The Best Crypto Website Designs

The right custom web design is crucial in creating a good user experience across your cryptocurrency website. A website’s design affects overall usability, helps visitors form an excellent first impression, and keeps them returning.

We look at the best crypto website designs and share valuable information to help you begin your site.

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The 10 Best Crypto Website Designs

1) Coinbase

Coinbase Website


Highlights: Straightforward | White Space | CTA

Comments: Coinbase’s straightforward approach with large typography, bright blue accents, and white background gives the website a clean, professional look. Features such as crypto price charts entice visitors to explore different cryptocurrencies. A fixed menu at the top of the page makes navigation easy from anywhere.

The site’s responsiveness between mobile and desktop versions is consistent. Its minimalistic design helps pages load quickly.

This website is an excellent example due to its calls to action. Positioning each CTA with bright, complementary colors repeatedly throughout the page helps visitors convert immediately without scrolling. Additional enticements and imagery add to the persuasiveness.

2) Kraken

Kraken Website


Highlights: Colors | Custom Iconography | Modern

Comments: Kraken’s use of colors gives it a trustworthy yet friendly appearance. Different colored backgrounds break up each section, and custom iconography gives them a special touch. Kraken also keeps content short while sharing vital points.

Unique menus allow visitors to make purposeful navigation choices. Hovering over different buttons activates a quick color change and gives the small call-to-action buttons a much-needed emphasis.

Serif and sans serif typography, animated photography, and a relatively minimalistic layout give the website a modern feel. It’s responsive between mobile and desktop, focusing on imagery and information and pushing the menus to the side.

3) Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA Website



Highlights: Colors | White Space | Straightforward

Comments: Bitcoin IRA’s bright orange and white color scheme makes it one of the best crypto website designs. Endorsements from news publications and reviews instill transparency and professionalism.

This website uses white space to feature price updates, while the biggest CTAs take up the orange background sections, drawing traffic directly to them. The blank space also gives readers’ eyes a break from the vivid header.

The website is also very straightforward, listing its most compelling features upfront. Minimal animations allow you to focus on important content. Large headings, bullets, and realistic imagery give previews into the BitcoinIRA app and catch visitors’ interest.

4) Website


Highlights: Animations | Fonts | Modern

Comments: This website’s design exudes modernity and has a technological feel. Its animations are a unique and pleasing touch that highlights relevant topics. A video background catches visitors’ eyes immediately, and animations activate as you scroll the pages, introducing images, new text, and important statistics.

Bold, simple, serif fonts add to the high-end feeling while making it easy to learn more. The plain text complements the busy animations. Cryptocurrency charts and prices are other attractive features to keep readers scrolling.

Overall, this website’s modern vibe makes it professional yet unique. Visitors can discover Crypto’s app with smooth, quick-loading pages and imagery.

5) e-Toro

E-toro Website


Highlights: Fonts | Colors | Key Visual

Comments: Simple sans serif fonts make this website easy to read. Their distinct headings and well-organized menu make navigation effortless. The page’s content has clear sections, each featuring the most crucial information on eToro’s features.

Bright colors on a white background increase reading ease, and colored images and statistics increase brand professionalism while improving conversions.

Key visual elements make eToro a top example for crypto website design inspiration. Images of the eToro app and popular cryptocurrencies allow visitors to quickly get a first impression of the website. Other elements, including scrolling reviews and a FAQ section that answer the most asked questions.

6) Coinsmart

Coinsmart Website


Highlights: Custom Iconography | Animations | Fonts | Colors

Comments: The striking custom iconography against CoinSmart’s dark blue and white background makes it look professional. Visitors see the care they put into their website with content and imagery. Gentle animations introduce new headings while colorful orbs float around images to keep visitors reading.

Note the sans serif fonts and how different text colors and styles emphasize key points. Bright colors complement the different backgrounds, while alternating dark blue and white backgrounds make contrasting colored text easy to read. Various cryptocurrency logos and price graphs also add colors.

