About Ty

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Ty is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a degree in Mathematics with two minors in Chinese and Computer Science. With a focus on data science and data analysis, Ty hopes to bring his mathematics skills to the forefront of his future career and his work while he remains with Connective.

Although his future career lies entirely within STEM, what Ty pursues outside work greatly diverges from that field. Emphasizing an active lifestyle and the outdoors, Ty finds joy in longboarding across Austin’s roads, going to bouldering gyms, and simply being outside in the beautiful sunshine of Texas weather. In addition, he finds great joy in more creative endeavors such as drawing and cosplay.

Although Ty’s time with Connective is temporary, his work and contributions to Connective cannot be understated. All of the small things Connective’s team members can’t finish up have a reliable solution so long as Ty is around. For as long as he continues working with Connective, Ty will be in the background, helping move things along in the unnoticeable ways that matter.

  • The University of Texas at Austin, Current Student
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Chinese
  • Signature Course Information Literacy Award – 3rd Place
  • Undergraduate Studies Dean’s List Recipient (Two-time)
  • College of Natural Sciences Honor Roll
  • Cooked for His Parents and They Liked It
Knowledge is Power

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