With more people getting hip to the many benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), more entrepreneurs are cashing in with a variety of CBD products. In the U.S. alone, the CBD industry will be pushing even closer to the 20 billion mark by 2026.

But the CBD market is extremely competitive with big brands and little brands all fighting for a piece of the market. If you are one of these companies, the surest way to get ahead is to grab the attention of your target market through CBD marketing.

CBD consumers come from all ages and walks of life. Even pets are benefiting from CBD products. With effective CBD advertising, your chances of getting a delicious piece of the market pie go up.

Before we go into how CBD marketing can benefit your business, and how to make it benefit your business, let’s take a quick look at what CBD is.

CBD Defined

CBD is a substance extracted from hemp or marijuana plants. Most U.S. producers obtain their CBD content from industrial hemp. Hemp, unlike marijuana, doesn’t have a psychoactive effect, meaning such products cannot induce feelings of being high.

Also, the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Hemp Bill, takes hemp off the Controlled Substances Act, making it legal for cultivation in the United States.

Studies indicate that CBD contains various chemical compounds with medical and health benefits. For this reason, manufacturers use the substance in products either as a food-grade ingredient or a therapeutic-grade ingredient.

According to MarketWatch, 59.90 percent of the CBD products on the market claim to use therapeutic grade CBD.


Surf the internet and you’re bound to at some point run into some form of CBD advertising. These compelling ads are rampant on not just social media platforms like Facebook, but also on search engines like Google with CBD SEO (search engine optimization).

The purpose of a CBD SEO campaign is to drive traffic from search engines to online stores where a visitor can be convinced to purchase a CBD product.

Your CBD business can benefit from such a campaign, be it on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or other online platforms where you can market CBD. If you utilize these marketing strategies, below are some of the benefits you stand to gain:


Be Unique!

With thousands of CBD products storming the market, differentiating your CBD brand from others is the key to getting the attention of customers.

The more you stand out from the hundreds of CBD brands entering the market every day, the easier it’ll be to grab the attention of your target audience. Once you have their attention, all that’s left is to convince them to buy.

With online CBD marketing, you can differentiate your brand with compelling content, video or otherwise, that educates your audience about the benefits of CBD and your product.


Extend Your Market Reach

Facebook has more than 2 billion users, and millions of people use Google every minute. With CBD marketing on these platforms, you can bring your brand to the attention of these people. You can even target the specific demographics that you’d like to sell your product to.


Connect With Customers

Customers want to know and feel that they matter. With the right online marketing strategy and CBD branding, you can engage customers and keep them coming back. Attract and engage your customers via social media with regular promotional offers. Share new insights to keep them excited about your products.

Frequent newsletters, publishing real customer testimonials, high-quality customer support, and surveys that let customers suggest solutions to problems are also helpful.

The more in touch you are with your customer base, the more powerful your CBD branding and marketing will be.

CBD Advertising:
What you can and cannot do

While CBD is awesome, you can’t go around bragging that your product provides solutions that aren’t real. You might get into trouble with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or end up with an expensive lawsuit on your hands.

Keep your CBD marketing effective and profitable by avoiding mentioning the following:

1. You have to prove what you say

Every statement you make regarding your product has to be backed by reputable sources. It doesn’t matter if you make the statement in testimonials, consumer reviews, social media posts, marketing copy, or in a forum chat. As long as the statement promotes your CBD product and is likely to convince readers to buy that product, it must not contain unfounded or exaggerated claims.

In CBD advertising, only use claims verified by doctors and studies, and be sure to cite them.

2. No medical claims

Various articles on the Internet celebrate CBD as a treatment for cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia, and a variety of other ailments. While such health and medical claims are a great way to sell the product, hold off on joining in.

The FDA frowns on making such claims and takes such CBD advertising offline. The FDA considers such advertising to be “deceptive marketing of unproven treatments.”

3. The FDA and your CBD

The FDA states that all CBD products must comply with relevant laws. The most important laws in this scenario are the provisions of the FD&C Act (Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act).

