Having a fast WordPress website boosts conversion rates and increases your ranking in search engine results. If you are struggling with improving your site’s speed, several free and paid plugins are available that can help. WP Rocket is a paid caching plugin that claims to shave seconds of the loading times of WordPress sites.

In this WP Rocket review, we will look into what this plugin is, how it works, its features, and if it is as effective as it claims. By the end, you will have no trouble deciding if paying for WP Rocket is worth it for boosting your website’s performance.

What is WP rocket?

WP Rocket is a user-friendly WordPress caching plugin that launched in 2013. Over 1.3 million websites currently use it to speed up their performance, and the feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive.

Many users prefer WP Rocket because they do not need special WordPress knowledge to use the tool. Installing it is easy, and it doesn’t take long to see impressive site optimization results.

The WP Rocket plugin speeds up sites by performing WordPress caching. Caching enhances site loading speeds by storing static cached files of often visited website pages. Instead of waiting to receive data from the server every time you visit a page, the system will load data from the cache instead, shortening the page loading speed.

Also, since pages are loading from the cache rather than from the server, WP Rocket caching prevents the unnecessary server traffic that slows down system performance. The caching plugin is an excellent solution for speeding up a WordPress site hosted on a cheap shared hosting plan that offers minimal bandwidth.

The plugin automatically performs caching once you set it up. For instance, when you publish new content or update old content on your site, WP Rocket will automatically refresh its cached files and store static versions of the new pages. You can tweak many of the plugin’s caching functions and other features to suit your unique needs.

Is WP rocket expensive?

wp rocket pricing
Several free WordPress caching plugins are available, but they do not offer as many features as WP Rocket. If you want the best performance for your site, consider investing in one of WP Rocket’s plans. You have three plans to choose from, and they all come with excellent features. Your options include:

  • The Single Plan: It costs $49 and comes with a year of support and updates, but you can use it for only one website.
  • The Plus Plan: If you have up to three websites and want to speed up all of them, this plan might be for you. It costs $99, and like the Single Plan, it comes with a year of support and updates.
  • The Infinite Plan: This is your best option to optimize several websites. For $249, the plan will cover as many websites as you want, and you will receive support and updates for a year.

Each plan expires after a year and automatically renews. Your first renewal comes with a 30% discount. If you do not want to renew your subscription, all you have to do is go to your account on the WP Rocket website and disable auto-renewal.

Unlike other paid WordPress caching plugins, WP Rocket offers no free trials, but you do get a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee, meaning you have two weeks to experiment with the plugin. If you are unhappy with it, make sure to request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the product.

Setting up WP rocket

Our WP Rocket review cannot overemphasize how easy it is to set up this plugin. You can complete the entire process within three minutes or less by following these steps:

  • Visit www.wp-rocket.me to purchase the plugin.
  • Under My Account and Licenses, click Download WP Rocket.
  • Log in to your WordPress website and navigate to Plugins.
  • Click Add New and upload the WP Rocket plugin.
  • After uploading the plugin, activate it and go to Settings under WP Rocket.
  • Under Settings, you will see options for optimizing your site’s speed, such as caching configuration, image optimization, media loading, database optimization, CDN, and more.

Only a few other caching plugins are as easy to install and configure.

WP rocket customer support

astronaut waving symbolizing wp rocketeers are here to help
If you have any trouble using the plugin, WP Rocket’s customer support team, Rocketeers, is available. Contact the support team by opening a ticket, and you will receive a polite and informative response as soon as possible.

For a quick response, submit your ticket between Monday and Saturday during regular working hours. If you send one after working hours or on a Sunday, it might be several hours before you get a response. Fortunately, WP Rocket has extensive resources containing additional information in several languages. The documentation has answers to typical issues customers face while setting up or using the plugin.

Is WP rocket better than free plugins?

