Bret Royle

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As an attorney that runs a small but busy law practice I’ve dealt with dozens of web designers and SEO “professionals” who all just tried to take my money. Recognizing that the web development industry was wrought with consumer fraud, I dedicated myself to learning the basics of web design and SEO in an attempt to build and develop my own website and handle my own SEO.

As I was learning I found myself on a web developer forum and was reading responses in the forum from Rodney with Connective Web Design. His knowledge on various web and SEO topics seemed superior when compared to other web professionals posting and discussing. I found his contact info and shot him an email asking if he would be willing to look at a few things for me. Rodney immediately responded and we set a telephonic meeting to discuss the status of my project. Long story short, I quickly realized that I was in over my head in building my own site, and more importantly, I realized that I had found someone who I could actually trust to build out my website and manage my SEO.

Rodney, Maria, and the team at Connective Web Design far exceeded my expectations. They were professional, prompt in delivery, fair in price, and honest in their business dealings. The team worked tirelessly to deliver an amazing product and I couldn’t be happier.

Because I do not live in Los Angeles we collaborated remotely using various tools, emails, and video messages all in the direction of Connective Web Design. In the end, my faith was restored in an industry that has so many companies selling snake oil. I have and will continue to refer others to Connective Web Design. To Rodney, Maria, Tim, and the rest of the team — thank you a million times over.