Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most important innovations of the modern age, providing an extensive list of use cases that only keep getting bigger by the day. However, one of the most obvious, yet still important uses is how it can be used to assist in writing. Since the internet is filled with writing, artificial intelligence tools can easily pull from databases to create something that seems entirely human while still being completely artificial.

This is exactly why AI is so useful in creating YouTube titles; creating a YouTube title revolves around utilizing the strategies proven to be effective by popular YouTubers today, seen all across the platform. AI can leverage this and effortlessly create titles that not only fit in YouTube’s domain but also adhere to the strategies that make a video successful in YouTube’s algorithms.

With that said, there are many options for AI-powered YouTube title generators, so how do you know which one will be the most effective? That’s the exact question I’m going to be covering today.

In this article, I will discuss what an AI YouTube title generator is, what makes a YouTube Title effective, and test six different free options to judge their effectiveness.

AI YouTube Title Generators Testing: Our Methodology

person on youtube on phone and laptop

Well, I claimed to have tested AI YouTube Title Generators, but how did I do it? I developed a solid methodology to make my tests as unbiased and effective as possible. If you want to skip straight to the list, just scroll past the next two sections.

I took three video ideas, gave them keywords, and selected a tone word to guide the AI in generating the titles. I then input all of those parameters into the respective generators and recorded their outputs. Additionally, I took notes on how each of their UI’s felt to use and how effective I thought their outputs were.

Although I will not be doing a ranking of each of the generators, I hope that the quality of each of them is apparent from my notes and details.

Our Example Videos for the AI Title Generators

I tried to encompass the broadest range of ideas and tones with the three video types I selected. I wrote out some of the common video types I have seen while browsing YouTube and then created a fitting tone and topic around those. Here they are.

Prompt 1: The Tutorial Video

Tutorials are the most practical use of YouTube today, and as such, they are prevalent across the site. I tried to create a somewhat absurd, but still within the realms of reason, topic here to see how the AI would grapple with something that likely doesn’t exist on the database in large numbers.

  • Topic: “How to Use a Garden Hose”
  • Tone: Conversational
  • Keywords: garden hose, simple tutorial, easy tutorial, straightforward guide

Prompt 2: The Challenge Video

Challenge videos are essentially what has made one of the most impressive YouTubers ever grow to absurd levels of fame: Mr. Beast. If you can create an effective challenge video title on YouTube, you may be on your way to reaching new levels of popularity. I tried to make the topic here somewhat boring to see how it could turn something mundane into something exciting.

  • Topic: “CHALLENGE: Build a House in 24 Hours”
  • Tone: Exciting
  • Keywords: speed building, homebuilding, high energy, fast-paced

Prompt 3: The Vlog (Video Log)

Although less popular, creating an enticing title for a Vlog can sometimes be difficult and challenging. I think the level to which an AI can create an effective and appealing Vlog title will be a good measure for all-around levels of quality. I chose a pretty generic topic for the Vlog because I was hoping to see how the AIs could tackle something that wasn’t meant to be challenging.

  • Topic: “Vlog for a Week-long Visit to the Caribbean”
  • Tone: Enthusiastic
  • Keywords: scenic landscapes, beautiful beaches, delicious meals, picturesque views

The 6 Best AI YouTube Title Generators

Now that we’ve got all of the methodology and background information out of the way, it’s time to finally move into the results of each generator. These will be listed in no particular order, so these numbers are simply used to count from 1 to 6. I will first list the results from each prompt, then go into my thoughts and details using the tool. Here we go!

1. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

In order to start using this tool, I had to sign up for a free trial, but they gave me a sizeable amount of credits to test it out before I ended up needing to pay (I didn’t pay for it, though). This one also generated descriptions to go along with their titles. I will not be listing them, though, as that would take up way too much space.

  • Prompt 1
    • How to Use Your Garden Hose Like a Pro – Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Prompt 2
    • I CHALLENGE YOU To Build A HOUSE in 24 HOURS!!
  • Prompt 3
    • A Week on the Islands of Paradise!

My Thoughts on Their Output

As far as adhering to each of the tone words, I would say this generator did a good job. These titles clearly display a solid understanding of the importance of communicating a tone in the title with the exclamation points and different capitalization. The first two especially feel like great YouTube titles. The final output seems a bit weak in comparison, but I’m sure that a good thumbnail could remedy this issue. After all, Vlogs are often created with the sole purpose of showcasing beautiful views.

