The best Facebook attorney ads have eye-catching yet polished designs, concise copy, straightforward calls to action, and other vital elements. But trying to create ads that appeal to your audience and match your marketing objectives can be easier said than done.

Below, we provide 20 Facebook lawyer ad examples to give you some ideas of what makes a great ad. Whether you use Facebook advertising for your own law firm or create marketing materials for law clients, use these examples to create powerful and effective Facebook ads.

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20 Examples of the Best Facebook Attorney Ads

1) Adams Corporate Law

Adams Corporate Law


Highlights: Easy to Understand, Concise , Clear Call to Action

This ad by Adams Corporate Law catches the eye immediately with its simple and polished look. The bright custom photography draws the user’s eye right to the center of the ad.

The contrasting colors are striking but not overly bold and match the firm’s website design for a cohesive brand appearance. The overlapping geometric shapes below the photo create a dynamic but refined look.

The ad copy provides the audience with a brief but clear message on what Adams Corporate Law can do for them. It presents a concise view of the firm and a simple call to action.

2) Chris Jones Law, PLC
Chris Jones Law


Highlights: Visually Attractive, Concise

Complementary colors and a great design make this ad by Chris Jones Law visually stunning. The use of vibrant blue with the orange font takes advantage of color complements and makes for a visually striking ad.

The font is large enough to draw attention. Still, it does not overwhelm the space, and the canted angle of the solid blue shape guides the eye from a confident Mr. Jones to a question that targets a specific audience: “Injured in an accident?”

This ad features compelling copy by presenting the firm’s best unique sales propositions: contingency-based fees and free consultations.

3) Hernandez Law Group, P.C.
Hernandez Law Group


Highlights: Straight-forward Graphic, Easy to Understand

This Facebook ad provides an excellent example of a straightforward graphic design. The audience needs only to see the image of the two men wearing reflective garments in a construction environment, one inspecting the leg of the other, to understand the ad’s context.

The deep blue frame on the top and bottom of the photograph has a slight gradient, which complements the dynamic image and creates a clean design. We especially like the curved blue border.

The best Facebook attorney ads speak to a specific audience. This ad targets a distinct audience with a simple, three-word question: “Injured at work?”

4) Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC


Herschensohn Law Firm


Highlights: Concise , Clear Call to Action, Copy goes with Visual

This ad targets potential clients at the top of the sales funnel by providing industry information. Instead of focusing on conversion, it offers expert help to drive brand awareness and authority. Instead of “Call us; we’re the experts,” this ad says, “Let us show you why we’re the experts.”

The dramatic visual of the crashed vehicle provides a relevant backdrop for the ad copy. However, the designer darkened the image, making the crashed car more subtle.

Concise copy and a clear call to action make this a very effective ad. The user can quickly read, understand, and respond.

5) Hershey Law
Hershey Law


Highlights: Clear Call to Action, Concise

Interesting photography isn’t the only way to create an eye-catching Facebook ad. This ad uses a custom graphic to create a visually dynamic ad. The custom graphic matches those used on the website and offers viewers a clear thematic message even before they read the text.

The designer and writer use concise questions and ad copy to target a specific audience. The short, to-the-point ad assures viewers that Hershey Law will take their discrimination concerns seriously.

A simple “click or call” call to action makes it easy for users to connect with the firm.

6) Law Office of Laura Franco
Law Office of Laura Franco


Highlights: Straight-forward Graphic, Easy to Understand

This ad by the Law Office of Laura Franco provides another excellent example of a straightforward graphic. The image of the two sets of hands atop one another immediately brings family to mind, whether that’s a parent-child, spousal, or other family relationship.

The dark photograph and easy-to-read fonts create a clean image. The fonts swap from sans-serif to serif and back again, which can be more visually attractive than just using one or the other.

The best Facebook attorney ads are easy to understand. Thanks to straightforward photography and ad copy, users can easily understand and engage with this ad.

7) Law Office of Paul L. Urich, P.A.


Law Office of Paul L. Urich


Highlights: Clear Call to Action, Easy to Understand

Here is another example of an ad with a custom graphic. The large dollar sign, inherently eye-catching, becomes even more so with the use of white (or gray) space. Both visually stimulating and simple, this graphic creates a lively yet clean look.

This ad offers another excellent example of targeting prospects at the top of the sales funnel by providing industry-relevant resources to help users become better informed. By delivering informative resources, Mr. Urich improves his brand’s authority.

This ad offers a straightforward call to action that appeals to users wondering whether they should file for bankruptcy.

8) Law Offices of Randy Collins
Law Offices of Randy Collins


Highlights: Upfront with Numbers, Clear Call to Action

The text on a Facebook ad image doesn’t always need to be placed in the center. This ad offers a dramatic visual by placing the text at the top left with most of the photograph exposed.