Colorful calls to action and asymmetrical lists also serve as unique inspiration.

7) Website


Highlights: Clean | White Space | Fonts

Comments: This website looks especially clean with its all-white design, while teal buttons and calls to action purposely stick out. These color choices communicate professionalism and honesty. Features including a top cryptocurrency chart add to this atmosphere.

Arranging the benefits and features of CEX.IO in a grid format makes them easy to compare. Significant white space improves readability and breaks up information nicely. Brief statistics stick out among the white space without disrupting the flow of the content.

CEX.IO features sans serif fonts to increase readability. The typology allows readers to intake information quickly without feeling overwhelmed.

8) Exodus

Exodus Website


Highlights: Colors | Modern | Custom Icons | Fonts

Comments: Dark blue tones with bright colors sprinkled throughout makes the Exodus site look modern and approachable. Its heavy imagery and minimal text make it especially easy to read. Contrasting text colors also add to readability.

Interact with the menu at the top of the page. The custom icons separate this website from those with traditional menus. Additional blue and purple gradients throughout the site are a dazzling accent color across other buttons.

Thin sans serif fonts make the site’s content easily readable. This text also helps maintain this simplistic, modern design while images and colors keep readers’ attention.

9) Zengo

ZenGo Website


Highlights: Fonts | White Space | Custom Icons

Comments: The ZenGo web design is ideal for simple yet unique inspiration. They implement thinner fonts and bold, chunky fonts for introducing the app’s features. You control crypto with phrases and save colors and fonts for mobile and desktop use.

A white space background displays images and text easily. It makes the website look professional, streamlined, and keeps the information simple.

Custom icons and images give the site individuality and display previews into the ZenGo app. They keep readers hooked without distracting them from the most important aspects of content. They also increase the site’s modern atmosphere.

10) Liquid

Liquid Website


Highlights: Clean | Fonts | Custom Icons

Comments: Liquid combines modern elements with clean, minimalistic web design. Brief sections share necessary information without getting too in-depth. Few animations other than button emphasis also contribute to the minimalistic, clean design.

Sans serif fonts make content easy to read. Minimal animations keep the design elements from distracting. Calls to action throughout the page increase conversion rates due to minimal scrolling.

Custom icons give the brand a unique quality and show the extent of their attention to detail. These eye-catching icons encourage readers to learn about Liquid’s features. Realistic app images increase potential insight.

What Makes a Good Cryptocurrency Web Design?

A good cryptocurrency web design will make a brand seem professional and instill trust in new visitors. It should also have helpful features that improve the user experience. The color choice, typography, calls to action, website features, and contact information all affect the design quality of your website.

WordPress themes are popular for today’s cryptocurrency website templates as they feature necessary tools for crypto investors and attract visitors with a visually-appealing web design.

infinity div

Color Choice

Kraken Color Choice Coinsmart Color Choice Etoro Color Choice

The color choice sets the tone for a cryptocurrency website, conveys the brand’s message, and helps establish brand identity. A website designed with dark colors looks sleek and modern, while white backgrounds are a clean, professional choice.

Your color choice also affects how visitors connect with your site.

Pops of colors are an eye-catching addition. Blue and green are excellent colors for cryptocurrency exchange sites but balancing cool and warm colors helps you find the primary color and ideal accents. Warm colors represent strength and passion, while cool colors represent trust and loyalty.

Taking inspiration from popular cryptocurrency websites will get you on the right path. The most common color choices include blue, white, black, and green. Others implement vivid colors to grab readers’ attention.

It’s essential to consider colors for all aspects of your crypto site. The color of your images or custom icons also affects the color scheme. Using complementary or contrasting colors between backgrounds and text ensures readability.

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Coinbase Typography Typography ZenGo Typography

Text size, style, spacing, and font are other crucial elements that affect website readability. They also contribute to a brand’s tone and professionalism.

