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Today, reaching your audience can feel impossible among the sea of competitors. Email marketing is the solution to this. A personalized email marketing tool can help you communicate with your audience on a channel they use daily. Let us at Connective help you forge new, meaningful connections.

At Connective, we know how hard it can be to craft personal messages at scale, so we handle the hard work for you. With our email marketing services, you can connect with customers and keep them coming back. Whether you want to promote your best-selling products or retarget customers with recently viewed product emails, we can do it all!


What Makes Our Email Marketing Services Different?

  • Effective, Innovative Emails

    Effective, Innovative Emails

    We create interactive, eye-catching designs that hook your audience with personalized copy and fun visuals.

  • Research-Based


    Not all industries use email marketing the same way. We analyze your audience, then create the perfect email digital marketing campaign that speaks to their needs.

  • Personalized Messaging

    Personalized Messaging

    No one actually reads mass emails. Through intelligent audience segmentation, our email marketing company creates personalized welcome emails that foster connections with every customer.

  • eCommerce-Focused Email Marketing

    eCommerce-Focused Email Marketing

    Combining eCommerce-focused remarketing efforts with an email campaign helps you reach customers who are just a push away from purchasing. For example, we can create abandoned cart campaigns or bestseller promotions.

  • Automated Email Marketing

    Automated Email Marketing

    Scalable and hands-off automated email campaigns keep on giving by pulling customers back in. Automated newsletters, abandoned cart promotions, and re-engagement campaigns reel in customers while you focus on important business matters.

  • High ROI

    High ROI

    Our email marketing services provide excellent returns for the amount you spend. A campaign today is an investment in life-long customers that help your company expand.

Our 7-phase Email Marketing Process

  • Phase 1:


    Together, we set up campaign management tools, discuss goals, and finalize your project’s details.
  • Phase 2:

    Research and Planning

    Our team researches your audience’s needs, locates email address groups, and plans campaign strategies.
  • Phase 3:

    Tracking and Monitoring

    We begin sending emails, tracking conversion rates, and monitoring success.
  • Phase 4:

    Reporting and Analysis

    We implement A/B testing, subject lines, messaging strategies, etc., and then analyze the data based on audience groups.
  • Phase 5:

    Monthly Campaign Creation

    Moving forward, we continue creating monthly email campaigns designed around seasonal changes, product releases, newsletter updates, etc.
  • Phase 6:

    Monthly Campaign Execution

    We send out monthly emails, track, monitor, and analyze their performances.
  • Phase 7:

    Improve and Iterate

    Our email marketing company continuously improves strategies based on our analysis to shape future campaigns.
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Top Email Marketing Questions

What is unique about Connective's email marketing services?
Connective’s email marketing services stand out due to our innovative, research-based approach. We focus on creating personalized, interactive emails tailored to your industry and audience. Our strategies are designed to forge meaningful customer connections using intelligent segmentation and eCommerce-focused campaigns.
We use intelligent audience segmentation to create personalized emails. This approach ensures that each message resonates with the recipient, whether it’s a welcome email, a product promotion, or an abandoned cart reminder. We aim to make every email feel like it’s speaking directly to the customer.
Yes, we specialize in scalable, automated email marketing campaigns. These include automated newsletters, abandoned cart promotions, and re-engagement campaigns, allowing you to maintain customer engagement effortlessly while focusing on other business areas.
Our email marketing services are designed to deliver high returns on investment. By crafting targeted, engaging campaigns, we aim to convert emails into a valuable channel for acquiring life-long customers and driving business growth.
Our 7-phase process includes onboarding, research and planning, tracking and monitoring, reporting and analysis, monthly campaign creation and execution, and continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach ensures that every campaign is data-driven and optimized for success.
How does Connective ensure the success of email marketing campaigns?
We track and monitor key metrics like conversion rates, implement A/B testing for elements like subject lines and messaging, and analyze performance data. This allows us to continuously refine our strategies and ensure the effectiveness of each campaign.
Absolutely. Our team conducts thorough research to understand your industry’s audience’s specific needs and preferences. We then tailor our email marketing strategies to align with these insights, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
Our monthly campaign creation phase is designed to adapt to seasonal changes, product releases, and other timely events. We ensure that your email marketing remains dynamic and relevant throughout the year.
Email marketing is a powerful tool for engaging new and existing customers. With targeted messaging and personalized content, we can help you reach out to potential customers and nurture them into loyal clients.
Pricing for our email marketing services is based on the frequency of campaigns and the level of design and customization required. We offer tailored plans to accommodate different needs and budgets, ensuring each client receives a personalized approach that maximizes value for their email marketing goals. For a detailed quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with your requirements.
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