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11 Awesome Attorney Website Designs

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Some of The Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites in 2019

This is a supplementary article to our study on 100 Google page one ranked personal injury attorney web designs. During the analysis of the 100 web designs, I took note of the designs that impressed me. It's not to say there weren't other nice websites; it's just that these 11 really stood out to me personally.

As that article is more of a deep study, I felt that detailing my opinions about the designs would be better off in its own blog rather than in the data-driven piece. So here we are!

I also want to note that technically I'm featuring "competition" as these are all design we did not do. I think we do fantastic work and we do study the hell out of law firm web design, but I also think others do amazing work too. There is no reason not to give credit when credit is due!

In the slider above I go into what I liked about each of what I thought were the 11 best attorney website designs in the study. Below I get a bit more granular and detail several elements that I liked and noticed under more of a microscope.

Hope you enjoy!

Lawyer Color Choice Inspiration

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The vast majority of the PI sites I looked at didn't stray far from Blue primary colors with either yellow, orange, or red highlights. I loved how the designer of took the traditional Blue / Yellow color scheme and introduced the brown leather color. it really gave the website an old money feel.

Another site that I liked the colors of was with their more ocean version of the Blue / Orange theme. It feels a little more laid back than others without being casual.

Color choices on a website design can set the tone and feel for the overall vibe. It's fun to see how a subtle shift in a hue can completely change your perception of feel in a website design.

Creative Use of Typography on Attorney Sites

The typography in a web design can really set the tone of the whole page. Think of the different feelings you may have about a web design after seeing a font like Comic sans vs. seeing Times New Roman, as an example.

In all of the websites that I reviewed, there were some several fantastic examples of designers giving typography some love. There are many tools designers can use to get creative with type including playing with color, letter spacing, line height, serifs vs. sans serifs choices and of course size.

I liked the designs that got bold about the type choices with large fonts front and center. Being creative with your headlines feels like an often overlooked aspect of design, and I think designers can learn to be less safe with their choices.

The body text choice, on the other hand, I think, is a type that you should be less creative with. There are few things more frustrating than having a hard time reading paragraph text because designers wanted to break a mold.

Awesome Law Firm Portrait Photography

In my experience, the one thing that can make or break a good attorney site and the one single defining asset that all of the best attorney website designs have is incredible photography. You can take an otherwise excellent design and place subpar photography and instantly ruin a website design.

On the other hand having an experienced photographer on board that understands all the ins and outs of GOOD portrait photography can single-handedly carry a web design.

If you look through the majority of my examples you can see that a common thread is great photography. Way too many times have we designed a site with placeholder images and then received photographs from a client to use that take the wind out of our sails. We instantly turn from excited about a project to let down as we know how much a web design is carried by the photography

If you are an attorney please give photography the same about of care that you do your SEO or web design. If you are a web designer, please push for photography as hard as you can. It will only make you look better!

Legal Contact Form Design

The free consultation form or contact form on an attorney website is essentially the most crucial element on the page. It’s the thing standing between a potential lead and the law firm. The form should be an eye draw, it should make a user feel comfortable to interact with it and of course, gather the minimum info a law firm needs to be able to help someone out.

Although some lawyers were asking for more info in their contact forms, the majority of the ones that I felt looked great just asked for the minimum of info: Name, email, phone, and comments.

Almost all of the contact forms that I liked had the form labels inside the form fields. This keeps the contact forms tidy and easier to keep looking nice.

Styling form fields, for me, has always been an aggravating task. Seeing these inquiry forms that look as good as any of the other design elements on the page makes me appreciate the skills of the designers and developers that much more.

Trust badges on Lawyer Sites

Trust badges are one design element I have a love/hate relationship with. Although I understand the need for them as a device to show competency they often degrade the quality of web design because of the ransom note effect it can have.

Far too many times I see an excellent law firm design, scroll to the bottom and get let down by the haphazard way that trust badges are nested into the website. Many times designers may be held back because of vendor requirements for using badges such as not being able to adjust colors. I do think it's essential to make every possible effort not to let the badges destroy an otherwise excellent design.

There were, however, quite a few sites that did a nice job displaying these badges without detracting front the main design. Making sure you give each badge a similar amount of design space, properly cutting them out and even turning all of them into grey scale are all ways to make sure they can nest nicely in an otherwise nice design.

Designing Legal Practice Area Call-Outs

Practice area CTA’s are an important part of an attorney design. They provide visual cues to guide people to specific detail pages where a visitor can get more info and also help solidify the topical relevance of the landing page to Google.

There were some really cool examples ranging in approach from simple iconography to more complicated interfaces allowing users ways to get various facts and info about the practice areas offered.

As so much of a law firm’s website visibility rely on being found in search engines, it was great to see designers figure out ways to provide search engines (and users) with plenty of written content on each subject yet keeping the design appealing and useful from a glance.

Designing Attorney Testimonials

Showing social proof on a law firm web design by way of client testimonials is pretty standard practice. Making them look good, be tasteful, and feel authentic can be tricky.

It’s usually a bit of a struggle to make multiple testimonials visually appealing on the landing page as they tend to be different lengths and very text heavy. For the sites that display many testimonials, you would usually see them in a slider or in columns side by side. The side by side testimonials, I suspect, get edited to have similar lengths.

There were a couple of law firm sites that chose to have just a single featured testimonial linger around the contact form (very smart). These would usually provide a link to view all testimonials. Having only a single testimonial to display allowed them to be more “designed” and as such, I liked them more.


This concludes my article on design inspiration for attorney websites. I hope you found some inspiration as I did. These designers are excellent and this exercise made me really want to step up our own game. Although I do think we do really nice attorney web design and you are free to check out what we can do by clicking here.

Any attorney sites you think are awesome that are not in this list? Share below in the comments :)


  1. Benson says:

    This is a really nice round up. Well-done!

  2. Jeff says:

    Good website building advice for sure.

  3. Edward says:

    Great advice here, not just for law website designers but for lead generation web designers in general!

    Also I can’t help but notice that the McClellan website looks like an advertisement for Law and Order or something… haha. Not that that’s a bad thing!

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