your Website’s Niche

Your niche helps you understand where you fit into the online world. The niche represents where your website belongs, and the fonts you choose should connect with that niche for the best results. Consider this aim when looking for the best Google Font combinations.

You want a font that supports the desired feel of your website, something that evokes the emotions you want your readers to feel. If you have a grave subject matter, for example, you want to stick to professional-looking fonts.

You also want a readable font. A stylistic and beautiful font may catch the eye. However, if your guests cannot read your message, then the font has not performed properly. Keep these factors in mind when making your selection.

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Other Good Font Services Outside Google

Google has played an essential role in providing fonts for websites for many years. However, you have alternatives if you want to support a different company or simply prefer not to use Google.

Font Squirrel, for example, provides free fonts. You can use these fonts for commercial sites. Other options include:

  • Font Library
  • FontSpace
  • Adobe Fonts
  • TypeCatcher

Many of these services offer thousands of fonts to choose from and work well with WordPress and other website development platforms. Contact us to discuss all your options for finding a suitable font.

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How Do You Install Google Fonts on Your Website?

Are you interested in using Google Fonts on your webpage? Many content management systems (CMSs) come equipped with Google Fonts functionality, allowing you to use them automatically. In this situation, you can skip the following instructions.

If your website platform does not automatically include access to Google Fonts, you can take the following steps.

Installing Google Fonts on WordPress

Are you using WordPress to build your website? If so, you may already have access to Google Fonts if you have a premium theme. If not, you can download the Easy Google Fonts plugin to get access. You can use this plugin for free.

Once you install the plugin, locate a Google Fonts option in your Settings menu. Then, simply select the CSS Selectors you plan to use.

Installing Google Fonts without WordPress

What if you don’t use WordPress for your website? Or do you simply not want to use a new plugin for your WordPress site? In these situations, you have a few workarounds that can let you use the fonts you want.

Visit Google Font’s official site to get started. Next, find the font (or fonts) you want for your website. Each font has a page that comes with a “Select This Font” button. Select the fonts you desire and “like” the display box.

The box will contain a Standard code for your font. Copy and paste your desired codes into thesection of your website. You will also need to add the CSS information provided by Google Fonts before using the fonts.

Note that you do not have to try to install Google Fonts on your own. Instead, consider working with a website design professional for help in handling all aspects of your web presence.

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Contact Us to Implement Google Font Combinations on Your Website

You can select the best Google Font combinations to make your website stand out from the crowd. Our team at Connective Web Design can help you choose the fonts you want to use and implement them on your site.

We also take care of other aspects of website design for clients in your situation. We listen to your specific concerns and construct a site that meets your particular needs.

You can easily reach out to us to learn more when you fill out our contact form.

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