The image and design of the ad mirror the website design, adhering to the firm’s key visual elements. The darkly-shaded image paired with a bold, white font immediately draws the eye to the main text and then naturally down to the firm’s logo.

The ad draws in potential clients by being upfront with numbers and offering a concise explanation of services.

9) The Law Office of Shane Phelps, P.C.
The Law Office of Shane Phelps


Highlights: Copy and Visuals are Aligned, Clear Call to Action

The best Facebook attorney ads don’t always need to include text. Instead, this ad puts well-chosen photography front and center. Its concise copy and visuals align perfectly to suggest the firm’s focus area – criminal defense.

The photograph’s subject matter is immediately recognizable as relevant to criminal law. Viewers are drawn in by the contrasting colors of the shiny handcuffs, light wooden gavel, and dark background.

The ad considers what’s on the line in a criminal case – the defendant’s future – to create clear calls to action: “Let our team fight for your future” and “Call for hard-hitting defense.”

10) LifeGuard Law
LifeGuard Law


Highlights: Visually Attractive, Short but with Value

This ad offers a dynamic and attractive visual. The colorful image fades seamlessly into the white space above, drawing the eye towards the rectangular shapes on the right. These overlapping colors create depth and a banner effect that leads the viewer’s eye to the text.

The sans-serif font makes the text easy to read, as does the short ad copy. The copy is only eight words long but still provides the essential question the firm wants potential clients to consider. This is an excellent example of how very brief ad copy can still offer significant value.

11) Loughlin Law
Loughlin Law


Highlights: Targeted Specific Audience, Clear Call to Action

Another great example of targeting a specific audience, this ad begins by directly explaining the intended audience by writing in the second person. “You know,” it states, drawing in relevant potential clients.

Colorful (and adorable) custom photography lends this ad a familial touch that works perfectly for estate planning firms. Clients planning for their families’ futures want to know that their lawyers also value family.

This ad features a great example of a straightforward call to action by providing a clear, concrete, and actionable step viewers can take: signing up for an estate planning workshop hosted by the experts.

12) McDermott Law Firm, P.A.
McDermott Law Firm


Highlights: Targeted Specific Audience, Clear Call to Action

This ad by McDermott Law Firm ranks among the best Facebook attorney ads for several reasons. Custom photography creates a clean look. The writer’s use of hashtags targets a specific audience based not only on the firm’s services but also on the geographic locations where the firm practices.

This ad also provides a clear call to action to anyone looking for a personal injury or criminal defense attorney in any of the tagged geographic areas. Internet users may be more inclined to watch a video. This ad takes advantage of the growing popularity of video content.

13) Meason Law Office
Meason Law Office


Highlights: Informative, Visually Attractive

This ad by Meason Law Office offers a stunning design and informative ad copy. It includes the law office logo, a simple photograph, and a well-thought-out mix of serif and sans-serif fonts. Vibrant colors and shapes make the design both eye-catching and stimulating.

The design has a lot going on, but not in a negative way. The organization of the shapes and colors keeps the ad organized and easy to read.

The copy on this ad offers an informative list of how estate planning attorneys can help their clients. Internet users often love bulleted lists because they’re easy to read.

14) Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC
Ostendorf Law Group


Highlights: Visually Attractive, Clear Call to Action

We love the way the designer used color in this ad. The green and blue from the firm’s logo tint the image in a gradient with blue at the bottom and green at the top. These colors create an attractive design that transforms a standard law image into a unique, branded visual.

The white sans-serif font over the dark blue makes for easy-to-read text, and the logo fits seamlessly into the image thanks to the colors.

The ad offers a clear and intriguing call to action by leveraging free consultations, one of the firm’s best unique sales propositions.

15) Perliski Law Group
Perliski Law Group


Highlights: Easy to Understand, Visually Attractive

This ad provides another dynamic design by using key visuals found across marketing copy for the Perliski Law Group. The colors, blue and gold, match the firm’s website and logo.

Matched with the colorful and cheerful photography, the designer’s use of gold and curved lines elicits an optimistic mood. The sans-serif text within the gold follows this theme with an inspiring invitation: “Let’s make a difference.”

The short ad copy proves just as valuable as the attractive design because it establishes the intended audience and offers the firm’s services in one sentence. The ad is clear and appealing.

16) Polaris Law Group
Polaris Law Group


Highlights: Location-Specific Imagery, Informative, Clear Call to Action

The best Facebook attorney ads often use location-specific photography, such as this gorgeous photograph of a California road. The image provides a dynamic visual even without the shapes and colors below, from the towering palm trees to the background cityscape.

Many law firms use serif fonts for a more formal look, as this designer did to position the firm’s 25 years of experience. Still, the ad boasts a modern design thanks to the geometric shapes below the image.

This ad provides a clear call to action by offering free consultations and sharing how much they’ve recovered in the past.