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

Their website itself is a bit dishonest as far as what it leads you to believe the generator is. What it leads you to believe will be the generator is this, but upon clicking on the generate button, it actually prompts you to create an account with them.

hypotenuse ai false generator

What you actually end up using to create the AI-generated YouTube titles is actually this.

actual hypotenuse ai generator

This, in some ways, is fine with me because the capabilities of the actual tool are far greater than what is suggested upon first visiting the site, but it does feel like I was lied to a little bit by the website. But I digress; using this generator was pretty intuitive. You can clearly see where you’re supposed to input each of the different keywords and tones, which makes it a breeze.

This tool also has more than just YouTube title generators (which you can see if you explore their website). So, would I recommend it? Yeah, I would, especially if you just want to try it out with the free trial. However, if you’re looking to spend money on it, I would recommend you look for other options unless the other uses of the tool appeal to you.

If you’re interested, give this tool a try here: Hypotenuse AI YouTube Title Generator.

2. ChatGTP

chatgtp on a phone

Of course ChatGTP would find its way onto this list somehow. Pretty much no matter what you need, ChatGTP always can find a way to help. But can it do YouTube titles? Well, let’s find out!

  • Prompt 1
    • Garden Hose Mastery: A Simple and Easy Tutorial for All Green Thumbs
  • Prompt 2
    • EPIC 24-Hour House-Building Challenge! | Speed, Energy, and High-Paced Homebuilding!
  • Prompt 3
    • Caribbean Dream: Exploring Scenic Landscapes, Beautiful Beaches, and Delightful Cuisine | Week-Long Vlog

My Thoughts on Their Output

On paper, all of these titles actually sound really good! It feels like ChatGTP added some additional personality to each of the titles. For example, in prompt 1, the added phrase “green thumbs” feels really creative and fun, and the level of energy and excitement conveyed in prompt 2 is impressive as well.

The problem comes in their character length. The response for prompt 3 actually goes above the 100-character limit, and prompt 2 goes above the 70-character cutoff discussed previously. In this case, the ideas behind these titles are good, but you’d have to do some revising yourself to get them down to a good length. Alternatively, you can just ask ChatGTP to have the titles fit the character limit.

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

I mean, what else is there to say about ChatGTP? It’s so easy to create an account with it; if you haven’t yet done this, you’re just missing out. Using it is as easy as just asking it to do what you want. Would I recommend it for this purpose, though? I would say yes.

Frankly, it’s hard to beat ChatGTP in terms of AI writing (because you can just as easily ask it to also generate descriptions, keywords, and more), but as is the case with all of these tools, getting inspiration and input from different sources is always good so you can diversify your mindset. You can find ChatGTP here: ChatGTP AI chatbot.

3. vidIQ

vidiq ai title generator

This generator can only create titles, which is not actually a problem considering we’ve actually only wanted to generate YouTube titles this entire time. All of the additional functionalities provided by other tools weren’t ever necessary.

  • Prompt 1
    • Unleash Your Green Thumb: Mastering the Garden Hose in Minutes
  • Prompt 2
    • Epic House Build: Can They Finish in Just 24 Hours?
  • Prompt 3
    • A Week in Caribbean Bliss: Captivating Landscapes & Mouthwatering Meals

My Thoughts on Their Output

vidiq ai title generator screenshot

You know what? Maybe less is more! These titles are pretty great, especially considering how simple this tool’s UI is. My only complaint is that the response for prompt 3 goes over the 70-character limit, but that can easily be changed by just switching out a few of the words. There is a great deal of character and intrigue in each of these titles, too. Prompt 1 has the word green thumb, and the phrase “Mastering the Garden Hose in Minutes” has a really nice ring to it. In prompt 3, the phrase “A Week in Caribbean Bliss” also rolls off the tongue!

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

This tool is just a page on their website; you don’t even need to sign up for anything to use it, unlike the other tools we’ve seen so far. It’s as simple as typing in the parameters you want to use, and it will spit out some titles back at you. Frankly, this kind of simplicity is what I was personally wanting to find while searching for tools like this. The only problem is that the UI for the input for the titles is not really prepared for a lot of characters to be input, and the text will go out of the box (as you can see to the right of the generate button).

