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Valev Laube is an esteemed New York-based Estonian multimedia producer, designer, and public relations executive, renowned for his innovative and integrative approach to branding, marketing, and design. Born in Estonia, Laube’s journey in the creative industry began as a graphic designer, where he honed his skills by working with large corporate and luxury designer brands. His adeptness in visual artistry and his passion for creative expression led him to broaden his horizon, venturing into the dynamic world of Broadway productions and the New York City art scene.

Laube’s transition to freelance work marked a significant turning point in his career. He began collaborating with well-established composers, actors, and producers, playing a pivotal role in elevating their brand presence in the digital age. His work is characterized by a unique synthesis of music and design, reflecting his deep-rooted interest in both fields. This multidisciplinary approach has not only set him apart in the industry but also led to the co-founding of The VL Studios, a creative venture specializing in company and personal branding, social media consulting, marketing, and public relations.

Throughout his career, Laube has been involved in a multitude of projects, showcasing his versatility and ability to adapt to various creative realms. His expertise spans across different sectors, including fashion, technology, legal, and crypto, demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of diverse industries. Notable projects include collaborations with renowned figures such as Fred Barton, pianist and musical director of “Spamilton,” and involvement in productions like “Kalevala the Musical.”

Laube’s commitment to his craft and his innovative contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed. His achievements and potential were recognized in 2020 when he was nominated for Forbes Under 30, a testament to his impact as a young entrepreneur in the creative industry.

Valev Laube’s work embodies a perfect blend of traditional art forms and modern digital technology, making him a significant figure in the contemporary creative landscape. His continued efforts in brand building, coupled with his passion for uniting technology and human creativity, position him at the forefront of a new wave of digital artistry and public relations.

  • University of Rochester (BA in Digital Communication & Media/Multimedia)
  • UWC Adriatic – Collegio del Mondo Unito dell’Adriatico O.N.L.U.S. (The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Philosophy & Economics)
  • Top 100 in Marketing & Advertising – 2021 | MARSUM GLOBAL MARKETING CONFERENCE – Listed in Top 100 Influencers in Marketing & Advertising
  • Nominee for Forbes Under 30 – 2020 | FORBES (USA)
  • EstDocs Visual Design Award 2018 – 2018 | ESTDOCS DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL
  • Winner for the best visual design concept for the promotion of the film festival and competition Estdocs 2018, Toronto, Canada. (2018)
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