Our WP Rocket review won’t be complete without explaining how the plugin surpasses its free alternatives. Several free WordPress cache plugins exist, such as Hyper Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and so on. Most of them are good but come with limited features.

While W3 Total cache is free, it has a paid version that offers more features, but these features do not compare to what WP Rocket provides. WP Rocket justifies its premium price by providing a host of user- and developer-friendly features, including easy configuration options to customize the plugin to suit your unique needs.

WP Rocket is also compatible with various e-commerce and translation plugins, such as WooCommerce, qTranslate, Polylang, and WPML. These features make it ideal for running a business site or other online platforms with a global audience.

WP Rocket further distinguishes itself from free products, like W3Total Cache and WP Super Cache, by offering speed optimization capabilities that are far superior. For example, in several tests, WP Rocket made sites load faster than WP Super Cache and Auto-Optimize and required less effort to achieve results.

If you are still unsure about paying for WP Rocket, here is a list of features the product offers that you won’t find on most free caching plugins:

  • DNS Prefetching
  • Cache and Sitemap Preloading
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Google Fonts Optimization
  • Lazyload
  • Minification
  • Defer JS Loading
  • Cloudflare Compatibility

The best WP rocket features

icons representing wp rocket features

To better understand of how investing in WP Rocket will improve your website’s speed and overall performance, check out our breakdown of the plugin’s most distinctive features.

WP Rocket Dashboard

WP Rocket comes with a user-friendly dashboard for navigating and interacting with the plugin’s many features. Most users rarely use the dashboard since the plugin in default mode is more than sufficient. If you are looking for a customized experience, WP Rocket has several videos on how to use the dashboard to your advantage.

The videos are accessible via your WordPress dashboard or the WP Rocket website. Settings within the dashboard also feature links that lead to resources about how to perform configurations. Some of the features you can tweak within the dashboard are mobile caching, minification, and more.

CDN Compatibility

WP Rocket is compatible with most CDN (Content Delivery Network) services, which is essential for reducing HTTP request latency and speeding up page loading.

A CDN speeds up website loading by distributing your website files around the world. When people from different geographical locations try to access your site, they will receive data from the CDN provider closest to them. The closer the CDN provider, the less time it will take to send and receive data. Whether your CDN provider comes with your hosting plan or from a third-party, chances are WP Rocket will work with it.

Media Optimization

Large images, videos, and other media files slow down a page’s loading speed. WP Rocket speeds things up by using Imagify to reduce your media file sizes without compromising their quality.

LazyLoading is another feature that WP Rocket offers to ensure that your media files don’t interfere with page loading. If a page loads all its media files at the same time, it affects its speed. LazyLoading makes pages load faster by preventing images and videos from loading until you scroll to where they are on a page.

To enable LazyLoading with WP Rocket, click on Media, then LazyLoad. Under LazyLoad, tick the boxes for images, iframes, and videos. If you like, disable emojis and WordPress embeds for faster loading.

Advanced Caching Features

Page caching stores a page’s HTML file when a person first visits your site. The next time they try to open that page, their browser will retrieve the file from the cache instead of the server. Eliminating multiple sending and processing of server file requests shortens the website’s loading time.

WP Rocket has several advanced caching options, which are all accessible via the WP Rocket Cache Dashboard. For example, you have the Preloading feature, which selects the fastest cached version of your site and sends it to a user.

It works automatically and generates a cached version of all your content the moment you activate WP Rocket. You have options to tweak preloading by setting active preloading and sitemap-based cache preloading. Sitemap preloading automatically detects sitemaps from popular caching plugins and preloads it for you.

WP Rocket automatically updates your cached pages by setting expiration periods for files and replacing them with the latest versions of updated pages. The function also modifies your .htaccess files.

GZip Compression

GZip compression does not appear on the plugin’s settings but works in the background to reduce the size of your website’s pages, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It accomplishes this by removing unnecessary features from the original source code. Compressing these items makes your website leaner and faster. WP Rocket fully automates GZip compression, ensuring you enjoy the full benefits without lifting a finger.