So would I recommend VidIQ’s AI-powered YouTube title generator? Absolutely. I highly recommend you give this one a shot. No matter if you actually need it or if you just want to play around, this tool makes it so simple that not using it would be foolish. You can try it here: VidIQ’s AI YouTube Video Title Generator.

4. StoryLab.AI

storylab home screen

This one advertises itself as a YouTube title generator, and upon reaching the tool, it’s just a normal title generator for stories. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be useful (ideally). Let’s check it out.

  • Prompt 1
    • Simple Guide: How to Use a Garden Hose in 5 Steps!
  • Prompt 2
    • A Dream Challange: Build a Home in 24 Hours With High Energy and Speed!
  • Prompt 3
    • Captivating the Carribbean: A Week of Scenic Landscapes, Beautiful Beaches &

My Thoughts on their Output

storylab title generator

I just want to clarify that this generator (and most of the others) would provide multiple outputs for a given prompt. In all of the other cases, I selected the title that I felt was the most fitting. However, in this case, I selected these titles to demonstrate that, for lack of better words, this generator has some problems.

I did not edit any of these outputs, it did, in fact, misspell “challenge” and “Caribbean”. Additionally, prompt 3 does end abruptly on the “&”. The titles themselves aren’t particularly amazing either. The first one, with its simplicity, isn’t bad but prompts 2 and 3 just don’t read all too well. I’m not impressed by this. I mean, seriously, how does your AI misspell words?

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

I think that this AI YouTube Title Generator is definitely one to skip out of the tools we’ve covered so far. It obviously has some merit because it can provide inspiration, but I feel as if you’d get better results using any other tool.

That being said, this isn’t (from what I can tell) the main purpose of this tool, so I’ll cut it some slack. Additionally, using it was super simple too, with a very straightforward input system after you signed up to use it. Maybe go check it out if you’re interested in creating AI-generated stories, but if you’re here for YouTube titles (which you are because you clicked on this article), try something else.

Follow this link if you want to check out Storylab’s AI Title Generator.

5. Bard

bard ai on phone

Bard is Google’s very own AI chatbot. In functionality, it feels very similar to ChatGTP, but will it compare to its levels of quality? Let’s find out!

  • Prompt 1
    • How to Use a Garden Hose: A Simple and Straightforward Guide
  • Prompt 2
    • High-Speed Homebuilding: Can We Build a House in a Day?
  • Prompt 3
    • My Caribbean Adventure: A Week of Scenic Wonders and Delicious Food

 My Thoughts on their Output

bard ai response title



My initial thoughts on all of these outputs are that they’re just… OK. To be honest, I don’t feel strongly about any of them. I think that’s because, in general, the tone of all of these falls flat. There isn’t much energy in prompt 2, and prompt 3 sounds less interesting than other examples we’ve seen. This, of course, makes it so prompt 1 succeeds, but that’s not enough for it to be worthwhile, in my opinion. I would honestly say I’m a little disappointed in this quality considering it’s coming from Google.

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

Although the flexibility to ask for more than just a title is nice to have (similar to ChatGTP), that’s not what I’m looking at here. I’m solely trying to analyze the quality of the titles being generated, and with this kind of result, I can’t recommend Bard. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, though, since it is absolutely a useful tool for all other purposes and is incredibly easy and simple to use. But for YouTube titles? I would pass.

You can check out Bard by following this link: Google Bard AI Chatbot.

6. Headline Studios

headline studios coschedule home page

Our final AI YouTube title generator is CoSchedule’s Headline Studio title generator. This is a part of the greater Headline Studio tool that, just like its name suggests, follows a methodical process for creating headlines on top of using AI. The tool comes with an analysis function for the headlines it produces, but you have to pay to use it after trying it three times with a free trial. The YouTube titles are free of charge, though.

