Creating an eye-catching website that attracts attention and encourages engagement represents an important step for many businesses. Designing a website from the ground up often feels intimidating, but there are tools designed to assist you in this endeavor. You can use Elementor Pro to enhance your WordPress site easily. Elementor Pro acts as a page-building plug-in specifically designed to work with sites built on WordPress. You can check out this review to learn about:
  • The benefits offered by Elementor Pro
  • Elementor’s history
  • The pricing for Elementor Pro services
  • Elementor’s competitors
  • Elementor’s essential features
  • Design features offered by Elementor
  • Companies that benefit from Elementor
  • Drawbacks to the Elementor Pro system
  • Possible free alternatives for your company

Why do people love Elementor?

Elementor Pro provides powerful tools for building personalized WordPress websites. The Elementor Pro system allows businesses to construct a website through a very easy to use interface that doesn’t require you to code using systems like:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
The ease of use associated with Elementor Pro remains a big selling point for this plug-in. People have built over eight million websites with the Elementor plug-in, and over 140,000 people use Elementor worldwide, which provides you with some idea of how thoroughly the global community has embraced the Elementor system. Other benefits from using the Elementor Pro system include:

Increased options for originality

Making your website stand out from the crowd encourages people to visit the site and stick around for longer. You can easily make sites that display your originality with the Elementor Pro plug-in. This plug-in gives you options that go far behind the templates usually offered by WordPress. Elementor Pro also allows you to shift the layout of your content and pages without facing restrictions from your WordPress theme. These factors give you more creative space to design a unique website.

Straight-forward display options

In many cases, page builders work “behind the scenes.” You may adjust portions of your website without seeing what the changes will look like once they go live. Elementor Pro removes this sense of the unknown by changing the front end of a website. You’ll see what changes look like as soon as you make them.

A unique interface

WordPress comes with a block editor for default adjustments to your page. However, this standard editor often feels cumbersome and awkward. Elementor Pro provides you with a separate interface that allows you to make changes and adjustments to your pages easily.

Compatibility with WordPress themes

Finally, coders designed Elementor Pro to handle any theme found on WordPress, allowing you additional freedom. You don’t have to change your design when you adopt the Elementor Pro system. Instead, the plug-in will enable you to utilize all functions on your current page.

Why was Elementor built?

why was elementer built The Elementor Pro team originally built the system because they kept running into frustrating issues while designing websites in WordPress. Their team grew aggravated with the extensive coding and manual work necessary to make any changes to WordPress pages. The Elementor team noticed that the WordPress system lacked the levels of flexibility they needed, which prevented many people from making websites of their own. Due to these considerations, the team decided to create the Elementor system using Open-Source software. The team at Elementor developed the plug-in with several additional goals in mind. Elementor allows you to visually design your website instead of working with code. Using this plug-in gives you a chance to:
  • Create your content more quickly
  • Keep marketing tools in one easy to access location
  • Reduce the reliance on theme files
The global online community accepted the Elementor Pro system wholeheartedly as an easier way to build WordPress websites.

Review Elementor’s pricing

The Elementor Pro system offers five paid plans, each one offering you different benefits. All of the Elementor Pro plans provide you with access to the company’s responsive design interface and theme building. They also come with:
  • More than 90 widgets
  • More than 300 templates
  • The drag and drop editor
  • Access to premium support
You can purchase the Essential Plan for $49 a year. The Essential Plan offers the above services for one pro website. The Advanced Plan covers three pro websites and costs $99 every year. You get the same benefits with the Advanced Plan. Elementor Pro offers three additional price levels. These levels include the basic services we mentioned, as well as additional benefits.

The Expert Plan

You can purchase the Expert Plan for $199 every year. The Expert Plan gives you coverage for 25 pro websites. You can also set up an Elementor Expert Profile with this service. The profile allows you to show off the work you’ve done on Elementor Pro, which can help you find your next job.

The Studio Plan

The Studio Plan costs $499 every year. You can use the Studio Plan to craft 100 pro websites. In addition to the other Elementor benefits, you get VIP support with this plan. VIP support allows you to chat live with members of a support team, and you’ll also get priority responses to your help requests.

