If you’re hoping to expand your presence online, you don’t want to overlook a single page on your website. By ensuring every page on your website is as professional as possible, you can increase your chances of converting leads, generating revenue, and more. One of the most critical elements of your website is your Contact Us page.

This type of page provides website visitors with detailed information regarding your contact options. It’s an excellent tool for delivering precise details about the best ways to contact your business in a single location.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best pages currently published on leading websites around the world. We’ll also take a look at various aspects of Contact Us pages that we use when designing websites for our clients, including must-haves for your own website’s Contact Us page.

Why does a good contact page matter?

If you’re new to building websites, you might be wondering why Contact Us pages are so important. After all, most Contact Us pages are extremely small – and they don’t typically feature as a significant element of any website design. Still, Contact Us pages are one of the most critical elements of any successful website.

Whether you’re a business, organization, or individual, you want to make it easy for people who visit your website to contact you. If this is true, creating a single page with all your contact information can make it much easier for visitors to find the correct information.

It’s not just having a contact page that matters – it also needs to be good. If your contact page is confusing or misleading, it will make it harder for visitors to access what they need.

Examples of excellent contact us pages

We’ve developed a comprehensive list of some of the best Contact Us pages currently online. You can use these examples to help you develop a professional contact information center on your website.

Business Websites

If you’re planning on building a website for your business, it’s a good idea to take inspiration from some of the leading Contact Us pages on business sites:


apple contact us page

Apple is one of the world’s largest companies, so you’re unlikely to need a Contact Us page as extensive as the one you’ll find on their website. Still, Apple does an excellent job of providing detailed information about its various contact options. It divides each department and purpose into specific contact sections.

While there’s no doubt that you’ll find the information that you need on this Apple Contact Us page, the primary downside is its lack of branding. At first glance, the Apple page appears very rudimentary and archaic. Still, it’s an excellent example of isolating all your core contact information in a single location.

Production Locations

product location contact page

Production Locations is a company that allows individuals or companies to book properties for productions. The company has a clean, easy-to-use Contact Us page that provides all the information you need. On the right, you’ll find their mailing address, phone number, and email.

Production Locations also has an in-depth contact form that allows visitors to submit queries. You can input your business’s details, as well as information about the type of property you need for your booking. This is an excellent example of a Contact Us page that provides a functional contact form for visitors.

The Design Museum

the design museum contact page

The Design Museum uses its page to display hours, addresses, and a phone number for general information. There’s also an embedded map that shows the location of the museum in London, UK.

When you scroll down the page, you’ll find a range of additional contact details that point you to various locations. This includes separate numbers for memberships, the museum shop, and more. While the Contact Us page for The Design Museum is long, it does an excellent job of displaying as much contact information as possible and conveniently divides the contact numbers into different sections based on purpose.

Adams & Butler


Adams & Butler curates unique travel experiences for clients seeking high-end trips at home and abroad. The company has a minimalist Contact Us page that makes it easy to access the information you’re searching for.

The left side of the page has email details, as well as a mailing address for the company. You’ll also find a US number, Australian number, and Irish number. This makes it easy to find details for contacting the company, depending on your region.

On the right-hand side of the page is a classic contact form that allows visitors to input queries and request a response from the Adams & Butler team. The entire Contact Us page uses consistent branding and color schemes.


If you’re planning on starting an online store that connects directly with customers, current and future customers need to be able to contact you for various purposes. Whether it’s buying products, asking questions about product specifications, or speaking to your customer support team about a return, a robust Contact Us page is essential.

Below, let’s explore some excellent examples of eCommerce Contact Us pages currently available on the internet’s leading eCommerce stores:


broker notes contact page

BrokerNotes uses a Contact Us page that is typical for a company that does not offer many direct contact points. Some companies now prefer to use contact forms exclusively. This is evident on the BrokerNotes website.

When you arrive on the contact page, you will need to select a reason for your query. As you input information about yourself and your needs, you will eventually be able to input your contact details. BrokerNotes will contact you regarding your needs.

