Client-Centered Design

At Connective, customer service is one of our top priorities. That’s why we include you in every stage of the design process.


Details Matter

We understand the importance of developing the perfect website for your business. Every stage of the development process includes acute attention to detail.


User-Focused Development

We build websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Your customers are our top priority.



Your small business’s bottom line depends on your ability to convert sales. Our website developers are here to help.

Focus your website on user experience

At Connective, we have more than ten years of experience building highly functional websites. We understand what it takes to keep your web visitors happy.

We focus on building websites that provide value to your customers and clients. Therefore, we optimize all web elements to ensure your site is simple to navigate.

Authorities in web design

Our team is much more than a collection of standard developers – we’ve built websites for some of the world’s most reputable companies. So if you’re searching for web developers that have the experience and credibility to build an online presence for your small business, there’s no better choice than Connective. 

Our Work

We’re constantly building world-class projects for our clients. Our evolving experience ensures we’re always ready to offer you the latest design trends and features. You can explore our complete web design portfolio here.


Our comprehensive design process


We meet with you to discuss design preferences, business goals, and other critical metrics.

2Framework Design

Our team will begin designing the architecture and branding for your website. This includes wireframes, storyboards, and more.


During this stage, we begin web development, WordPress installation, copywriting, plugin installation, and more.


Lastly, we'll test and launch your site – and provide you with in-depth training so you understand all its components.

What keeps us going

Our satisfied clients

Matt Weiss
My business revolves around my website. I didn't have a ton of startup cash and good web design is not cheap, so after interviewing a bunch of potential designers I went with Connective. I made the right choice. My site looks great - more importantly, it's really easy for me to manage and for customers to get around. The whole team was extremely quick with communication and very helpful,...
Belle Body Royal
My experience with the connective web design team was nothing short of amazing! They truly brought our brand to life through their creative process and their commitment to excellence for their customers. Our website has received several compliments about the design and branding which is critical for an e-commerce business such as ours! Do yourself a favor and considering working with such an elite team, you won’t regret it....
Rodney and his staff have taken the weight off my shoulders as far as web design goes. I know nothing when it comes to web design, how things should look, the feel of a website, etc. They made all the complications go away and made things very easy for me to understand, from a layperson perspective. But Connective Web Design, LLC took a wonderful, team-oriented approach to correcting errors,...
As an attorney that runs a small but busy law practice I've dealt with dozens of web designers and SEO "professionals" who all just tried to take my money. Recognizing that the web development industry was wrought with consumer fraud, I dedicated myself to learning the basics of web design and SEO in an attempt to build and develop my own website and handle my own SEO. As I was...
I could not be happier with the hard work, dedication, and outside-the-box ideas, this team brought to my website project!! This was the third team I hired and the third time was certainly a charm. I continue to get compliments on my website from everyone who visits it. Thank you!!!

I have worked with Connective for over eight years now and can recommend them without any hesitation. They are creative, responsive, and able to provide all of the services needed to have a thriving online presence. If you are looking for help with online marketing, look no further, Connective is your team!

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If you’re ready to upgrade your online presence, there’s never been a better time to get in touch with our web design team. Whether you’d like to ask about our small business web design services or request a free estimate from our team, you can use our contact form or call (818) 570-5620.


If you haven’t invested significant money in a small business website, you might be wondering: What’s so important about developing a high-quality website? As our world grows increasingly digital, it’s now more critical than ever to have a solid online platform. 

Even if you don’t work in a digital space, your business’s website is an essential tool for attracting customers and conveying professionalism. No matter what industry your company operates within, there’s no longer an excuse for not having a high-quality web presence. 

Whether you’re running a home services company or a digital store, your website is your online representative. Unfortunately, not having a modern design can be off-putting for many potential customers. 

Quality websites lead to quality conversions. If you’re able to build a website that is focused on helping your business attract and retain customers, you can quickly see marked improvements in your ability to generate revenue. At Connective, we’ve worked on countless projects that have helped our clients grow. 

Elements in a small business web design 

If you’re building a website for your small business, you need a design team that understands the critical elements of a successful web page. Unfortunately, while plenty of website builders allow you to build your own site, few of them give you the same results as a professional designer. 