The Agency Plan

Finally, you can purchase the Agency Plan from Elementor Pro. The Agency Plan runs $999 yearly, and it provides you with 1,000 pro websites. You get all the services offered by other Elementor Pro plans, including VIP support and the ability to build an Elementor Expert Profile.

Elementor’s advantage against other builders

elementor's advantage against other builders Elementor does not represent your only option for plug-in page builders. Other companies produced a few major programs that compete with Elementor Pro, including Beaver, Divi, and Avada. But what gives Elementor Pro an advantage over the competition? One of Elementor Pro’s biggest advantages is the company’s free option. You can use the Elementor system for free, something other competitors don’t offer. You won’t get full access to all Elementor Pro options with the free version of the software, but it does allow you to explore the interface to see if it works for you. Many businesses find that they enjoy Elementor’s user interface after checking out the free version. You can then either upgrade to one of the paid options or stick with the free – though limited – version. Additionally, Elementor provides:
  • A wide range of features
  • The ability to build websites without using CSS, PHP, or HTML
  • Inline text editing
  • Real-time previews
  • Adjustments for margins, padding, and alignments
You can even change the way the website appears on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices through Elementor Pro. However, you should know that Elementor Pro focuses more on creating templates for each individual webpage. The plug-in does not provide extensive layout packs or website demos, while some competitors offer these options.

Essential features in Elementor

We’ve briefly discussed some of the features offered by Elementor Pro. Reviewing all of these features in more detail can help you decide whether or not to use this plug-in. Signing up for Elementor Pro allows you to access:


Widgets allow users to easily create content line headlines, forms, or even buttons. Basic widgets come with the free Elementor plug-in. These widgets are useful for videos, image boxes, icon lists, counters, and more. Elementor Pro provides you with more than 90 widgets. The Pro system offers additional widgets for things like a price table, countdown, reviews, or Facebook accessibility.


Elementor gives you access to more than 300 templates. Designers work to create individualized templates that meet the unique needs of your industry.

The Editor

Elementor utilizes a drag and drop editor. Currently considered the fastest editor that works with WordPress, you can use this editor to quickly customize and change the look of your website. The editor allows you to position every element where you want it without fighting with confusing coding. You can control the consistency of your website with the editing feature. The site settings feature allows you to change typography, color, and coding all in place. You can also adjust your padding and margins through the editor. Elementor’s responsive editing software also allows you to quickly change to a mobile view. Websites do not always display the same way on mobile devices, but you can adjust the view your visitors get easily with the editing system.

Pop-up Builder

You can build pop-ups for your website with the Elementor Pro system. The company provides pop-ups that serve several purposes, including:
  • Welcoming visitors and encouraging them to log in
  • Advertising sales or promotions
  • Encouraging an email subscription
  • Providing announcements
  • Upselling related products
Note that the above list provides only examples of ways you can use the Elementor Pro system to create pop-ups for your website.

Theme Builder

Elementor Pro gives you the option to create a site-wide theme for your business. You can use the company’s Theme Builder to design your:
  • Header and footer
  • Search page
  • 404 page
  • Archive
You can also use the WooCommerce builder offered by Elementor to adjust the online store portion of your website. Elementor Pro focuses on bringing your website together into a cohesive whole that engages with your customers.

Tips and tricks for Elementor

tips and tricks for elementor Navigating any new system often feels overwhelming. However, there are several tips and tricks that make using the Elementor plug-in easier for experts and beginners alike. For example, you can use the program’s search bar while quickly moving between your settings and pages. Elementor also allows you to enable hotkeys, which act as shortcuts on your keyboard. They often cut down the time it takes to handle different parts of setting up and managing a WordPress website. Elementor provides a cheat sheet for these shortcuts. You can toggle a pop-up window that displays all of these shortcuts, so you don’t have to try to remember them all off-hand. You can also utilize these tips while building a website with Elementor Pro:
  • Undo changes quickly by pressing CTRL Z
  • Save pages you’re not ready to post as drafts
  • Review your revision history to see everything about a page’s past
  • Access Elementor in Dark Mode to lower your power usage
You should also know that Elementor uses an autosave feature. There’s nothing more frustrating than working on a project, accidentally hitting a button, and losing all of your efforts. The autosave feature backs up your progress as you go, helping you avoid this stressful situation.
Design options in Elementor Pro
Elementor Pro puts the focus on the visual appeal and design of your website. The plug-in allows you to control the look of your pages with several major features, including:

Global design controls

You can control some design options across your entire website, which encourages an overall feeling of cohesion. You can set up global fonts that apply to buttons, titles, and paragraphs on each page that you publish. Elementor Pro also gives you the chance to save a global color scheme. You may want to create a distinct visual brand for your website and product. Using the same colors on each page helps visitors get a distinct sense of who you are. Finally, you can create and add custom CSS easily throughout your website with the Elementor Pro system.

Background design controls

You don’t have to let your background just fade out of your mind with the Elementor Pro system. The plug-in encourages the use of background space on your website by allowing you to adjust:
  • Gradients
  • Overlays
  • Enhanced images
You can also place a video or a slideshow in the background of different pages on your WordPress site.

Additional design controls

You can explore several additional design options throughout the Elementor Pro plug-in. Some of the features we found most interesting include the ability to:
  • Use CSS filters to create effects and change image settings
  • Blend overlays and backgrounds
  • Create box shadows without using CSS commands
  • Set absolute position on your widgets
  • Create motion effects for scrolling
  • Set up SVG icons
You may also create a one-page website with the Elementor Pro plug-in. One-page websites allow visitors to view everything in one place, with all sections included in a single area. Usually, these pages use click to scroll options to navigate the page. Elementor Pro gives you access to other tools used in website design, such as a gradient button and a color sampler that lets you find specific colors that match the look you want for your page. Explore Elementor Pro’s library of icons to view thousands of options to personalize your site.
Marketing options with Elementor Pro
marketing options with elementor pro Elementor Pro uses specific options to help with marketing on your website. The design of your landing page often plays a significant role in determining if visitors stay on your page or leave. The Elementor plug-in makes it easy to create and change these pages. You can also use Elementor Pro to set up action links to encourage your customers to keep connecting with you on Google Calendar, WhatsApp, Waze, and other applications. Elementor Pro even gives you the opportunity to set up multi-step forms, which helps improve the experience of filling out forms for your guests. Some of Elementor Pro’s widgets also focus directly on marketing options for your website. Consider adding any of the following widgets to your website to increase conversions:

Countdown Widget

You can add a countdown to any sales offer on your WordPress site with this widget. Countdowns increase a sense of urgency for visitors. Customers who feel that an item is scarce or may run out soon are often more likely to make a purchase.

Form Widget

Building forms doesn’t have to involve wrestling with code. Elementor Pro lets you drag and drop features into forms, making the process fast and easy. Use the widget to build forms with anti-spam features, hidden fields, and thank you pages.

Rating Star Widget

You can build customer confidence with the rating star widget offered by Elementor Pro. This tool allows you to adjust the style of the widget while displaying what customers think of your product or service. You can also include a testimonial carousel widget. This kind of widget will display written reviews left by customers, not just stars. All of these features work to increase the marketing activities of your business.

WooCommerce Widgets

Elementor Pro offers WooCommerce functionality. You can drag and drop widgets that allow you to easily use the WooCommerce services. You can consider including widgets for:
  • Displaying products
  • Adding products to the cart
  • Searching categories
Additionally, you can add pages for checking out, viewing the cart, and tracking orders. Finally, you can add a PayPal payment button to increase the functionality of your WordPress site.

How Elementor lets you customize website appearance

how elementor lets you customize website appearance Elementor Pro focuses on making it easy to customize your WordPress site. You can start the customization process with the layout of your website, adjusting the width of sections and columns and control column gaps. Elementor Pro gives you the chances to adjust your:
  • Margin
  • Padding
  • Z-index
  • Flexbox alignment
  • Inline elements
You can even create nested columns with the features offered by Elementor Pro, which allow you to develop inner sections for some websites. Some designs feature these inner sections. What about the typography used in your website? Elementor Pro comes with a wide range of typographic options for you to review. You can select fonts from Typekit or Google, providing you hundreds of options. Elementor Pro’s font preview options allow you to view what the text looks like before you make a selection. You have the opportunity to scale the size of your fonts based on EM, REM, or PX, giving you responsive design options. The tools offered by Elementor Pro make customizing your text simple. You can adjust the size, style, spacing, and weight of the text. You can even change the line height with the easily controllable Elementor Pro system.

