We at Connective are not located in Chicago, but we have been servicing residents in Chicago for over a decade. Listed below are 10 respectable Chicago web design companies you can look into if you are looking for a web designer in Chicago, in no particular order.


When you choose to work with us, you get a fully custom website designed just for your business. Our experts will ensure the nature of your brand comes through on your site, allowing you to forge stronger connections with your customers, 
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“Connective Web Design goes above and beyond in assisting us, guiding us, and providing us with the solutions we need to grow our business.”

Solid Digital

Great design goes beyond just picking the right fonts, colors, and imagery. We design intuitive websites that meld form and substance into a total user experience. Great web design guides users through a compelling,
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“Their professionalism combined with their expertise, organization and creativity is unmatched.

MOBA Creative

MOBA Creative is a web design and development company. This is an over-simplified way to explain what we do. There is a seemingly endless amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to craft a quality web presence.
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I highly recommend MOBA for web design and creation. Their response time is immediate and their web design is creative.”

Clique Studios

We’re a creative digital transformation business. Our award-winning team of strategists, designers, and engineers is here for a simple reason:
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“From my first conversation, I knew I’d found a crew that could take my ideas and make them beautiful and accessible.”

Orbit Media

Orbit is an award-winning web design and development company based in Chicago. We’re proud to be a B Corp and love giving back to our community by donating work for Chicago area nonprofits through our Chicago Cause initiative.
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“They challenged us and helped us to think outside of ourselves to the real movements and measures that mattered most to our success.”

Wojo Design

Wojo Design is a full-service digital agency that helps clients of all sizes with every element of their online marketing strategy and implementation.
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“Wojo Design is a fun, creative group to work with. They offer clean, creative ideas that can go ‘main stream’ or ‘out of the box.’”

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Keeping up with industry competition can be tough in today’s cutthroat digital climate. You need the digital tools to continue to grow as a business, but it can feel impossible to choose the best solution out of a sea of options.
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“Their ability to take feedback and make changes instantaneously impressed me, and their process is incredible.”

1Brand Design

We are a team of experienced designers, developers and marketers who’ve recently celebrated our 11th year in business together. Our longtime clients—most of which have been with us from the beginning—tell us they especially love our
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“Their work was creative, professional, and efficient. They were able to find solutions for all our ideas.”

10com Web Development

At 10COM, we have been generating and developing corporate brands and identities, unmatched graphic designs, effective optimization strategies, cutting edge websites and web designs.
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“Communication is prompt and respectful. Information is detailed and clear. And the level of professionalism is superb.”


SITE IT NOW is an industry leader in professional Website Designing and Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Mobile App Development and Secure Hosting Solutions. When you choose SITE IT NOW Read More

“If you are looking for a company that really goes above and beyond what they signed in for, give them a call.”


Techzo LLC is based out of Chicago, IL. We serve over 180 clients from all across the U.S. by providing ongoing services and support, including web design, web development, logo creation, branding, social media marketing, and local SEO (search engine optimization).
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“They followed our website requirement requests perfectly and created a website that we are confident in.”

Web Design Services

Below are the web design services Connective offers for Chicago.
If you have any additional questions about what we can do or want further information, feel free to get in touch.

Top 10 Web Designs in Chicago

Below is Connective’s list of the top 10 web designs in Chicago. This list is based on each website’s aesthetics, functionality relative to their industry, and overall cohesiveness. All websites are listed in no particular order.

The Night Ministry

  • Industry: Non-Profit
  • Phone Number: (773) 784-9000
  • What we like:

    Central to The Night Ministry’s message is that everything, especially solving homelessness, starts with connections with other human beings. Matching this, almost everything on this website prominently features other people. At the top of the home page, there are three photographs of people looking directly at the camera with slight smiles on their faces. Overlaid on top of these photographs is information about the company. This provides a great, intimate first impression for this non-profit company focused on people.