  • Prompt 1
    • Garden Hose 101: How to Use It the Right Way
  • Prompt 2
    • The Ultimate 24-Hour House Build Challenge: Can We Finish on Time?
  • Prompt 3
    • A Foodie’s Paradise: Delicious Meals and Stunning Views in the Caribbean

My Thoughts on their Output

coschedule headline studios youtube title generator

I am honestly quite surprised by the quality of the output here. Something in me makes me want to doubt something that uses a methodological process for something that is influenced by creativity, but I can’t deny the results here. Each of these titles has a colon somewhere in there to separate two different ideas, and it works on all of them. I love the “Foodie’s Paradise” take on prompt 3. It feels really unique and has a lot of character. Prompt 2 conveys excitement without needing any crazy capitalization with the strong word “Ultimate” and by asking a question, and although it’s the weakest of the three, prompt 1 works pretty well by phrasing its ideas in a unique way.

Overall Thoughts on the Tool

I think Headline Studios is a great option and one of the best options I found while searching for title generators. This is especially true considering that although the whole tool itself requires payment, the main title generator part can be used without having to pay. This is on top of the fact that you don’t even need to create an account to use it.
My main concern is that since it follows a pretty distinct and formulaic structure, this may not work for every industry. Additionally, if you use this generator for your titles over and over again, viewers may notice and get tired of the structure. However, in short bursts, it’s definitely a great option. I highly recommend this tool. You can visit their website by following this link here: CoSchedule’s Headline Studios AI YouTube Title Generator.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for reviewing the title generators! I’ve provided some more information regarding AI YouTube Title Generators and making titles below.

What is an AI YouTube Title Generator?

robot looking out onto cityscape

An AI YouTube title generator is a tool that can assist content creators in generating catchy, relevant, and click-worthy titles that work with YouTube’s algorithms for their YouTube videos. The best algorithms could analyze multiple factors in order to generate their titles, including but not limited to the video’s topic, inputted tone, keywords, current trends, and more.

Some AI YouTube title generators can also create more than just the titles. They can come with the ability to create descriptions, target keywords, and even hashtags to include to attract more attention to the video. However, this is not the norm, and the inherent quality of longer pieces of text, like descriptions, will require more revision from the AI’s user than a title, as with more text, it will become increasingly likely that the description will be misaligned with the user’s intent.

Why Should You Use an AI YouTube Title Generator?

Although this may seem unnecessary to some people, I would argue that AI-powered YouTube title generators can provide significant and meaningful assistance to any content creator. The most obvious way to use these AI YouTube title generators is that you can directly create a YouTube title to be used for your video, but that’s not the only use.

Artificial intelligence, especially in more creative fields like art and writing, is a great tool to give you inspiration. If you’re lacking in ideas, AI can give you multiple options that may contain just the thing that you want to work with.

In addition, if you don’t yet understand how to create effective YouTube titles, you can trust that AI will know. Since they’ll have data that is pulled from the source itself, you can analyze the structure of the titles generated by AI to serve as a basis for the title you eventually end up composing yourself.

Case in point; you don’t only have to use a AI YouTube title generator to make the title for you. It can serve as inspiration and an effective source for studying as well.

The 5 Most Important Features of a Good YouTube Title

people holding lightbulb over persons head

Making sure that your YouTube title is effective and eye-catching is one of the two most important factors in gaining the attention of a user browsing YouTube, with the other being the thumbnail. As a result, you will absolutely want to emphasize creating an attention-grabbing YouTube title, or else you’ll risk losing important views that convince YouTube’s algorithms that your video is worth watching.

If the title that is outputted by the title generator isn’t up to standards, you may want to revise it yourself afterward to make sure it aligns with the principles of good YouTube title creation. Here are five of the most important factors for writing an effective YouTube title.

Use the Right Keywords

Understanding the keywords surrounding your video’s topic that users will often search for is integral to ensuring that your video actually shows up when people search for it. You will want to include some of the most frequently used keywords in your title and description so that YouTube and search engines will recognize your video’s content for what it is and recommend it to users. This will likely require you to do some research on your own if you’re writing the title from scratch.

In addition, make sure that your title also matches the interests of your target audience and the tone you’re going for. This can be in the form of the slang, wording, and adjectives you use. For example, if your video is going to be exciting and high-energy, an adjective like “cool” won’t suffice. Try something like “epic” or “awesome”.

Make it Stand Out

Considering the vast sea of YouTube videos out there, it’s not likely that your video will revolutionize the game. As such, you need a title that will stand out from your competitors, who are likely releasing videos with the same or similar topics to yours, to entice users to click on your video. Let’s look at an example.

