Don’t Settle for a Clunky Old Website

Our website redesign agency specializes in redesigning websites to match your growth vision. Whether you need a full redesign or help migrating your site from an outdated CMS to a more capable platform like WordPress, we tailor our website redesign services solutions to fit your needs so that your new site looks amazing and lands conversions like never before. We are experts at giving you the right tools for your business at every stage of growth!


  • Improved User Experience

    Improved User Experience

    We provide user-focused website redesign services. Our elegant, powerful redesigns capture customers with a stellar user experience.

  • Modern and Updated Design

    Modern and Updated Design

    Connective has the tools and in-house expertise to give your website the sleek, elegant design your business website deserves. Our designers keep up with the latest web redesign trends.

  • Improved Website Performance

    Improved Website Performance

    Say goodbye to lag and clunky visual elements. We create beautifully optimized websites designed to perform at industry-leading levels.

  • Better Search Engine Optimization

    Better Search Engine Optimization

    Visibility is vital. Let us help you get the recognition your business deserves with the latest SEO strategies.

  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    Get the peace of mind that modern website security provides. Hackers innovate fast, but you can stay a step ahead with Connective. We build the latest security measures into your site and stay with you to provide security updates for life.

  • Scalability


    As your business grows, your website’s capacity will need to grow as well. Because we stay on your team even after we launch your redesign, we’ll continue to give you the tools you need to scale your website.

Connective’s 7-Phase Process

  • Phase 1:


    After setting up project management tools, we’ll hold a kickoff meeting where we discuss the scope and goals of your project.

  • Phase 2:


    After the kickoff meeting, we’ll begin drafting and creating your website’s architecture and sitemap.

  • Phase 3:

    Web Design

    We hold a redesign strategy meeting, then create and present the updated website redesign to you.

  • Phase 4:

    Web Development

    With the design complete, we build and prepare the site for launch day with careful attention to detail.

  • Phase 5:

    QA & Pre-Launch

    Pre-launch, we incorporate final feedback, and our art director ensures the design is perfect.

  • Phase 6:

    Launch & Training

    We launch your site, test it, and train your staff to use the new site so making changes and adding pages becomes an easy process.

  • Phase 7:


    Our website redesign services take the hassle out of web maintenance. Upon request, our team provides updates, backups, and security upgrades for the life of your site.

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What makes your website redesign services unique?
Our website redesign services are unique due to their bespoke nature and cutting-edge WordPress development. Tailored to each client’s business goals and growth vision, we offer comprehensive solutions from complete website overhauls to platform migrations. We focus on creating visually stunning sites that align perfectly with your operational needs and brand identity.
We prioritize user experience by creating intuitive, elegant, and engaging interfaces, using tools like user feedback, analytics, and A/B testing to understand your audience’s needs and preferences. This approach results in a website that captures your customers’ attention and facilitates a seamless interaction, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.
Our design philosophy is centered on modernity and relevance, balancing the latest design trends with each client’s unique brand identity. We ensure your website sports a contemporary look and feel, revitalizing your brand’s online presence and reflecting a professional, forward-thinking business image.
Our redesigns focus on optimizing performance, including streamlining site structure, enhancing loading speeds, and ensuring smooth navigation. These enhancements improve SEO and user retention, delivering a fast, responsive, and visually appealing experience.
SEO is integral to our redesign strategy. We use tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to optimize content and structure for better keyword ranking and ensure technical SEO elements are in place. This approach boosts your site’s search engine visibility and aligns with best practices to attract and retain your target audience.
How do you address website security in redesigns?
Security is paramount in our redesign process. We incorporate advanced security protocols and technologies, including SSL certificates and regular security audits, to protect your website against cyber threats. Our commitment ensures your website remains a safe and trustworthy platform.
Scalability is a key feature of our redesigned websites. We build sites that can adapt and grow with your business, using flexible design and development practices on platforms like WordPress. This approach ensures your website remains efficient and relevant as your business evolves.
Our 7-phase process for website redesigns ensures meticulous attention to detail and alignment with your business goals. We integrate client feedback throughout the process, using tools like spreadsheets and Asana for transparency. Post-launch, we focus on training your team for seamless site management and offer ongoing maintenance.
Beyond the launch, we offer comprehensive post-launch services, including staff training, regular maintenance, and updates. We also provide backup services, ongoing security upgrades, and monitor website analytics and uptime, ensuring your site remains secure, functional, and up-to-date.
Pricing for our website redesign projects is tailored to each project’s unique needs and complexities. We consider factors like the scope of the redesign, specific requirements, and the range of services needed. We aim to provide transparent, customized pricing that fits your budget and aligns with your business objectives.
See if we’re a fit.

See if we’re a fit.