While this is an easy-to-use contact form for visitors, it’s essential to note that BrokerNotes doesn’t provide any concrete contact details, which some customers may dislike.


yeti contact page design

Yeti has an excellent Contact Us page that allows customers to access the contact details they need. When you first land on the page, you’ll see a range of tabs, such as “Register Your Yeti,” “Warranty,” and more. By clicking these tabs, you’ll be redirected to sub-pages that offer information and specific contact details.

You can also scroll down on the Contact Us page to find general contact information for the company, including phone numbers, email addresses, and Yeti’s corporate address. Unlike many of the other Contact Us pages on our list, Yeti also has a chatbox on the bottom right-hand corner of the page, which allows visitors to communicate directly with the company.

This is a good example of a Contact Us page that offers plenty of options without overcrowding the content.

Red Bull

red bull contact page design

Red Bull is a company that thrives off its personal brand, so it’s no wonder that the company’s Contact Us page is full of logos, images, and color schemes. As soon as you land on the page, you recognize the consistent branding and imagery.

Red Bull primarily uses a contact form for customer queries. There’s also an automated assistant portal on the page that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Again, this is another example of a page that doesn’t offer too much direct contact information – the primary function is the contact form.

Nabeiro Group

gruponabeiro contact page design

Nabeiro Group has a clean, modern Contact Us page that’s exceptionally functional for visitors. As soon as you arrive on the page, you’ll find a phone number, email address, and mailing address.

If you’re searching for a contact form, you can scroll down and fill in your details to submit a query. The entire Contact Us page is consistent with the Nabeiro Group’s branding. This is a sleek design that is sure to impress modern customers.

Portfolio Websites

If you’re planning on building a portfolio website, it’s critical to have a Contact Us page so that potential clients or fans can contact you. Whether you’re a writer, artist, photographer, or any other individual that requires a portfolio page, it’s always a good idea to make yourself easily contactable – not doing so could lead to missed opportunities.

Let’s explore some of the top portfolio Contact Us pages for those seeking inspiration for their own online presence.

Mike L. Murphy

mike murphy contac page

Mike L. Murphy provides an excellent example of an accessible Contact Us page for a portfolio website. Unlike other Contact Us pages, Mike L. Murphy has chosen to forgo an individual page for his contact details.

Instead, if you click the “Get in Touch” tab at the top of the page, a contact form will arise from the bottom of the page. You can submit your name, email, and question. Mike L. Murphy also outlines how quickly people can expect a response, which is a nice personal touch for visitors that may be seeking his services.

This is a minimalist option for website owners that don’t want to dedicate an entire page to contact details. It makes perfect sense for a portfolio.

Jameen Tarlier

jameen tarllier contact page design

Jameen Tarlier uses his About page to display his contact details. Unlike other contact pages, this page’s contact details are quite discreet. After a short bio, you’ll find links to his email address, phone number, Vimeo, and Instagram.

While this page doesn’t have the same clean contact layout that we normally like to see in a Contact Us page, it ensures that his details conform to the rest of the page’s design. This is an essential touch for someone with a design portfolio.

Rock + Poppins

rock plus poppins contact page

Rock + Poppins is a portfolio website that uses a more traditional approach to a Contact Us page, especially when compared to our two previous portfolio website examples. When you arrive at the Rock + Poppins Contact Us page, you’ll find two phone numbers – one for residential and one for commercial.

Additionally, there’s an email address and mailing address. Web visitors will also find links to Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. This example is a Contact Us page with clear information and a clean design.

Hello Innovation

hello innovation contact page

Hello Innovation has an attention-grabbing Contact Us page that’s hard to miss. There’s no doubt that this portfolio website is motivated for individuals to find the correct contact details. As soon as you land on the Contact Us page, you’ll find an email address and phone number in large print.

As you scroll down, you can also find other email addresses that are for more specific purposes, such as Press, Careers, and more. The bottom of the page also has mailing addresses for the organization’s two offices.

Blog Websites

If you’re writing a blog online, you may want people to be able to contact you with submissions, comments, questions, and more. For this reason, it’s critical to have a Contact Us page for your personal blog – no matter what niche your writing covers. Let’s explore some of the top examples of Contact Us pages for blogs:

Emma Gannon

emma gannon contact page

Emma Gannon’s blog is an excellent example of a blog Contact Us page that provides contact details for a variety of purposes. You can choose between various email addresses, depending on what you need. Whether it’s commercial partnerships, press requests, general queries, or anything else, Emma Gannon’s Contact Us page has you covered.