According to the FDA, adding CBD to human or pet food and dietary supplements is unlawful. For now, in the United States, CBD cannot be sold as a dietary supplement or legally used as an FDA-approved ingredient.

In light of the above, you have to pick your words carefully when carrying out CBD marketing.

Where you can't advertise CBD Oil

Because of FDA restrictions, there’s a limit to how you can advertise your CBD products. For now, you can only perform CBD advertising and marketing through content creation and referral marketing.

Knowing the following CBD advertising restrictions in 2019 will help you navigate the minefield of CBD advertising rules. Following the rules will reduce your chances of executing a CBD marketing campaign that may backfire on your brand.

Google Ads (AdWords)

Can you advertise CBD on Google? Google doesn’t allow CBD ads. If you set up a Google AdWords advert for CBD products, not only will the ad be taken down, you’ll also likely face a penalty by Google. The penalty might include stopping you from running future Google Ads.

Until this changes, Google Ads does not accept ads for CBD products.


Does Facebook allow CBD ads? Facebook doesn’t allow adverts for CBD derived from cannabis. On the upside, as of June 26, 2019, Facebook allows adverts for hemp-derived CBD products.

The implication of this is you can set up Facebook ads that promote topical hemp products. Considering that more than 2 billion people use Facebook, this is a big deal and can help change the fortunes of your brand.


Can you run paid ads on Twitter for CBD oil? Like Google, it doesn’t matter if your CBD product is hemp or cannabis-derived, you can’t run an ad promoting it on Twitter. But this only applies to paid adverts. You can still advertise your CBD product on Twitter through content creation – posting exciting and useful information about your CBD products. Add to the post a link to your website so that interested parties can follow it to purchase the product.

The more frequently you release such posts on Twitter, and the more relevant and engaging they are, the more your brand awareness will improve. But be sure to avoid CBD health or disease claims. If not, the FDA might come for you, and you might lose your Twitter account.


Can you do paid advertising on Instagram? Instagram’s rules regarding CBD advertising are similar to Twitter’s. But Instagram isn’t as strict as Twitter when it comes to penalizing users for advertising CBD oil and related products, or making CBD health or disease claims.

Nonetheless, Instagram may permanently close your account if you attempt directly selling CBD products on it. Play it safe by only publishing educational posts and adding links to product pages on your site.


Winning CBD Marketing Strategies

The following strategies are proven advertising tools for marketing hemp-derived CBD products:

Search Engine Optimization

CBD SEO is still one of the most potent ways of performing online CBD marketing. It organically sends search engine users from search engine results to your website pages. With the content on your page, you can convert such visitors into buyers.

But CBD SEO isn’t easy. It requires patience and knowledge of how SEO works. It also requires putting out top-quality content that contains the right keywords that people interested in CBD products are searching.

With the right high-volume keywords and phrases evenly distributed within your blog posts, articles, and other Web content, the higher the chances of your pages popping up in CBD-related search results.

But since it’s a relatively inexpensive CBD marketing strategy, engaging the services of an SEO expert for your CBD website and content can be a worthwhile investment with a solid return on investment.

Another upside of CBD SEO is there are fewer CBD marketing rules to worry about. As long as your content doesn’t make false claims and you don’t use blackhat SEO techniques, you’ll be fine. Also, the more informative and original your SEO content is, the more of a trusted thought leader in the CBD industry your website and brand become.

CBD Oil trade shows

Marketing via word of mouth still delivers excellent results. Attending CBD industry trade shows allows you to discuss your product face-to-face with the market people who matter.

The World CBD Expo and the CBD Expo Tour are also great trade show options that provide a platform to showcase your brand and get people interested in buying or investing.

Affiliate Marketers and CBD

Affiliate marketers do the work for you by informing the world about your product while you sit back and monitor the results. At the moment, affiliate marketing accounts for about 15 percent of all digital media revenue with affiliate marketing links getting more than 5 billion clicks.

