Have you ever landed on a web page that spoke directly to you? A page that made you feel seen and understood, like whoever wrote the page got you and what you needed?

If so, you’ve witnessed the power of a successful niche service page firsthand.

Niche-specific service pages are why I have clients that sell CBD and law firm clients at the same time. Attracting these clients using a singular web design would’ve been impossible.

With service pages that speak directly to clients within a certain industry, though, a whole world of possibilities opens up. Let me show you that world and why I believe niche-specific website pages are crucial for SEO and conversions.

Rodney Warner

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Niche-Specific SEO Pages

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Web Design vs. Niche Web Design

Let’s say your company sells software for tracking finances and self-budgeting. Your clientele could include busy families, single parents, young college students, entrepreneurs, contractors, start-up businesses, and anyone else who needs help tracking their spending.

With basic web design, you would create your core website pages using generic copy that speaks to all of these audiences at once. You would likely talk more about your software and the general problems it solves rather than the specific issues that your customers have. You pretty much have to — because your single-parent customers have vastly different needs than your start-up business customers.

As more experiences turn digital, people want to feel real connections online. They want to feel understood. (Don’t we all want to feel like we’re in the right place to get the help we need?)

That’s where niche web design comes in. Niche service pages speak to specific verticals. Rather than focusing on what you provide, niche-specific service pages speak to who your audience is, what problems they struggle with daily, and how you’ll make their lives easier.

In my case, my digital marketing agency’s services extend to practically endless verticals. Attempting to successfully speak to both a lawyer and a CBD company in the same sentence would sound bonkers.

Instead, I create separate pages designed for different industries. This way, my potential clients can actually understand what my services could provide for them.

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How Niche Pages Fit in Your Website Architecture

In practical terms, niche-specific service pages work as landing pages. You still maintain your basic website architecture with your core pages using generic copy, then build out industry- or location-specific service pages.

Your service pages can funnel wherever you’d like based on your marketing strategies. The landing page may direct audiences to a contact form, an upper-level service page, your home page, or anywhere else.

You can include your niche pages in your website navigation menus under drop-down menus like “Industries we serve,” or “Our location,” or you may use them as independent links you send to clients. I typically combine both strategies.

Examples of Niche Web Design Pages

Niche web design pages aren’t just for industries. You can create specific pages for any unique audience sector your business serves.

Industry-Specific Pages

Like I said, my type of business serves a lot of industries. A few examples of industry-specific pages I could create include the following:

Location-Specific Pages

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Did you know that location-specific pages are SEO gold mines?

If your company operates in physical locations, you can create individual pages targeted for local searches in that area.

Say your HVAC company owns locations in Colorado and New Mexico. You might cater your Colorado pages specifically toward heating services and humidifiers, while your New Mexico pages might heavily feature your air conditioning services.

You can go deeper with individual pages for every city you serve in each state. I recommend avoiding template content where you only replace the city name. You want to make every page as unique to the area as possible.

Location pages rely on local keyword research and information specific to the area. Think about what your audience in that city needs, and customize content around it.

Niche Web Design for Any Industry

The best thing about niche-specific service pages is how they work for every industry. Whether you sell shirts, enterprise software, or HVAC services, you have unique audience sectors with individual needs.

Try jotting down the different groups of people you sell to. Your audiences may differ by age, gender, location, job, or a million other factors. What truly aligns your specific audience sectors is the common problem they share — the problem you solve for them.

When you do this exercise, you may find that some of your “industries” aren’t commercial industries at all but rather verticals, like 20-year-old college students.

Create personas for each of your verticals to better understand who they are. You need to step into their shoes to speak to them on a human level.

Don’t be afraid to get specific and have fun with it — you can really get creative here.

The Benefits of Niche Web Design

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By now, you’re probably thinking, “Rodney, why on Earth would I find the time to create 20 new website pages?”

I get it. Web design takes time, especially manual, specific, custom web design.

The truth is, hard work pays off. Niche-specific service pages are a huge reason I’ve personally landed numerous clients. When done well, niche web design pays for itself with all the benefits you’ll reap.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading, and I’ll back it up.

Driving Traffic

Search engine optimization is an eat-or-be-eaten game. If you aren’t optimizing your website weekly to conform to Google’s latest ranking factors, you won’t dominate search results.

