We provide an incredibly customized user experience. One of the main ways we can do this is by having a fine-tuned process. This allows us the freedom to focus on the things that matter rather than the parts that don’t. We have spent years perfecting this. Below is our seven-phase web design process

Phase 1

Getting Started

A typical project for us starts as far back as the initial sales meetings. We take in job requirements and already start strategizing on the best ways to build your website. Our salespeople are very technical, and this creates a superior understanding of the scope of work, allowing for super-accurate pricing.

A proposal is given that outlines what’s included, what’s not included, with rough estimations of schedule and terms.

Once we agree to do business, we get you set up in our systems. We are getting you organized into our billing system, our project management software, and setting up our intake files for you in preparation for kick-off. Internal meetings are held between the salesperson and the project leed to ensure a propper hand-off is executed.

All of these initial steps put systems into place that keep our projects running smoothly.


  • Determining the scope of the work
  • Contracts and payment terms
  • Project system setup

Phase 2

Planning & Discovery

At this point, introductions are made with our production team, and we start sending you our kick-off documents. These are questionnaires that we have developed over the years that help organize our project and provide us with a great launching point to start your project.

The questionnaire goes into goals, competitors, feature requests, style input, and much more. This is as much for you as it is for us.

Now we will have a solid understanding of the business goals, target audience, competitive landscape have what we need to solidify a site map and a home page wireframe design. The sitemap will list every page on the upcoming website, and how it is organized, and the wireframe will illustrate precisely what should be on our home page in a non-designed way. Think of these wireframes as the blueprint for web design.

We now have our kick-off meeting to present all of this info and to let everyone on the project meet each other.


  • Project intake
  • Sitemap solidified
  • Home page wireframe created
  • Kick-off meeting happens
  • The timeline and next steps are discussed

Phase 3

Design & Content

At this point, our project starts to come to life! Our art director and designers meet and start producing a highly customized flat design for the home page of the website. Every small detail is scrutinized and is done with purpose. The care and strategy that we put into our web designs are something we are extremely proud of and is likely why you hired us in the first place 🙂

While we are designing the home page, we are providing detailed instructions to our clients on how to provide the content for the website. The goal is for the client to provide all of the copy and images for the entire website by the time that we have home page design approval. This is critical to hitting any schedules that have been discussed.

When our entire team has given the thumbs up on the design, we can for a design presentation meeting. We hold a zoom meeting where we present our creation and talk through our reasonings behind what we produced.

At this point, we are looking for signoff (and praise!!!).


  • Home page web design
  • The client gathers and organizes all required content
  • Design presentation meeting
  • Client approves web design to move to next phase

Phase 4


You should have already purchased your web hosting by now. Our usual recommendation is WP Engine if you do not already have high-performance hosting. (Good hosting matters btw!)

We install WordPress as well as our choice of theme, which is Elementor, BeTheme, or Divi these days. We also install all of the various top-notch WordPress plugins we feel are needed for your particular website. Examples would be plugins such as Rankmath, gravity forms, WooCOmmerce, and WordFence.

We now implement your home page flat and bring it to life with tasteful animations. During this time, our project manager is sharing updates with you and gathering the remaining items we need to finish your website.

Our developers move directly to adding all of the content for the interior pages of the website. The look and feel of these interior pages borrow styles that have been set in place from the home page. We generally have a single layout that we develop for each type of content on your website. One layout for a product detail if the site is eCommerce. Or one layout that we use for all of your practice area pages if you have a law firm website.

Through all of this, your project manager is sharing all of our progress with you, organizing the remaining items, and answering any questions you may have.


  • Set up WordPress, theme, and plugins
  • Implement home page design
  • Create all templates for the website
  • Add all content

Phase 5

Test & Launch

At this point, all functionality is tested. Real orders are placed, contact forms are filled out, and deliverability is verified. We send all of our work through a detailed QA process to ensure it’s error-free. We are also asking you to test things as well. The more eyes, the better 🙂

We also wait until this phase to test all breaking points of the responsive web design to make sure the site looks great on any and all devices.

Onsite SEO is verified. All title tags are written, and alt text is checked.

We then point the domain to your host and submit XML sitemaps to Google, install Google Analytics, set up all third-party accounts that need setting up, and launch your website. This includes optimizing the website for speed by combining CSS & javascript files and setting up caching for your website. We currently rely on WP ROcket to handle the heavy lifting.

Your project manager is keeping you up to date and at this point and provides all usernames and passwords that you need. You have a live website! Congratulations!!


  • Test all functionality
  • QA all work
  • Test mobile responsiveness
  • All onsite SEO
  • Speed optimization
  • Launch

Phase 6


Throughout the entire web development process, we have gained a pretty good idea of how you will actually want to use your website. We set up a zoom meeting with you to give you a very customized tutorial on how to use your new website!

Although we give you all the tools needed to handle edits yourself, we are fine working by the hour to handle any ongoing tasks that you may need.

If you have decided to do any monthly marketing with us, this starts now. Our team has been keeping notes during the development phase so we can hit the ground running. Let’s get some new customers!

It is also a very, very good idea to keep all of your software up to date. You can hire us to automatically update your software periodically. We do show you how to do this yourself. Just make sure you are on great hosting that has automatic backups in case something goes wrong.


  • Zoom training session
  • Move to hourly for edits and additions
  • If you selected monthly marketing, this now starts
  • Website updates

Phase 7


We highly recommend getting back together with us 3 to 6 months after launch. We want to hear how it’s going. Now that the site has been live a while and you have had time to live with it, is there any room for improvement? Anything you wish was done differently? Any phase 2 strategies we can help you with?

You have also had the chance to hear customer feedback at this point, and maybe it’s time to make some edits based on how their experience is. We can analyze your analytics account and spot low-hanging fruits for conversion rate optimization. We can also see if there are any SEO opportunities popping up in your Google Search Console account.

We also miss you! So stop by and say “Hi!”!


  • Analyze our performance
  • Analyze your website’s performance
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Brainstorm next steps

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