  • Skating Down the Steepest Road in the United States Challenge

Obviously, this example is exaggerated to a degree, but which of these titles do you think will get more views? Probably the second one, right? That’s because of three factors.

First, the first title has a strong adjective right at the beginning of the title in “extreme”.

Second, the title looks more visually interesting than the second, with different levels of capitalization as well as unique characters like |.

Finally, the title asks a question that a user would like to have answered: “can we survive…”

Different topics for videos will require different strategies to be employed if you want to be unique, but regardless, this demonstrates the importance of making your video title interesting to make it stand out.

Make Sure the Title Complements the Thumbnail

youtube thumbnails

Although this article will not discuss how to design a thumbnail, ensuring that your title and thumbnail match in ideas and concepts is key to creating an enticing video. Many YouTube videos will have a thumbnail that is somewhat incomplete in terms of context and idea, but the title provides the missing link to complete the idea, or vice versa. This, in turn, will draw users into the video more than just two independent ideas represented within a thumbnail and title. Here’s a hypothetical example.

Let’s say we are trying to make a thumbnail + title for a YouTube video that showcases the supposed best dish in all of Japan. Here are two examples for a title and thumbnail.

  • Option 1
    • Thumbnail: Thumbnail: A simple picture of the dish with the name of the dish underneath it: Haruki’s Tonkotsu Ramen (I made this up).
    • Title: This is Japan’s Most Highly-Rated Dish
  • Option 2
    • Thumbnail: A picture of someone holding the dish while looking into the camera, with a red arrow pointing to the dish.
    • Title: This is the Best Dish in All of Japan! Haruki’s Tonkotsu Ramen

Both of these options display separate ways you can make a thumbnail and title work together to make an effective pair. The first option displays how you can give all of the necessary information in the thumbnail while making the title something that sounds interesting. This will make a potential viewer think “Wow, I should check this video out to get more information about this”.

The second option uses a normal, enticing thumbnail but forces a viewer to read the title to understand what exactly the thumbnail is referring to. This, in turn, will create immediate interest, and upon reading that enticing title, they’ll be sure to click on the video.

Of course, there are other ways to achieve these effective thumbnail + title pairs, but these are just some helpful examples.

Use the Optimal Amount of Characters

Determining the length of a title, no matter if it’s for a YouTube title or Google’s search page, can be a difficult task. Although YouTube allows titles to be as long as 100 characters, most people don’t go that far. This is because, at around 70 characters, YouTube will simply cut the title down and display a “…” if the title is any longer. This would lead you to reason that maybe you should make your title somewhere around 70 characters, right?

Wrong again.

Most people float around the 50-60 character mark for their titles to optimize readability while also not being too long such that people become disinterested. This can be difficult to hit, especially if you’re trying to get as many of your target keywords as possible into your title, so if you have to sacrifice the optimal character length, that’s OK. Just try to float around this range, and your titles will be perfect for all devices and all audiences.

Don’t be Afraid to Test

No matter what tips I have given you for how to create the optimal YouTube title, just know that results can vary across different industries. For example, maybe you’ll find that the right amount of characters for your specific niche is 40 characters rather than 50-60, or maybe you’ll see that there’s a specific way of creating titles and thumbnails that attracts more engagement than others.

The best YouTubers don’t settle on one title and just leave it as-is after uploading their video, they’ll actually test different titles over the course of their video’s lifespan to see which one attracts the most engagement. This may not be something you should do if you’re a smaller YouTuber, but the principle stands: try and test new strategies! You never know what kind of title will give you the most engagement.

Concluding Thoughts

Wow, that was a doozy, wasn’t it? The capabilities of AI are pretty astounding. If I saw most of these titles on my YouTube home page, I wouldn’t even give them a second thought. The usefulness of AI in social media is something that should not be ignored, and I highly recommend that any and all social media marketing agencies out there (and independent producers) give it a try.

I hope that this article was helpful to you, and thank you for sticking with me all the way to the end. I wish you the best of luck with your video production endeavors! If you want to find out more about AI-based tools and other uses of AI, feel free to browse through our blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your fancy.

Ty Hanson

Marketing Coordinator

Ty is the Marketing Coordinator here at Connective. He handles quality assurance in our content creation department, on top of other tasks related to SEO, marketing, and copywriting. If you ever want to play board games or rock climb with someone, he’d love to join.

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