Let’s explore what our team at Connective believes can create a successful website:

Brand Consistency

Your website is an online storefront for your small business, which means that you should use it as a tool for branding. If a visitor cannot immediately recognize your company and its brand when they visit your site, you haven’t formed a strong brand for online implementation. 

At Connective, we believe that a successful website begins with a strong brand. Our in-house team of creatives and web designers will build a brand strategy for your new website. 

Intuitive UX Design 

Next, visitors to your website need to be able to quickly find what they’re looking for. If a potential customer can’t find your online store or information about your services, they might look at another competitor. Therefore, making navigation intuitive and easy for web visitors is one of the essential components of any successful design.

At Connective, we build intuitive websites that prioritize ease of use. We understand the true importance of making your website’s elements as accessible as possible. 

Mobile Responsiveness 

One of the most overlooked components of modern website design is mobile responsiveness. This term refers to a website’s ability to adapt to a mobile web browser. As most internet traffic is now conducted via mobile devices, it’s crucial to design your website for smaller screens. 

If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, it can be challenging for mobile visitors to navigate your site. At Connective, we have considerable experience building mobile responsive sites that are highly useful for all types of web users. 

Reliable Performance 

It’s also important to consider the backend of your website if you’re building a page for a small business. If your website doesn’t perform well enough, it can result in lost customers. In addition, since modern consumers have shorter attention spans than in previous years, their “bounce-back” rate is exceptionally high, meaning they’re likely to click “back” if your website is unable to load quickly. 

If you want to avoid frustrated customers and lost clients, it’s critical to partner with a developer that offers fast hosting and lean backend web design. Overcomplicated design can lead to slower performance. 

Why SEO is so important in small business web design 

seo growth

One of the most overlooked components of modern web design is search engine optimization (SEO). This refers to the optimization of a website for search engines, such as Bing and Google. If you want to generate organic traffic from search results, building a website optimized for the leading search engine algorithms is essential. 

In many cases, businesses will focus on building keyword-rich content and backlinks to improve page ranking. While this is undoubtedly a valid strategy, it’s essential to include website optimization, too. 

One of the largest ranking factors for Google is page speed. As Google wants to ensure a solid user experience, it ranks pages with solid performance higher than those with slow loading speeds. This is because it’s easier to search your website for relevant keywords and content if your website is quickly accessible. 

Additionally, Google can penalize a website if it has a high bounce-back rate. This refers to how often a web visitor clicks “back” when they visit your website. A high bounce-back rate indicates that your website is either performing badly or doesn’t contain useful content. 

The more useful your website is for consumers, the more likely it is to experience improved web traffic. This is because if your website can retain web visitors and load quickly, Google and other search engines will see it as a valid result near the top of their search results. 

At Connective, we understand the importance of SEO better than anyone. As a full-service creative agency, we’re uniquely placed to help you enhance your small business website’s search engine performance. We build highly optimized websites that benefit from the strong performance and intuitive design, preventing visitors from leaving your page. 

We’re here to help you improve your revenue

At Connective, we’re dedicated to helping your business improve its revenue. However, if you’ve yet to invest heavily in any online platform, you might not realize the untapped potential you’re leaving on the table. As more consumers than ever use the internet to find products and services, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your digital strategy. 

So, how do you develop a website that is focused on revenue improvement? This will depend on your specific industry. For example, if you run an online store, customers should be quickly redirected to sales pages. It’s also essential to make it as easy as possible to purchase your goods or services. 

All our websites are built with conversions in mind. We want you to be able to scale your revenue and increase your return on investment (ROI). That’s why we make it easy to use our websites for Google Ads, SEO, and other forms of online traffic strategies. 

You can build an expensive website with excellent branding, but this won’t take your business to the next level unless you’re also thinking about conversions. That’s why it’s essential to hire a web developer with clear experience in building conversion-focused websites. 

Custom website features for your industry 

building websites illustration

If you’re building a website for your small business, it’s essential to understand the power of custom features. By using custom features that are tailor-made to your industry, you can offer customers and clients much more value.