Who should use Elementor?

The makers of Elementor Pro designed the system for use by:

Web Designers

Elementor’s easy-to-use interface makes it a good choice for anyone looking to design a website. You may utilize the system if you’re interested in creating a portfolio to show off your work or an eCommerce site. Elementor Pro can create sites specialized for businesses that focus on:
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
The above list reflects only examples of companies that could use a website made with Elementor Pro.


Marketers can use Elementor Pro to directly meet their sales goals. As an all-in-one platform, Elementor makes it easy to build and manage all website pages in one location. Additionally, Elementor does not require you to have any coding knowledge to use it.


Agencies that build websites for other companies can turn to Elementor Pro to create these websites more efficiently. Elementor Pro also offers more customization options, allowing agencies to show off the full range of their abilities.

Small or Medium Businesses

Small or medium businesses often want help standing out from the crowd. Elementor Pro offers an easy way to build a website for your business without learning a lot of coding or website design principles. You can drag and drop the features and widgets you want to make the website your own.

What could be better?

what could be better Even the best tool comes with some room for improvement. There are a few aspects of Elementor Pro that could be adjusted to provide a better all-around experience. Let’s go over some of the primary drawbacks of using Elementor now. First of all, Elementor Pro does not always allow you to customize the style of the links you include on your webpage. However, this still means you’ll get plentiful choices for colors and typography. You have to decide what level of control you want with regard to these links. Additionally, Elementor Pro allows you to add many features to your pages, including blocks, columns, and elements. Sometimes, these items get misaligned, leading to an odd-looking layout for the page. You may have difficulty figuring out what is out of alignment in this situation, leading to trial and error until you find the culprit. Finally, some of the Elementor Pro competitors offer more choices for whole website demos and layout packs. You still have many options for individual templates, however.
Free alternatives to Elementor Pro
You have an easy option if you want a free service that resembles Elementor Pro. Elementor offers a basic service that won’t cost you anything, allowing you to utilize the website building with full drag and drop functionality. You also get over 40 basic widgets with the free Elementor service. You can easily try out the free version to determine if you like the way the interface works. Based on your experiences with the free software, you can then choose to sign up for a more advanced plan. Elementor stands apart from its competitors through the use of this free plan. Elementor’s primary competitors do not offer a similar plan. Instead, you always have to sign up for a paid service to use them to build a website. Elevating your account to a Pro version gives you access to additional widgets, including the WooCommerce widgets. You can also use the:
  • Visual form builder
  • Pop-up building
  • Theme builder
A paid account also gives you access to support from the Elementor Pro team. You can also include motion effects on your website with paid accounts. You also get the option to buy Elementor Pro services for more than one website, depending upon your needs.
Extensions to add to Elementor Pro
Elementor Pro already provides many of the services you want to easily and quickly build a personalized website. However, there are a few add-ons that you can use with Elementor to boost the plug-in’s usefulness for your business. Free extensions that may work well with Elementor Pro include:

AnyWhere Elementor

You can save templates with the AnyWhere extension. You can then move and add these templates to new places by using shortcodes, making the transfer quick and painless.

Elementor Add-on Elements

You can add up to 16 new elements to your Elementor system with this add-on. Some of the additions included in this add-on include pricing tables, integration with Twitter, a timeline, and animated text. Using this add-on allows you to continue personalizing your page.

StylePress for Elementor

You can use Elementor to make templates with this extension. You can then move the template to different parts of your website. You also access new elements with StylePress, including sliders and the option to add an email subscription. Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration You can use this add-on specifically to work with the Hotel Booking plug-in offered by MotoPress. The add-on will generate shortcodes that work well for websites that focus on vacation rentals on WordPress. The add-on provides many different widgets that allow users to create forms to search availability, book a room, or checkout. Widgets may also allow you to check rates or browse through property listings. While this add-on has somewhat limited uses, it can be beneficial if you are interested in offering rentals.

