Law Firm Web Design Study

100 Top-Ranked Personal Injury Web Designs Analyzed


by Rodney Warner

This is an in-depth study of the top 100 personal injury law firm web designs in the United States.

Ever wonder what makes the top law firm web designs tick? How do these page one attorneys across the US spend their money on landing pages and web design? What are these lawyers, with the big budgets, doing differently than you? What are you doing the same?

In this article, I’m going to give you the data that could help answer these questions and more. Read on!

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Early 2019, I started the spreadsheet that would eventually turn into this article. I Googled “Personal injury attorney Los Angeles” knowing that the law firms residing on page one for this particular keyword would have had to have put serious effort into their marketing and landing pages in order to be there.

That particular keyword ranges in cost from $75 to $225 per click for those running Adwords to get that placement depending on the city you search within.

Every. Single. Click.

The cost is telling about just how valuable it is to be on page one for that term for a personal injury attorney. To rank on page one, the law firm would have had to have fought through one of the most competitive verticals in organic search. It is also likely that the law firm’s marketing team has put significant effort into their landing page design or else they risk squandering the precious visit.

To get to the bottom of it all I started taking notes about the web designs. I analyzed their SEO and brainstormed about other questions that I could answer based on studying these sites.

Ultimately, I just thought it was interesting to uncover similarities and note differences in all of these law firm sites. My goal was to see what makes the top-ranked personal injury attorney web designs in the United States tick.


I am not suggesting that frankensteining together a website with this information should be done. Doing this would likely result in a super dull web design that lacks individuality or personality for the law firm. Just because X% of these sites have a logo on the left does not mean yours should have one too. In fact, it may be more useful to do the opposite. There is so much more that goes into a successful law firm website design than what this document covers. These questions asked were just easily identifiable attributes that I could measure and compare. I do think the data is useful though and you can do with it what you will!

The (Abridged) Steps Taken to Analyze 100 of the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites

  1. Noted the top 18 most populated cities in the US.
  2. Performed a localized search for “personal injury attorney CITYNAME” for each using Google’s Ad Preview Tool which allowed me to “localize” my search as if I am searching from within the corresponding city. Don’t worry; I clicked no ads in this test!
  3. Removed directory sites (Yelp, Avvo, Super Lawyers, etc.) and paid advertisements to only be left with actual law firm websites that hold organic page one visibility.
  4. Answered 50 questions about every single one of the law firm websites. If you count 48 below it’s because I removed two questions for being too subjective.
  5. Compiled the data. Here is an eagle-eye view of the resulting spreadsheet:
Best Personal Injury Lawyer Websites Analysis Spreadsheet

6. Worked with a graphic designer to make visuals.

7. Wrote this post 🙂

** There were several browser extensions, websites, and tools used in this study to help answer these questions about law firm web design. I have listed them all out in a separate article.

It’s been great studying some of the best personal injury lawyer websites around. So let’s get to the results!

Rodney Warner

Rodney Warner

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