Right now, you are likely feeling a flood of emotions. Excitement at starting this new adventure and the greatness that you envision for it. Tentativeness when coming across aspects of your new business that are new to you. Pride that you are taking ownership of this new venture and possibly even of your life.

Although your to-do list is likely quite extensive, one item that you will want to highlight is building and maintaining a website. You can do this pretty much on your own or pay somebody else to do it, but, one way or the other, you will want to have a website for your new business for a variety of reasons.

It’s Your Storefront

Even if your business is not a home one and you have a space that is open to the public, there is a good chance that more people will visit your website than your brick-and-mortar location. And those who drive or walk by your business may want to research you online, including visiting your website, before stepping inside. However, if you do not have an online presence, they will likely either lose interest or respect and quickly make a decision to not give your business an opportunity to sell to them.

Keeping Customers Informed

Whenever there is information that you need to get out to your customers, having a website that you can update is essential. Of course, using social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter serve myriad purposes too, especially where updating your customers go, but your website needs to be the focus. Do you have to close on Wednesday due to a planned power outage, staff meeting or other reason? Are you holding a sale on Monday? Update your website. Doing so will reach more of your customers and prospective customers than placing notes at your place of business.


You’re Now Open 24/7

You will most likely only have somebody working at your brick-and-mortar location during certain hours of the day. What are those interested in what you are offering supposed to do during the other times? Head to your website, of course. If it applies to your new business, you could even sell some or all of your products online while you are having dinner with your family, sleeping or otherwise relaxing.

Saving Money on Brochures

Instead of printing and distributing expensive brochures, you can instead place them online in PDF or a similar format and point those interested in what you are offering there to peruse your creations.

It Costs Little to Maintain

Although the start-up costs for your website will vary depending on whether you get it professionally designed or do it yourself, the costs to maintain it per month will usually be between $25 and $100 a month. Given all of the benefits of having a website for your business, spending that amount every month should not even be given a second thought, especially when you compare that to how much it would cost you to place an advertisement that quickly loses its value with a local media outlet such as a television or radio station or a newspaper.

A Place for FAQs

A page on your website listing the frequently asked questions that you receive or expect to receive has a number of benefits. Doing so makes your business more customer friendly in that they can find out what they need to know in an easy fashion, and having this so readily available lessens the chances that you will ever be inundated with these types of questions while you are looking to get other things done.

Although you are wearing several hats, do not diminish the significance of adding webmaster. The benefits of spending some time and finances on this easily outweigh any negatives. Learn more about our Los Angeles Web Development, or get an estimate today with our Web Design Pricing Calculator.

Rodney Warner

Rodney Warner

Rodney heads up business development here at Connective. Making sure existing clients stay happy while guiding us through to new and exciting potentials is what governs his days. Musician, outdoor enthusiast, and ice cream connoisseur.