We at Connective are located in Katy and have been servicing residents in Katy for over a decade. Listed below are 10 other respectable Katy web design companies you can look into if you are searching for a web designer in Katy, in no particular order.


When you choose to work with us, you get a fully custom website designed just for your business. Our experts will ensure the nature of your brand comes through on your site, allowing you to forge stronger connections with your customers, 
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“Connective Web Design goes above and beyond in assisting us, guiding us, and providing us with the solutions we need to grow our business.”


Alkali, formerly Alkali Designs, was founded in 2015 as a web design and development company. Over the years, we have expanded our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients.
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“Professional, responsive and reliable. That’s all I need in my web host, and Alkali is all of that and more.”


Now more than ever you need your business to be found online. If you need an e-commerce store or a small webpage describing your business, we can help.
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“They are reliable and trustworthy, I’m so happy I found them and have them to help me with all of my website needs.”


Founded in 2012, Vetsweb has offered digital marketing services to clients all over the United States. We are veteran owned and operated.
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“Excellent communication (even when I was emailing late at night) and creative design options were impressive.”

ZAB Design

ZAB Design is dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals to elevate their potential.
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“ZAB design helped me with my business website! I am super happy with all the services they provided to me!”

Grapho Studio

Based and founded in Katy, Texas, Grapho Studios has been serving the greater Houston metro area for a couple of years.
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“Very professional! Good company and appreciate all the wonderful work they did for our website.”

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Galaxy Web Team

Galaxy Web Team offers affordable website solutions for small and medium-sized business. Our goal is to not only deliver an
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“Alex always makes me feel that my projects are a priority, and that he will go the extra mile to help me – always!”


Our mission is to help businesses grow and succeed by using the latest in Information Technology. We do this by building relationships that last
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“I have referred several of my colleagues that own small businesses to TuiSpace and their experiences were just as excellent as mine.”

Ames Digital

The web and all of its marketing platforms are wonderful tools, but it takes ‘real people’ talent, time and attention to detail to harness its true potential. We help companies grow their business on web and social media platforms
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“We can say with out a doubt his advice has been a money and time saver!”

Vertical x Design

Our team will work with you to create the vision for your site. From this vision we will build out a site that captures the essence of your business.
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“I was impressed with the friendliness that came along with such an intelligent and professional service.”


Konopy is the creative agency you are looking for.
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“Great prices for such services, they are amazing designers. I highly recommend them.”

Web Design Services

Below are the web design services Connective offers for Katy.
If you have any additional questions about what we can do or want further information, feel free to get in touch.

Best Web Designs in Katy

Below is Connective’s list some of the best Web Designs in Katy. This list is based on each website’s aesthetics, functionality relative to their industry, and overall cohesiveness. All websites are listed in no particular order.

US Silica

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Phone Number: (800) 243-7500
  • What we like:

    Simply looking at what lies above the curve is enough to communicate how this website succeeds. The constantly shifting information bar discussing this company’s services looks great thanks to its minimalistic icons and clean color scheme. Additionally, the way the text is partially overlaid across the images looks amazing. Finally, all of these factors have a clear purpose on the page: to communicate quickly what this company does and how it could help you.


The Jamie McMartin Group

  • Industry: Real Estate & Construction
  • Phone Number: (281) 961-5161
  • What we like:

    This website adopts the black and white color scheme that many premium real estate and construction companies adopt in their design. Modern design is most often associated with black and white colors (especially in modern home designs). By utilizing these colors in their design, the company can communicate their familiarity with the product, and subsequently their prestige in a subtle manner from the get-go, potentially attracting new clients.


Hartland Chiropractic Wellness

  • Industry: Health & Wellness
  • Phone Number: (832) 913-6530
  • What we like:

    The usage of photos on this website and how well they’re integrated into the general flow of the website is very impressive. For example, the first image fades away only at the child’s legs to make way for the rest of the text, and even further, the text forms around the legs of the child and mother. This makes the website feel much more cohesive, like every single part was thought out and not based around a simple template.



  • Industry: Media & Entertainment
  • Phone Number: (323) 289-2565
  • What we like:

    By having their entire website be painted black, this website succeeds at instilling a specific atmosphere characterized by watching TV in the dark. Every piece of important information stands out with their contrastingly bright colors, making a reader feel more inclined to read the information. This atmosphere is also fitting considering this company’s service; they are a creative group that creates media for other company’s.


The Oaks Kitchen and Bar

  • Industry: Health & Wellness
  • Phone Number: (281) 574-4144
  • What we like:

    This website is rather simple, but it succeeds because of one integral element: matching their restaurant’s photograph with the website’s color scheme. The restaurant itself, based on the picture on their home page, consists of comfortable and cozy blue, greens, and birch wood. Likewise, the website uses close to the same shade of blue and white. The blue is specifically placed around the restaurant’s photograph to even further reinforce that same sense of cohesion.


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Connecting businesses with customers by elevating branding, web design, and marketing. Here’s what makes us unique:
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Katy Web Design and Development

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Katy, being just located outside of Houston, is often lumped into that area when it comes to designing for Katy clients. However, it takes a resident of Katy itself to be able to understand exactly what is required of this unique market. That’s where we come in.

At Connective Web Design, we have been implementing our creative web design solutions for years both across the country and within Katy itself. With time, we have discovered, tested, and implemented brand new digital marketing solutions and web design strategies to ensure our clients in Katy, just like you, will be guaranteed to thrive and succeed.

When you choose to work with Connective, you’ll be working with the top web designers in Katy as well as the entire United States. All of our team members are constantly striving to improve themselves and their skill sets in their respective fields, whether it be digital marketing, web design, SEO, or even graphic design. We are a full-service internet marketing agency after all; being experts in our field is a necessity.

Many companies treat their clients like a cash cow, seeking only to milk as much money as possible out of them rather than work with them to create an incredible product. We refuse to do that. All of our clients receive our best support, care, and dedication, whether it be a new website, new logo, or SEO strategy, so that your unique vision can be made a reality.

See if we’re a fit.

See if we’re a fit.