For example, if your business books appointments with clients, you can use an embedded calendar to allow automatic bookings. This can significantly improve your business’s efficiency and provide a better experience for potential customers. 

Custom features don’t stop there – you can also integrate contact forms, chat boxes, digital storefronts, and a host of other unique features. This can quickly make your website an online hub for all your business’s components. 

At Connective, we’re happy to provide custom website features that are made for your niche. We’ll also make suggestions based on other clients’ experiences with specific website features and tools. 

We’re always on top of the industry’s latest trends

If you’re planning on building a new website, it’s critical to invest in a modern, sleek design. As web development is an ever-evolving industry, it’s important to say on top of the latest trends and design preferences. Using an outdated design can hurt customers’ perception of your brand. 

At Connective, our designers are committed to providing the latest industry-leading web design options. We’re constantly updating our design skills and researching the latest trends in the industry. At the same time, we incorporate timeless elements that ensure your website won’t look dated in a few years.

If you’re searching for a web designer that can keep your branding current, we’re always ready to help. 

We’re here to form long-term relationships with our clients

At Connective, we value building long-term relationships with our clients. As we can provide a broad range of creative services, we’re here to help you with any type of branding or marketing service. 

We can also help you keep your web design current and updated. If you need to implement more features in the future, we can quickly update your design and install new tools. 

Avoid standard web building platforms

avoiding website builders illustration

In recent years, the web building industry has exploded online. There are now many platforms that allow you to build your own website without any coding experience. While it is a popular choice for some small business owners, it’s not a suitable option if you’re trying to build a highly functional website. 

Many of these web builders have very rigid templates, which means that you won’t have much design flexibility if you’re trying to set up a website. Additionally, they often have limited colors and branding schemes, which means you won’t be able to place a unique stamp on your web design. 

Web building platforms also don’t provide much flexibility when it comes to hosting. This means that you can be stuck using their hosting provider, which often remains anonymous. If you’re concerned about building a fast website that offers an excellent user experience, you’re taking a huge gamble by working with a web-building platform. 

For web builders with “drag-and-drop” tools that provide greater design flexibility, this feature can often cause significant web speed issues. As web builders are not designed to optimize for web speed, developing a complex website might lower your page performance, impacting your search engine optimization. 

Lastly, if you need to develop custom features and plugins, you won’t have many options at your fingertips if you opt for a web building service. While some of these services offer plugins, they won’t be customizable for your industry or needs. You will be stuck with a very standard option. 

For all these reasons, using a web developer gives small business owners much better results than a web building platform. By using an experienced web developer, you’ll gain access to a custom site with custom features – and often, you’ll experience much better page performance. 

Incorporating other marketing strategies 

At Connective, we offer much more than standard small business web design. As a full-service creative agency, there are many other effective services that we can provide to our clients. We have a heavy focus on building comprehensive marketing and branding strategies for our clients. 

If you’re searching for a creative agency that can take care of your brand strategy and development from start to finish, we’re here to help. If you choose us to develop your small business web design, you can also couple it with any of the following services:


At Connective, we can help with every stage of the branding process. While we’ve already discussed the importance of bringing strong branding to your website, developing a comprehensive branding strategy across all your platforms is essential. 

We can help you build logos, color schemes, strategies, and other branding elements. Our team has the experience required to help you build a lasting brand for your small business. 

PPC Marketing

One of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal as a small business owner is pay-per-click marketing (PPC). This term refers to a type of marketing that’s popular on search engines, such as Google. With PPC marketing, you display ads and only pay when a web visitor clicks on the ad. 

This arrangement means that you won’t have to waste money on consumers that don’t interact with your ads. It’s a highly effective way to generate traffic, convert sales, and track your ad performance. 

At Connective, we’re experts at creating highly effective PPC marketing campaigns. We can target relevant consumers and drive traffic to your new website. All our PPC campaigns are optimized for performance. 

Social Media Marketing 

different social media icons

Another new frontier for many small business owners is social media. While building a social media platform is now important for your company, many of the leading social media companies are limiting how much you can take advantage of your organic audience. It’s increasingly important to run paid advertising on social media if you want to increase engagement. 

At Connective, we can offer social media marketing on a range of the internet’s most powerful social platforms. So whether you want to run PPC campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platforms, our team is ready to help. 