Database Optimization

Your WordPress database grows as you upload content and perform more activities on your site. As your storage space decreases, so will your website’s speed. WP Rocket combats this issue with its database optimization features, which includes deleting your drafts, old post revisions, theme settings, trash, comments, spam, and more.

WP Rocket cleans up and optimizes WordPress databases on command, or you can schedule it to do the cleanup daily, weekly, or monthly. Options are available for selecting the aspects of your database you’d like the plugin to optimize. While WP Rocket offers database optimization at no extra cost, most caching plugins require installing a separate plugin for this feature.

Google Fonts Optimization

Google fonts are a fun way to spice up texts on your website, but these fonts slow down page loading. Using various fonts affects speed because your browser must first download relevant font files before loading a website’s page. WP Rocket lets you enjoy the full benefits of Google fonts with minimal disruption to your site’s performance.

It accomplishes this by automatically combining Google font files, which minimizes HTTP requests and skips unnecessary steps that delay a page’s loading. WP Rocket activates Google font optimization the moment you install the plugin.

Google Analytics Optimization

google analytics logo

Google Analytics is essential for monitoring your site’s performance, but it also affects page loading speeds. WP Rocket lets you host Google Analytics locally, so you don’t have to wait to receive information from an external source.

The plugin’s one-click Google Tracking setup facilitates configuring the entire process within seconds. All you have to do is go to Add-ons, click the Google Analytics symbol, and switch on Google Tracking.

Mobile Detection and Caching

Since most web traffic now originates from mobile devices, a cache plugin that only stores data for computer users is inadequate. WP Rocket optimizes page loading speeds for your mobile visitors by automatically identifying their mobile device and caching pages. That way, regardless of the smartphone or tablet your visitors are using, they will enjoy quick access to your content.


Online shoppers avoid doing business with slow websites. According to statistics, a one-second delay on your site will reduce page views by 11% and conversion rates by 7%. Plus, Google does not like slow sites and penalizes them with lower rankings in search results. Instead of losing customers, online visibility, and thousands of dollars because your site is slower than its competitors, speed things up with WP Rocket.

The plugin is compatible with various WordPress eCommerce plugins, including Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop, and iThemes Exchange. To avoid interfering with your customers’ shopping experience, WP Rocket excludes view cart and checkout pages from its cache.


Minification works alongside GZip Compression to reduce the size of your site’s CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files. It trims the excess from these files by deleting unnecessary comments, line-breaks, whitespace, and other unneeded characters from the lines of code that keep your website running.

Compressing your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files ensure that your website consumes less bandwidth and loads faster than usual. Minification is optional and accessible under WP Rocket’s File Optimization, where you can choose Basic Setting or minify CSS Files or JavaScript Files.

If minifying your CSS or JavaScript files negatively affects your website, resolving the issue is as easy as deactivating the feature.

Cloudflare Compatibility

WP Rocket simplifies integrating with Cloudflare. Users who have a Cloudflare account can easily use WP Rocket to manage their Cloudflare cache and activate development mode. Perform all of these and more to boost your website’s performance without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Facebook Pixel Optimization

If you use your WordPress site for eCommerce, Facebook Pixel lets you gather useful data for targeting and optimizing your ads. Unfortunately, the tool affects website performance and speed.

WP Rocket lets you use Facebook Pixel without issues through its browser caching feature. The browser cache locally stores user information, so the tool does not have to retrieve it from your server. Since Facebook Pixel does not have to access your server, it will consume less of your resources to gather and process data. Everything you need to switch on WP Rocket Facebook Pixel is under Add-Ons in the plugin’s dashboard.

Multilingual Compatibility

WP Rocket uses WPML, Polylang, and QTranslate to quickly translate your site’s content for visitors all over the world. The plugin also offers the option to import and export settings, saving you the time and hassle of configuring your site from scratch.