Elementor (header, footer, and blocks)

Are you interested in making new footers, blocks, or headers for your website? You can use this extension to easily create these features to add to your page. However, you should know that this extension only works for seven themes offered by the Elementor plug-in. Therefore, you may not find this extension useful for your website.

Conclusion of the Elementor review

conclusion of the elementor review Should you select Elementor Pro to build your WordPress website? Elementor Pro comes with many benefits, which is one of the reasons it’s been used to create over eight million websites. You can utilize this tool to build a personalized website designed to showcase your business. While there are several competitors out there – including Beaver and Divi – Elementor stands out from the crowd due to the free version. You can get plug-and-play website design tools without paying a cent with the basic version of Elementor. If you want more features, it’s easy to upgrade to one of the five tiers available for Elementor Pro. These plans offer you more options and additional help with troubleshooting. Consider selecting Elementor Pro for your needs if you are interested in:
  • Easy website design that doesn’t require coding
  • Free options to design your website
  • The ability to see your edits reflected in real-time
  • Options to change the mobile, tablet, and desktop view of your website
  • Settings to control margins and alignments of each page
  • Easy to customize widgets
Before you make the decision to adopt Elementor, keep in mind that the software doesn’t always handle custom styles well, especially when it comes to placing links. Additionally, while the system is generally user-friendly, you may have issues fixing problems with misalignment on complex pages. In general, the free option for Elementor services allows you to test out the features of this plug-in. You don’t lose anything by building a website with the free Elementor version and may discover that this plug-in offers all the services you want.
Talk to an agency you trust
Elementor Pro provides the tools to make a website through WordPress. However, even with the drag and drop options offered by this plug-in, it takes time to create a website, especially one enhanced for the eCommerce marketplace. Outsourcing the creation of your website can save you time and leave you with a site that meets all of your needs. Our team at Connective Web Design can help you design a website that represents the values and goals of your business. We understand web design and all of the tricks to using Elementor Pro to its fullest potential. Find out more about how our website design agency can help by calling us at (888) 831-6095.
Everything You Need To Know

Frequently asked questions

Elementor Pro is an amazing page builder, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a way to improve their website. Elementor has helped me with my own site so much that now there’s no turning back! It features tons of great templates as well as drag-and-drop functionality which allows you customize every element on your site without having any code knowledge or experience at all. Plus if you’re still unsure whether this plugin will be the right one for your needs, try out its free version first – just like going through samples before buying something new from Amazon.

YES! Elementor Pro is absolutely worth the money. If you are just starting with page builders and haven’t tried Elementor yet, start with the free version and

Elementor is a powerful drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create dynamic websites quickly. It’s great for beginners because it has an intuitive visual editor, so there are no complicated coding or technical skills required to get started!

For some, paying the annual cost of $49.00 for Elementor Pro may seem like a lot to handle every year as an expense, so you might be wondering what would happen if you were not able or willing to pay it anymore.

The tool renews itself every year and comes in at a steep 49 dollars annual cost that is often too expensive for many users who are looking into WordPress website creation tools with ease-of-use capabilities such as Elementor Pro which allows them control over their own built site without having much experience on coding knowledge needed. You may be wondering what would happen if you simply stopped paying the subscription fee after using this software program maybe once but then realized its usefulness was limited within your needs?

Put simply, Elementor is one of the best drag and drop website builders around. The beautiful interface makes it easy for beginners to create great looking websites without having any coding knowledge or experience. While at first glance this might seem like an upgrade in price over sites like Wix, but with advanced customization options included both in the free version as well as paid upgrades not only can you make anything from landing pages to membership portals but also save money through increased time efficiency compared to building your site manually!

The Elementor WordPress Plugin now offers more features than ever before. With a new drag and drop editor, no coding is required to create beautiful pages in minutes! The plugin also includes 100% responsive layouts for mobile editing, custom fonts that are easy on the eyes with global options . Built-in marketing tools like Landing Pages help you generate leads while Typography makes it incredibly simple to change colors or sizes of text across your website without needing HTML knowledge. Lastly, Section Width allows designers complete control over how much content they want shown per row so every page looks perfect!