In today's business landscape, it's suicide not to have a social media presence.

Why? Because your target market most likely will be there. It's where people of all kinds and demographic groups hang out and share their opinions. It's where they connect with other like-minded individuals and decide on the latest industry trends.

In short, social media is a marketing goldmine!

Facebook & Instagram may be the best way to educate potential customers.

This is truer than ever with a CBD Oil business. People need to be educated about cannabidiol (CBD) before they buy it. They need to know about the benefits, plus you have to bust the myths and controversies surrounding CBD.

The best want to educate potential customers is through social media, most notably, Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media allows you to engage directly with your market in ways never before thought possible. You can gather their opinion on CBD, find out what products they like best and what their hesitations are. And then you can build value. By doing so, you get to increase your base of loyal fans.

They say you only need 1,000 true fans – customers who will buy from you, again and again – to truly explode your business. Social Media is one the best ways to do that.

However, there is a right way of doing it, but only a handful of businesses do it.

Too often, business owners think that posting randomly on Facebook will do the trick. They think if they just post their products enough, that people will come and buy.

Then they become disappointed months later that their sales aren't improving. They have zero fans, zero likes, and zero engagement.

social media marketing for cbd oil

Fans are the lifeblood of any business.

social media and cbd products

We know the right strategies to have an ultra-successful social media presence for your CBD brand.

Lucky for you, we know the right strategies to have an ultra-successful social media presence. And we can help you build and maintain one using sound principles and strategy.

Here's the big secret in using social media to help your business succeed – it shouldn't feel like selling! Remember that Facebook and Instagram are social sites – people want to connect or find entertainment there, and NOT feel like you're selling to them.

That's precisely how we do it. Connect, engage, and give value.

Connect, engage, and give value

Account Setup

First, we set up and run your Facebook and Instagram accounts. We optimize your profile, add relevant information to help people know more about you, and what your brand stands for. These steps are the beginning of any successful social media presence.

Fan Engagement

Next, we post regular content on Facebook and photos on Instagram. Your fans need to engage with your brand continually, so we put out content that asks them questions and gets them to be active. It should also educate them on the benefits of CBD oil.

The more they engage with you, the more their beliefs and perceptions change. They begin to align with what your brand is all about. Over time, they become real fans who will become your unofficial brand ambassadors.

Instagram Posts

On Instagram, it's a different approach. It's a visual platform, so engaging photos or graphics are essential. That's why part of our service is producing unique images for posting on your Instagram page. You want every picture you post to communicate the benefits of CBD, what it's all about, and the lifestyle behind it.

Community Management

Lastly, we also offer community management services to our clients. Having a tight-knit group of fans is a great way to nurture your community over time. You get instant feedback from the people who really matter and improve your products for them.

We know the right strategies to build and grow a community.

We’ve been doing it successfully for years. Your social media game need not be a struggle. Get us on board, and we'll help you navigate to the top!

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