Benefits of using WP rocket

wp rocket dash board

Quick Results

The first thing we love about WP Rocket is it speeds up website performance as soon as you activate it. Users have reported the plugin improving their site speed by 27% to 69% after installation. The setup process is fast and intuitive, and you don’t need any coding or programming skills to get excellent results.

Many Customization Options

For those who are tech-savvy, WP Rocket provides several configuration options for boosting your site’s performance. The user-friendly dashboard lists the available tools in an orderly manner that ensures easy navigation and customization.

You can customize several aspects of the cache plugin, such as how long the tool stores cached pages and when it adds new ones. Choose a cache lifespan of minutes, hours, or days, or delete and add cache files yourself, whenever you want.

WP Rocket automatically excludes the caching of certain pages, such as login and checkout pages, but you can add even more pages to the exclusion list. Adding pages to the exclusion list is as simple as entering the relevant URL under the Advanced Rules tab in the plugin’s dashboard.

Protects User Data

Another admirable feature of WP Rocket is its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Adhering to the GDPR means that the plugin follows international best practices regarding the storage and use of consumer data. If you prioritize data privacy, you will be happy to know that the tool does not store or access your personal data. It also does not use cookies.

Great Value Product

Are you concerned about WP Rocket’s price? Since this is a premium product with top-of-the-line features, the plugin is worth every penny. For instance, not every cache plugin is compatible with every web host because most hosts have in-house caching systems that clash with third-party products.

WP Rocket is fully compatible with managed WordPress hosting, ensuring that you get to use 100% of the plugin’s features, regardless of if your host is SiteGround, GoDaddy, or another company. If your host provides caching features, WP Rocket will further enhance your site’s performance with database optimization, LazyLoading, minification, and more.

The 14-day money-back guarantee lets you take the plugin for a spin for a couple of weeks and get a refund if you are unhappy with its performance.

Shortcomings of WP rocket

Inadequate Customer Support

The lack of 24/7 support limits you to getting help from a customer care representative only during certain times between Monday and Saturday. Also, customers can only contact the support team by creating a ticket or filling out the contact form. Compared to other companies that provide live chat or phone numbers for immediate assistance, this is underwhelming.

No Free Trial

WP Rocket does not provide a free trial or version of its product. The lack of freebies is not a deal-breaker since we have established that this is a premium product. The 14-day money-back guarantee is useful for a risk-free trial of the plugin, but two weeks may not be enough to try out the plugin’s many features.

Conclusion – Is WP rocket bad, good, or awesome?

web designer thinking if she would use wprocket

Based on the average WP Rocket review from users and our experience, the benefits of this cache plugin far outweigh its shortcomings. Compared to its competitors, the product offers far more in terms of features and convenience. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to boost your website’s performance and speed, consider installing this plugin.

You have three paid plans to choose from, allowing you to pick one that fits your budget and goals. If you have only one website, $49 a year is not too much to pay to boost your website’s loading speed and performance. If you hire a professional web developer for the same job, you’d most likely end up pay more.

Also, unlike a web developer that charges for each project, WP Rocket requires a single payment and optimizes your site nonstop for a year. Plus, you get a discount when you renew your plan, making this product an excellent investment for your site’s long-term success.

Once you activate WP Rocket on your site, you should see improved loading times within minutes. The tool’s plug-and-play nature makes it suitable for all users, regardless of their technical knowledge.

While the lack of 24/7 customer support may seem frustrating, you do have the alternative of getting help from WP Rocket’s robust documentation library. The library also contains various videos and tips for customizing the plugin and using its vast array of features for even better website performance.

Don’t forget that a slow website triggers various issues, including low ranking in Google search results and reduced traffic and brand image. In an increasingly competitive online world, you cannot afford to have the slowest website among your competitors. Try boosting your page loading speeds with WP Rocket today and enjoy the benefits of increasing your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.