Christopher Mitchell

christopher mitchell contact page

Christopher Mitchell offers an excellent example of a straightforward and minimalist Contact Us page for a blog-style website. He includes a quick description of why you might need to contact him – and a link that redirects to a contact form.

The contact form appears as a pop-up and allows you to submit your contact details and the reason for your request. This is a simple and effective tool for helping web visitors contact you.


ted contact page

TED’s Contact Us page is straightforward. If you’re searching for a contact form page that doesn’t offer any ambiguities, this is a good example. The page is a simple and concise contact form that asks for your core details and a description of your needs.

One of the benefits of the TED contact form is it also allows you to submit documents. This can streamline queries that involve documentation. Although there’s not much character to this page, it’s an effective contact form.

Life in Leggings

life in leggings contact page

Life In Leggings is a blog with an excellent Contact Us page. As with many of the Contact Us pages on our list, this website uses a contact form to allow users to submit contact requests.

Additionally, if you scroll down, you’ll find a long list of social media links that can direct you to the blogger’s personal accounts. If you’re looking to help your website’s visitors engage with you via multiple channels, linking your social media accounts is an excellent idea.

What should you include on a contact information page?

If you’re planning on developing a Contact Us page, it’s critical to tick all your boxes. If you leave out key components, you might find yourself with confused website visitors or missed leads. That’s why we’ve developed a guide of must-haves for a Contact Us page.

Below, let’s explore the key elements to consider when you’re starting or upgrading your Contact Us page:

Easy to Find from the Homepage

Before you begin dealing with your Contact Us page content, it’s critical to make it easy to find. In many cases, users might be looking for your website purely to contact your business or organization, so they shouldn’t have to look too hard to find your Contact Us page.

We recommend placing a “Contact Us” tab on the top menu of your website. It’s also common to have the same type of tab at the bottom of your homepage.

These are the most common locations for Contact Us pages, and it’s a good idea to conform to the norms. If you choose an obscure or creative location for your Contact Us page link, it’s likely to confuse visitors.

Include Branding and Theme Colors

Some websites don’t include traditional branding or theme colors on their Contact Us pages. While your contact details aren’t directly linked to your products or services, there’s no reason not to provide the same type of branding or theme colors for your Contact Us page.

By implementing congruent branding, you can ensure this page has the same character and aesthetic appeal as the rest of your website. There’s no need to get boring with your contact details.

Include All Your Contact Details

If you’re building a Contact Us page, don’t forget to include all of your core contact details. You should outline email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and all other contact points clearly on this page.

Don’t assume that your website’s visitors will find information on other parts of your website. A Contact Us page is a central location that needs to include every contact detail imaginable.

Don’t Forget Social Media Links

While your email and phone number are an excellent starting point, it’s also essential to remember how modern consumers interact with businesses. Social media has become a significant platform for all types of businesses and organizations, and many people may be trying to get in touch using their social media accounts.

By including links to your top social media platforms on your Contact Us page, you can ensure that visitors are directed to your correct social media accounts.

Consider a Contact Form

Another useful tool for a Contact Us page is a contact form that visitors can fill with their contact details. It’s an excellent way for you to respond to queries at your own pace – and it provides an additional contact point for your clients.

Contact Us pages are now easy to integrate, especially if you hire a professional web design agency. Once information is submitted via a contact form, you can respond to the contact request via email or telephone. This is also a good website component if you’re hoping to generate leads for individuals interested in products or services.

If you’re going to develop a contact form, it’s critical to consider which contact fields to use. If you use the correct contact fields, you’ll be able to sort your contact queries into different groups and quickly reply to questions or concerns.

In some cases, websites with enough traffic will also have live chat portals that allow visitors to speak with live agents directly. Contact forms are an excellent way to offer a less expensive option to directly communicate with your company or organization.

Divide Your Details According to Purpose

If you have more than one contact point, it’s critical to divide your contact details into specific sections according to purpose or topic. For example, if you have a separate phone number for sales and customer services, then it’s a good idea to give each department a separate part of your Contact Us page.