Implementing white space allows you to organize text logically. 11-point font sizes have the most success on cryptocurrency websites. Text that is too big decreases conversions and time spent on a site, while too-small text introduces readability challenges.

Sans serif and serif fonts are the main types. Sans serif is a more basic style ideal for easy readability, while serif fonts have a more elegant and classy feel. Modern cryptocurrency websites should use sans serif fonts and add serif fonts for emphasis or elaboration.

You should implement headings and organize text appropriately. Readers need small paragraphs and bullet points. Walls of text discourage readers quickly and reduce conversion rates.

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Clear Calls to Action

Liquid CTA Exodus CTA Bitcoin IRA CTA

A vital element of your crypto website is the call to action. Calls to action encourage cryptocurrency website visitors to take the next step. Whether that’s creating an account, downloading an app, or learning more, your website should include frequent and clear calls to action.

You lose conversions without a call to action when visitors don’t know what to do next. Ensuring calls to action are clear and concise helps improve effectiveness. Implement CTA buttons throughout your site to give visitors direction.

The more calls to action there are, the better your chance is of getting a conversion. Most common calls to action spur readers to learn more about the brand, contact them for information or sign up for a crypto app.

Websites get fewer conversions if action buttons are only in one location. Strategically placing calls to action after each section of information gives traffic a way to convert immediately.

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Website Features

Exodus Website Feature Coinsmart Website Feature ZenGo Website Feature

Website features are ideal for displaying essential statistics, announcing crypto exchange prices, and providing visitors with helpful tools. Between brand accomplishments and crypto price calculators, your website should contain information and features that give value to readers.

Live updating cryptocurrency market statistics enables easy monitoring. You can implement a fixed scrolling marquee across the top of each page to display crypto prices or add a full chart to your site.

Animated statistics are an eye-catching way to display compelling information. Showing your crypto app’s user count, supported cryptocurrencies, and other top features can persuade readers.

Additionally, reviews from investors and endorsements from top publications and well-known companies are other features that add professionalism and instill confidence in your visitors. Awards and accolades increase credibility in the finance industry.

By reading about firsthand experiences, your visitors can quickly decide how to spend time on your site.

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Contact Information

Exodus Contact Bitcoin IRA Contact Coinbase Contact

While a cryptocurrency website’s special features and colors are essential, contact information is another necessary section your crypto site should have. Your website visitors need a way to voice opinions and ask questions about your brand. Without a contact page, conversions drastically decrease.

You can display contact information in many ways. A contact page is a classic option while implementing contact forms on every page gives visitors a quick way to reach out and keeps conversions high. Be sure contact forms include spaces for an email address, phone number, name, and message.

Most crypto websites feature a contact information box for visitors to fill out in exchange for a resource, such as landing page templates or a daily newsletter. This marketing and design tactic allows you to obtain visitors’ contact information to contact them again with promotional material.

Whether your website is for cryptocurrency news or investment analysis services, your site needs a place to display essential contact information. Displaying official contact information on the footer of the website is useful.

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Web 3.0 – The Future Of Web

The future of the web, or Web 3.0, is the upcoming era of the internet. Intelligent features will soon understand information in humanlike ways. This evolution introduces highly personalized media, advertisements, content, and different applications to facilitate this technology.

This upcoming internet generation will implement artificial intelligence to improve automatic processes, create content, and distribute it to consumers.

Additionally, Web 3.0 will detect emotions in text and better analyze content. This will result in faster loading times and an overall improved user experience.

While our current internet infrastructure, Web 2.0, features artificial intelligence processes, much of the web’s activity is human, creating opportunities for inaccuracies among collected data. The future generation will resolve these inconveniences with AI programs.

Web 3.0 is also known as the Spatial Web. The Spatial Web will implement 3D graphics and create futuristic ways to take advantage of cryptocurrency by combining physical and virtual realities.