Speaking of, Google recently updated its E-A-T system. The E-A-T acronym stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness: the three pillars guiding all of Google’s ranking factors.

In December 2022, Google added a new E to the acronym, making it Double-E-A-T, or E-E-A-T. The new E stands for experience.

Why am I bringing this up? The newly added weight of being an experienced content creator in Google’s eyes makes building niche-specific service pages even more important.

Google wants to see that you’re experienced in your subject matter. If I didn’t have content proving my experience building websites for law firms, then why would Google show my website to lawyers? It wouldn’t.

Niche-specific service pages help you fulfill each letter in E-E-A-T so your entire website ranks well. Each page has unique keywords, allowing you to dominate the search results for as many queries as possible.

With niche web design, your business can rank at the top of search results for vastly different searches, like “business financial advisor in Chicago” and “how to track family finances after having a baby.”

Improving Audience Trust

Driving traffic isn’t the only reason to build niche pages. Traffic becomes useless when users don’t convert. End-users only choose companies they can trust.

Think of it this way: Are you more likely to respond to a mass email or one addressed to you specifically? Your website copy works the same way.

When you create pages that talk directly to your audience, they feel more comfortable.

Niche-specific service pages improve audience trust, which increases the likelihood of conversions. Everyone wins! Your customers feel like they made the right decision by choosing you, and you gain more clients.

Widening Industry Reach

A one-size-fits-all approach to web design can isolate certain audiences.

Say you own a roofing company that advertises shingle repairs on homes. The word “homes” immediately deters commercial clients, while “shingles” deters anyone with non-shingle roofing.

I know what you’re thinking: Creating a website copy that speaks to everyone is daunting.

Niche-specific service pages allow you to focus on one audience group at a time. This way, you can create a page for your commercial clients and one for your residential customers with shingle roofs.

Because niche pages act as landing pages, you can continue adding them as your business grows.

Experimenting With Content

You never know how people will respond to different messages. A 15% off discount might entice me, but others may see it as desperate or, even worse, “scammy.”

Niche-specific service pages allow you to test different versions of your content across your audience groups to see what performs best. In my case, I’d likely discover that my law firm clients respond to a formal tone.

You can test every aspect of your content, from the voice and tone you use to your CTAs, visuals, and interactive forms. You might realize that simpler pages with minimal information convert more leads, or maybe full, in-depth content explains your business better.

Re-working the core pages of your entire website over and over again would take forever. With niche-specific service pages, you can play around using experimental techniques until you find what works best for your business.

Reducing Competition Levels

Competing against every other company in your industry across the nation would probably leave your business lost in the shuffle. Unless you’re a major enterprise, you’re not going to see results for a long time, if ever.

Luckily, your company isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Something about your business makes it stand out from the rest.

You want to use this to your advantage. Niche service pages allow you to speak to your unique audiences in specific locations.

For example, rather than competing against every budgeting software company in the U.S., you can focus on software for stay-at-home moms saving for retirement. In my case, I narrowed my competition from all digital marketing agencies to only web designers for CBD oil companies.

When you narrow your competition, you can quickly rank in search engine results for your desired terms, enjoy cheaper bidding in paid campaigns, and see more successful results.

Tips on Creating Niche Service Pages

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“OK, Rodney, I’m sold. But how do I create niche-specific service pages that actually succeed?”

If I could explain this to you in a simple three-step formula, I’d be out of a job. I can, however, offer you a few tips:

First, you want to make your content as specific as possible. You went through the effort to build individual niche pages, so why not dive in as deep as possible? Don’t be afraid to get specific.

Next, learn about your audience through in-depth research. If your roofing company works in Detroit, consider the most common roofing material in the area. What types of repairs do homeowners living there commonly need?

Finally, take advantage of the experimentation opportunity. Try unique headlines, use a fun structure, or play around with video content to see how it affects engagement.

Data is your best friend moving forward. Be sure to analyze how all your pages perform, then optimize accordingly.

Niche-specific service pages let you scale your business across endless verticals. I’d say you should take advantage of this opportunity to rank well and convert more clients.

Rodney Warner

Founder & CEO

As the Founder and CEO, he is the driving force behind the company’s vision, spearheading all sales and overseeing the marketing direction. His role encompasses generating big ideas, managing key accounts, and leading a dedicated team. His journey from a small town in Upstate New York to establishing a successful 7-figure marketing agency exemplifies his commitment to growth and excellence.

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