17) RHINO Lawyers
RHINO Lawyers


Highlights: Copy and Visuals are Aligned, Easy to Understand

This ad by RHINO Lawyers offers another excellent example of advertising informative resources. This ad gets very specific by positioning content about one aspect of auto accidents, effectively improving brand authority.

The photography used in this ad aligns flawlessly with the copy for a well-rounded ad. The design seamlessly integrates the firm’s logo by making it taller than the text beside it. The main text on the photograph uses easy-to-read fonts and colors.

The copy proves compelling because it introduces a problem viewers may not know about and provides a resource using video content, which is growing rapidly in popularity.

18) Setareh Law Group
Setareh Law Group


Highlights: Upfront with Numbers, Clear Call to Action

Some of the best Facebook attorney ads target an extremely specific audience, such as Setareh Law Group’s ad urging former Sutter Health employees to get in touch. A simple image portrays the employer in question to catch the attention of relevant potential clients. The colors within the image also catch the eye.

Ad copy asks Facebook users directly if they are the ad’s target audience. If yes, a clear call to action directs users on what steps to take next. The direct nature of this ad is compelling because the targeted audience consists of a very limited group of people.

19) Tuite Law
Tuite Law


Highlights: Informative, Copy and Visuals are Aligned

Simple shapes and colors make this ad very effective because the text in the photograph and the text placed over it by the designer are both large enough to be read easily. This is an essential consideration for an ad targeting the elderly or people with disabilities, who may not be able to read small text.

The designer seamlessly integrated the firm’s logo by inverting the colors and placing a green triangle in the corner. They also chose the perfect photograph to match the ad copy. The copy provides essential information and offers help with a clear call to action.

20) Willis Law

Willis Law


Highlights: Easy to Understand, Visually Attractive, Clear Call to Action

Our final Facebook attorney ad example features a unique photograph with a simple design that draws the viewer’s eye to the firm’s logo in the bottom center. This photograph provides an especially interesting visual because the foreground is sharp while the background is blurred, making the viewer focus on the house the woman is holding in her hand. This creates a beautiful and deceptively simple ad.

The ad copy is easy to understand and offers estate planning help without being pushy. The copy urges Facebook users to protect their legacies, futures, and assets, creating a powerful call to action.

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How to Create the Best Facebook Attorney Ads

Try Free, Organic Ads First

Organic social media marketing refers to the unpaid parts of your profile, including your posts and customer reviews. Fill your profile with relevant content, such as case studies, testimonials, and posts about your services, and encourage all past clients to leave a review.

Have a Clear Goal

Successful digital marketing requires setting a clear objective for every ad. When creating a Facebook ad, you choose a campaign objective from a list that includes options at several sales funnel stages. For example, you might select “brand awareness,” “traffic,” or “conversions,” depending on your goal and target audience for the ad.

Know Your Audience

Your Facebook ads will bring potential clients to predetermined landing pages and contact forms depending on the ad’s objective and target audience. Make sure you know your audience before creating an ad, and be as specific as possible. When posting the ad, you’ll select the population segments you want to target.

Use AB Testing

AB testing refers to running two versions of the same ad simultaneously to determine which visuals or copy work best for the current goal and target audience. For example, you might run two personal injury attorney ads at once, one with an aggressive tone and one with an empathetic manner, to see what your audience prefers.

Use Retargeting Ads

Retargeting ads target users who have previously engaged with your Facebook content but have not converted. You might also retarget users who visited your website without converting. These types of Facebook ads give you another chance to engage with users who may have moved on. Sometimes, potential clients just need to see your law firm’s name again to remember what you have to offer.

Experiment with Images

Try not to use just one type of image. Of course, your ads should all reflect the key visuals of your brand in some way, but a potential client may respond better to certain images than others. Try a mix of scenic, people-centered, and object-centered photos to determine what your audience responds to.

Incorporate Your Brand

Social media provides an effective method for building brand awareness, and every advertisement presents a branding opportunity. Include your firm’s logo, colors, and taglines in your Facebook ads.

Create Valuable Copy and Clear CTAs

Valuable ad copy is informative, concise, targeted, and easy to read. It offers users a reason to engage with your firm and tells them how to do so. Not every ad needs to drive conversions. You might use PDF resources, webinars, or videos to share industry-relevant information.

Consider Videos Instead of Images

As previously stated, video content is becoming increasingly popular among internet users because videos provide memorable content that users don’t have to read. You might use informative videos, silly animations, or even case studies.

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Engage with Your Audience

To maintain a positive presence on Facebook, don’t ignore your audience. You must consistently engage with your audience, or they won’t engage with you. For example, when users post reviews, be sure to thank them and address any concerns they mention.

If your law firm needs help creating the best Facebook attorney ads, consider hiring an expert to show you how a pro handles Facebook marketing. Connective is a top digital marketing agency specializing in web design and marketing services for law firms. Contact us today to learn more.

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