Applications such as Siri and Wolfram Alpha are popular artificial intelligence engines that will continue to facilitate transformations across Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 and Cryptocurrency

Web 3.0 will operate on decentralized procedures just like cryptocurrency does. This convergence of the blockchain and the future internet will increase cryptocurrency activity worldwide. Technologies will adapt to decentralized, integrated relationships.

Web 3.0’s decentralized networks will allow everyone to use the blockchain to operate businesses, transfer money, share data, use intelligent applications, and re-establish company processes. It will also encourage the invention of new smart technology. Current protocols based on open and transparent processes make up today’s cryptocurrency world.

NFTs and other digital assets will be popular across Web 3.0. All decentralized, blockchain-related processes will fit into the infrastructure. Internet user experiences will improve drastically.

This growth will also pave the way for non-smart devices, appliances, and other equipment to join the blockchain and adapt to this new era of technology. Web 3.0 will become a part of our daily lives.


What is the best color combination for a crypto website?

The best color combination for a crypto website balances cool and warm colors to represent strength, passion, trust, and loyalty. Popular choices include blue, white, black, and green, with vivid colors for attention-grabbing. Blue and green are excellent for cryptocurrency exchange sites, symbolizing reliability and growth.

How do I create a crypto website?

To create a crypto website, start with a clear plan that outlines your site’s goals, features, and target audience. Choose a reliable web hosting service and a content management system like WordPress for ease of use. Utilize a crypto web design template or hire a professional web designer for a custom design. Incorporate essential elements such as user-friendly navigation, engaging content, clear calls to action, and security features to protect user data. Finally, optimize your site for SEO to improve visibility.

What makes a good cryptocurrency web design?

A good cryptocurrency web design is professional, instills trust, and provides an excellent user experience. It should feature a thoughtful color scheme, easy-to-read typography, clear calls to action, interactive features like live updating crypto prices, and accessible contact information. The design should also be responsive, ensuring it looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

Can you recommend a free crypto web design template?

Yes, Connective Web Design offers a FREE crypto web design template for new projects. This template incorporates best practices in web design, including contrasting colors, organized information, and ample calls to action, making it an excellent starting point for your crypto website.

What are the key elements of the best crypto website designs?

The best crypto website designs feature straightforward navigation, effective use of white space, engaging color schemes, custom iconography, modern fonts, clear calls to action, and responsive layouts. They prioritize speed, ease of use, and compelling content to keep visitors engaged.

How important is typography in crypto website design?

Typography is crucial in crypto website design as it affects readability and the overall impression of professionalism. Websites should use sans serif fonts for clear readability, with serif fonts for emphasis. Organizing text with headings, small paragraphs, and bullet points enhances user engagement.

What role do calls to action play on a crypto website?

Calls to action (CTAs) are vital for guiding visitors to take the next step, whether it’s signing up for an account, downloading an app, or learning more about services. Effective CTAs improve conversion rates by providing clear, concise instructions on what visitors should do next.

How can I feature cryptocurrency prices and statistics on my website?

To feature cryptocurrency prices and statistics, incorporate live updating features such as a scrolling marquee or detailed charts on your site. This can be achieved through APIs that pull real-time data from cryptocurrency exchanges, adding value and interactivity to your website.

What is Web 3.0, and how does it relate to cryptocurrency websites?

Web 3.0, the future generation of the internet, emphasizes decentralized processes and artificial intelligence, closely aligning with the principles of cryptocurrency. For crypto websites, this means leveraging blockchain technology, offering more personalized and secure user experiences, and potentially integrating NFTs and digital assets.

How can I ensure my crypto website is ready for the future of the web (Web 3.0)?

To prepare your crypto website for Web 3.0, focus on integrating blockchain technology, optimizing for AI-driven content and analysis, and ensuring your site is adaptable to new digital assets like NFTs. Consider user privacy and security as paramount, and stay informed about evolving web standards and technologies.

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