The same rings true if you have separate emails for various departments in your business or organization. If you’re using a contact form, you can also have a section that specifies which department is being contacted – which makes it easier to assess queries.

Avoid Filler Content

While providing as much information about your business as possible can be useful for an About Us page, it’s not what you should be aiming for when you’re developing a Contact Us page. Make sure to keep your content as concise as possible.

If you add long descriptions or any other unnecessary words, your visitors will have to sort through information to find your core contact details. When someone clicks the Contact Us tab on your website, they’re looking for immediate information on how to contact you.

Consider Underlining and Bolding

Using underlining and bolding throughout your Contact Us page allows visitors to quickly identify the core contact details for your website. You can also use hyperlinks for phone numbers and email addresses, which can make the page easier to use for visitors.

Call to Action

If you’re running an online business that depends on converting sales, you may also want to include a call to action. A call to action encourages visitors to contact your company or organization. You may want to include a phrase like “Call Today” or “Get in Touch Immediately” to encourage visitors to speak to your team before they leave your website.

connective web design contact page open in a browser

Frequently asked questions

We receive many questions about the Contact Us pages. Below, we explore answers to some of the questions we hear most often.

What do you say on a contact us page?

A Contact Us page is more about what you display rather than what you “say.” You should not make a Contact Us page complicated or filled with ancillary details. A Contact Us page is a quick and easy-to-digest page for core contact details – and nothing more.

For this reason, you should display your phone numbers, email addresses, live chat portals, contact forms, and any other contact points you have available for your business or organization.

Make sure to divide your Contact Us page into clear sections – this makes it easier for visitors to find the information they’re searching for. For example, if you have separate contact points for sales and customer care, you should clearly define each contact point.

What is the purpose of a contact us page?

The primary purpose of a good Contact Us page is to provide your visitors with clear, easy-to-use information for contacting your company or organization. The quicker a visitor can find key contact details on your website, the sooner they can contact you to ask questions, purchase items, request information, and more.

If you don’t provide clear information to a website visitor, they might not find the most suitable contact information for their needs. If you’re a company that has different contact points for various purposes – such as customer care, sales, and other departments – it’s essential to have clear details for each option.

By collecting all your various contact points into a single page, you ensure that web visitors don’t have to dig around your website to find the information you’re searching for.

What makes a good contact page design?

A good contact page is easy to find and has clear, user-ready details that will help web visitors contact your company or organization immediately. It’s important to use an intuitive contact page design that highlights emails, phone numbers, contact forms, or any other type of relevant contact information.

One of the primary factors to consider when you’re developing a contact form is user experience. That’s why it’s essential not to litter your contact form with a bunch of unnecessary words or details. Clearly label the purpose for each contact point so that users know exactly what information is relevant to their needs.

Do I need a contact page?

Yes. If you have a website, it’s critical to have a Contact Us page that’s readily available. As many of your website’s visitors will be seeking information about your business, blog, online store, or any other type of website, it’s critical to provide contact details for further correspondence.

The easier you can make it for website visitors to contact you, the easier it is to gain new clients and speak to your audience. Don’t underestimate the power of a professional Contact Us page.

If you’re worried that you don’t have the resources to develop a successful Contact Us page, there’s no need to worry. By hiring professional developers to take care of the hard work on your behalf, you can rest assured that visitors to your site will know exactly how to contact your business organization.

Connective is a web design and digital marketing agency that can help you with creating an effective Contact Us page for your website and so much more. Contact us today to learn more.

What are contact forms for?

A contact form is a practical way to communicate with website owners. Anyone can log on and send their message without having the need of an email address or mailing address, as those fields are not required to be filled in.

This page allows users to correspond quickly with site owner via comments instead of sending emails back-and-forth between two parties.

Why is a contact form a better idea than simply posting your email address?

If you’re struggling to keep your inbox organized, using a contact form may be the answer. You can decide on an email subject line for each inquiry by using one and this will make it easy to find them in future messages while allowing you not worry about any spam that might come through. Another way of viewing responses is within your website; so if there’s ever a question or concern with anything else on your site, such as pricing or shipping information, it’ll never get lost among all those other emails!

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