With reputable affiliate networks like CannAffiliate, ShareASale, and Clickbank, you can generate lots of business for your CBD brand.

Social Influencers

Social media influencers are making big bucks, but their services are worth it. For example, hiring the services of an influencer with more than 100,000 followers on Facebook puts you in direct contact with those followers. And if that influencer is good at the job, they can convince a large number of those followers to try your product.

Email marketing for CBD Customers

Email is one of the oldest forms of online marketing. But it still delivers good results and a healthy return on investment. Effective email marketing strategies include sending coupons and deals to your customers or newsletter subscribers.

Sending coupons and deals is a multifaceted tool that tempts recipients to shop, rewards and retains loyal customers, and keeps subscribers informed about your brand’s latest offerings.

Note that the more CBD marketing strategies you use, the more results you get. So, instead of relying on one marketing tactic, endeavor to use as many as you can. Over time, you can begin limiting yourself to the ones that deliver the most valuable results.

Actionable CBD Marketing Tips

Now that you know what your options are for CBD marketing, you need to start making money moves by gaining more customers. Here’s how you start!

On-Site SEO

You can start with some old school SEO and add keywords to your content, page titles, picture descriptions, meta tags, video descriptions, and more. Keywords are what people type into search engines when they are looking for stuff. With the right keywords, people looking for CBD-related products and articles on Google will see your website’s articles and visit you.

Use keyword research to optimize your content and get Google to rank your pages on the first page of search engine results.

The proper use of long and short tail keywords in your content is a form of SEO for your website. Other effective SEO tactics are using descriptive URLs, search-engine-optimized page titles, content optimization, adding meta tags, and more.

The more content your website and social media pages have, the better. You can create the content yourself or outsource it to a specialist. The important thing is that your content is well-written, original, informative, authoritative, and engaging.

Off-Site SEO

Link building through guest posting on authority sites helps build strong backlinks for your website. It’s great for SEO and increases the search ranking of your pages. The more visible your pages are in search engine results, the more visitors you can get, and the more people you can convert into customers.

Aside from creating backlinks, you can also link-build by adding outbound links from your posts to authority sites. For the best results, your outbound links should go to authority sites in the CBD, cannabis, or hemp industry.

CBD marketing isn’t just about execution. You also have to monitor your executed campaigns. It is how you know if the campaign succeeds or if it needs tweaking. Avoid wasting time, money, and effort on a marketing campaign that’s not yielding the desired results.

To sum it up!

The CBD industry is still evolving. What it is today might not be the same tomorrow. The fluid market presents those like you, the CBD entrepreneurs, with not just unique challenges but also unique opportunities.

To take advantage of these opportunities, and avoid being overwhelmed by the challenges, you need to be aware of changes before they occur. Stay up to date on federal, state, and local laws affecting CBD sale, production, and marketing.

Cannabis-related news is a good source of information, especially from sources like Canna Law Blog, High Times, and Marijuana Business Daily. Keep an eye out, especially for changes in the laws regarding CBD marketing on social media and search engines.

Last but not least, in your CBD marketing efforts, keep things legit by making sure all your claims are true and corroborated by credible sources.

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

The CBD industry is quickly becoming a booming market for marketers, with influencer marketing and native advertising acting as two of the most effective methods to promote your brand. Influencers can help you reach an audience that might not otherwise be interested in your product by tapping into their social communities while also providing valuable feedback on new products or campaigns from consumers who are actually using them! Alternatively, some brands have been opting for more traditional forms of promotion such as out-of-home advertisements which still maintain high levels of visibility especially when strategically placed near major transit hubs where people will see it multiple times every day.

There are a handful of ways to market CBD online, but one is by focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). By paying close attention to this type of organic marketing strategy that uses web content and backlinks as the backbone for bringing traffic through your website.

Cannabis-related news is a good source of information, especially from sources like Canna Law Blog, High Times, and Marijuana Business Daily. Keep an eye out, especially for changes in the laws regarding CBD marketing on social media and search engines.