Cancer Research Foundation

  • Industry: Health & Wellness
  • Phone Number: (312) 630-0055
  • What we like:

    The website is clearly united by its logo in a manner not replicated by most websites; every element on the page can be drawn back to it. This website’s purpose is also well-communicated; it’s abundantly clear this website is dedicated towards an intellectual endeavor even if the text was removed. The coloration of the website is reminiscent of scientific diagrams seen in educational institutions, and subtly integrated in the margins are various molecular structures and cursive text.


TDI Packsys

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Phone Number: (877) 834-6750
  • What we like:

    Getting users to interact with a page is vital to any website’s health. This manufacturing site achieves this goal quite well. The home page tells you just enough to know what they’re producing but leaves the most important details behind multiple “Learn More” pages. This design philosophy is also cleverly masked by the masterfully executed balance of text and pictures. Photographs are dispersed across the page such that each of the photo’s focal points are placed in what would be empty spaces, making the website seem full of content.


Michael Abrams Interiors

  • Industry: Real Estate & Construction
  • Phone Number: (773) 248-3039
  • What we like:

    This website exemplifies a simple, yet effective trend seen across many interior design firms: a near-empty home page that doubles as a portfolio. Because of this simplicity, the key to these websites is balancing photography and text, and that’s where this website succeeds. The catchphrase “Liveable Luxury” appears more or less in the center of each of the selected photos. Everything appears in its proper place, which is all the more fitting for an interior design company.


Alice and Wonder

  • Industry: ECommerce
  • Phone Number: (312) 685-1542
  • What we like:

    Positivity is the key to this brand’s imagery. With the bright and soft colors of pink, yellow, and white being used prominently throughout this website’s design in conjunction with the somewhat loose organization of pictures (which on their own are photographed in playful, varied locations) across the home page, the website does truly feel quite fun and free-flowing. Even still, the website doesn’t lose its necessary professionalism, as the products are still organized cleanly.


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The Law Office of Jeffrey Friedman, P.C.

  • Industry: Law Firms
  • Phone Number: (312) 357-1431
  • What we like:

    Sometimes a website will not have anything particularly noticeable about its design beyond the fact that it looks beautiful; a textbook example of a good website, so to speak. This law firm website is one such example of that. All blocks of information have something added to them to make them pop out. There are many miniscule design decisions made to encourage a visitor to read further down the page, and the color scheme is simply beautiful.


Hike Creative

  • Industry: Media & Entertainment
  • Phone Number:  (312) 585-7372
  • What we like:

    The smallest details, as opposed to the broader ones, are often what make a website great. This website demonstrates this concept clearly with its thoughtful and effective font choices. It not only communicates prestige and authority with slender and tall fonts in its larger text sections, but also a playfulness and trustworthiness with it’s blockier font. Additionally, upon visiting the site, you can see any number of small design decisions that effectively create a comfortable, yet sophisticated atmosphere on the site, such as hover and scroll-triggered effects.



  • Industry: Business & Corporate
  • Phone Number: (312) 283-3610
  • What we like:

    Hireology’s website is a perfect example of what a home page should aim to typically accomplish: it introduces, explains, and sells the product. It begins by stating what the product is: a recruiting and HR platform. It then goes into greater detail about its capabilities below that, providing buttons to “Learn More” pages based on different features. Finally, it provides positive statistics and an offer to try a demo. Simple and clean, just how it should be.



  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Phone Number: (312) 236-3549
  • What we like:

    LivCor’s website adopts an interesting focus. People searching for asset management likely already know what it is, so the important factor is to explain who they are. One of the most prominent texts on the page is an explanation of LivCor’s partnership with a non-profit dedicated to ending child hunger, and below that there is a discussion pertaining to their values of hard work. On top of looking great, this website embodies the importance of knowing one’s target audience.


Chicago Cannabis Company

  • Industry: CBD Oil
  • Phone Number: (773) 698-6193
  • What we like:

    Although quite small, our favorite part of this website lies within the “Featured Products” section of the home page. Since the majority of the website has relatively little in terms of color, each of these short bursts of color for each product is naturally highlighted. This makes individuals more likely to check out their products. In addition, the bar that seemingly indicates how long a product’s gallery will rotate for is a nice, responsive touch.


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