While our small business websites are designed with SEO as a core component, we also provide other SEO services that can help you take your online presence to the next level. 

In addition to building fast and responsive websites, we can also help you develop content, build backlinks, and increase your authority in your niche. We can write keyword-rich content that will target keywords for your industry and location. 

Our content strategies ensure that you improve your page ranking for keywords that will generate revenue. We have years of experience building authoritative content. 

Social Media Management 

While social media advertising has become one of the most sought-after digital marketing services, it’s also essential to run the other components of your social media platform effectively. At Connective, we offer full-service social media management to help you take your business to the next level online. In addition, we’ll ensure that all your social media platforms are optimized for branding, conversion, and engagement. 

We also offer a host of other niche services, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you need a creative service you don’t see above. We love helping potential clients understand our full list of solutions. 

Small business web design FAQs

At Connective, we receive a wide range of questions about small business web design services. Let’s explore some of the most common queries below:

Is using a web designer better than using a web builder?

Yes. If you want to develop a functional website with custom features, strong branding, and a unique design, it’s essential to avoid using web builders. At Connective, our designers are ready to build you a custom website that doesn’t fall prey to the limitations of a web building platform. 

Do we collaborate with our clients during the small business web design process?

Yes. At Connective, we understand the importance of your business goals and personal preferences. That’s why we include them in every stage of the small business web design process. 

We’ll start any contract with a consultation that will assess your business, its needs, and your current branding. We’ll keep you posted throughout the development process to ensure that you can make contributions or requests as we proceed. We believe it’s the best way to develop an effective and fruitful project. 

Can connective customize my website with specific features?

list and gear portraying custom features

Absolutely! At Connective, we’re highly committed to providing our clients with industry-specific features that can help them convert sales, book appointments, generate traffic, and more. In addition, we use a range of premium plugins to optimize your website according to your wishes. 

If you have any specific questions about website features, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today – we’re happy to discuss your needs. 

Call connective for the top small business web design services 

If you’re ready to take advantage of small business web design services or any of our other creative solutions, our team at Connective is ready to help. We’ve helped countless small businesses improve their digital strategies and develop reputable platforms online. Contact us at (818) 570-5620 to speak with our creative team. 

Everything you need to know

Frequently asked questions

We’ve narrowed down our choices for the best and worst website builders for small businesses with these features in mind. The top picks are Constant Contact Website Builder, Wix, GoDaddy Website Builder which rounds out this list with Gator Websites builder at number five. MemberPress takes fourth place just above Weebly while BigCommerce holds the third spot on account of its extensive suite of tools as well as Squarespace taking first prize thanks to their beautiful designs making it easy to create a professional-looking site that is responsive across all devices and includes eCommerce functionality so you can sell your wares online too!

The internet has become a battleground for businesses to fight over. The higher you rank in the results pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. SEO also improves user experience making it more likely that customers will come back again as repeat buyers! And this is all at an affordable cost too; many competitive industries need large amounts of money just to get paid website traffic instead of being able to invest their time into improving their organic search engine rankings through quality content creation.

Effective digital marketing has helped small businesses learn the online habits of customers so they can better target potential buyers. This is done mainly by analyzing data that suggests who their ideal customer might be and then creating a targeted campaign to communicate with them specifically, which leads to more sales for these companies.

Facebook advertising is used by 2 million small to medium-sized businesses and it’s an inexpensive way for them to market their products. Websites like Google My Business, Adwords from google, Content Marketing on social media sites such as Facebook or Pinterest help get your message out there. Coupon Deal Sites can help you save money while making a purchase online- all the more reason why they’re great! Lastly, Webinars provide wonderful content that educates people about various topics; they are a powerful tool when trying to make sales pitches with audiences at conferences or trade shows.

It’s never been easier to make your small business grow. With the help of social media, you’ll be able to reach a broader audience that will generate brand awareness and two-way communication with potential customers. Social Media can also provide low-cost marketing tools for businesses because it relies heavily on user-generated content rather than paid advertisements. An increased human element helps establish authenticity in branding efforts and partnerships with influencers who are already popular within their area or industry.