Are you looking for a full-service Katy SEO company? Connective can provide you with the services you want. Our team develops leads and propel your sales through a three-step process: 1) making technical fixes to make your website SEO-friendly, 2) creating engaging content, 3) sourcing high-authority backlinks. READ MORE

Raising your search engine rank makes it easier for customers to find your company. We understand how to follow all guidelines issued by companies like Google, allowing us to improve your company’s SEO ranking and help local customers find you. We use our experience developing web content for businesses in competitive markets all over the United States to give you the support you want.

Achieving success in Katy’s rapidly growing market is challenging to business owners. You face a lot of opportunities and equal amounts of competition! We bring you creative solutions and implement them with practiced skills to make your company stand out from your competitors in Katy.

Hard work represents a pivotal part of developing a website that draws in new visitors and makes them want to stay to make a purchase. We provide you with the experience to go along with your work ethic, helping you develop a memorable, responsive, and well-balanced website.

You have many different companies that focus on search engine optimization to choose from in Katy. Not all of these companies offer you the same services, experience, and dedication. We work persistently to push you ahead of the competition.

We create SEO campaigns that focus on more than fluff. Instead, our team builds websites by drawing on hard data that tells us what your customers want in an online experience. You can secure lasting results when you allow us to find opportunities for you to secure a top ranking for your field.



SEO Strategy

We begin working on your Katy SEO campaign by developing a strategy that fits your company’s needs. We research the best keywords to use for your niche and figure out what’s working for your competitors. We also perform an SEO audit and backlink analysis.

We only get to work after we understand your situation, and we build your website with your strategic vision in mind.



Technical SEO

Our skilled team understands the technical aspects of managing SEO for business sites. Allow us to perform a technical SEO audit to assess issues with canonicalization, speed optimization, and the structure of your site.

A Texas SEO agency can help you understand the impact of core vitals in Google, beyond links and the content you include on pages.



Content Marketing

Businesses here in Katy want to snag the attention of their preferred customer base. We help you produce videos, create infographics, and handle SEO copywriting to develop assets that work for your company.

Engaging your user base helps convert visitors into customers. Allow us to help you develop a focused SEO marketing campaign.



Link Building

You can improve the ranking of your site by adding relevant links throughout your content. Ranking goes beyond keywords, with websites that use high-quality links in appropriate quantities often ranking higher than their competitors.

Allow us to deploy all our link-building tools to help your site rank better with in-bound and out-bound links.



Real-Time SEO Reporting

You can easily keep track of the progress of your SEO campaign with our custom dashboard. Reviewing the dashboard allows you to see information from sources like Ahrefs and Google Analytics, helping you watch as your website shifts in the ranks.

Our team provides you with real-time reports about published content and links we added to your site. You can view this information whenever you want, instead of waiting for a monthly progress report.


Katy Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

Some SEO companies make guarantees about the performance of your website. Our team can only promise to provide you with the experience and support you want. We monitor the factors Google measures, like relevant backlinks and user experience. We also understand the importance of delivering engaging content.

Our team uses tried and true strategies when building your website. We work to deliver results using techniques that work for companies here in Katy. You can count on us to provide personalized care. We strive to over-deliver on what we promise, allowing you to out-perform your competition.

Easy to understand SEO pricing

We understand the appeal of straightforward pricing, so that’s what we offer to our clients. You don’t have to guess at our charges — we base them purely on the links we acquire for your website and the content we produce. We also include costs for reporting and planning the SEO campaign.

Get a quote from our team today.


Why work with us

SEO Web Design

Our team handles web development on-site. As a company that offers comprehensive services, we don’t have to outsource these aspects of web development to other companies.


You want a good return on your investment when you hire an SEO company. We focus on helping you generate traffic that translates into sales!


Our team understands how quickly Google changes its algorithm and updates its core system. We stay abreast of these changes so that we can adapt your content as needed.


Your account manager will always get back to you quickly, answering your questions through email or phone to handle any concerns you may have.

At Connective, we have years of experience handling changes to the SEO process. We’ve weathered changes to how Google ranks websites and seen it all. Armed with this knowledge, we put as much effort into your website as we put into our own — using every trick and tactic in our playbook. We specialize in all aspects of SEO research, development, and application, and we know what works and what doesn’t.

We also understand the importance of developing a good relationship with our customers. You will spend a lot of time working with our team as we optimize your website, so your satisfaction is essential. When you ask us questions, expect understanding responses. It’s in our best interest to keep you happy, so that’s what we do.

The SEO tools we use

Using the right SEO tools makes the optimization process smoother. We boost the efficiency of SEO optimization by putting specialized tools in the hands of our highly trained employees. Tools alone can’t get you all the way to the top of the rankings, but they help when used correctly.

SEO tool #1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides website owners with data about site performance and how visitors act when on the site. Our team uses information from this service when handling changes to your content and how we want to pursue marketing decisions.

SEO tool #2: Google Search Console

You can access the Google Search Console for free. We monitor the Search Console and keep an eye on warnings about spam or indexing concerns. You can rely on our team to use the Search Console when troubleshooting any possible issues with your ranking on Google.

SEO tool #3: Ahrefs

Ahrefs provides a number of analytical services to website owners. You can assess SEO health and review how your link profile compares to the link profiles of your competitors with this tool. It can also allow you to evaluate how well you rank with different keywords. Using this system lets us perform keyword research in a variety of places.

SEO tool #4: Surfer SEO

Interested in comparing how your page ranks to pages currently found in Google’s search engine results pages? Our team uses Surfer — a cloud-based tool — to monitor the current needs of the ranking algorithm used by Google, providing us with a data-driven basis for the keywords we use on your website.

SEO tool #5: Agency Analytics

Finally, our team uses the software suite provided by AgencyAnalytics. This software allows you to track goals during an SEO campaign. It reviews information collected from Google Analytics and other apps, helping SEO companies focus on the results of content creation and link acquisition. You can keep track of our process in real-time with AgencyAnalytics.

What keeps us going

Our satisfied clients

I am so happy and grateful that I found Rodney and Timmy! They went way above and beyond to really understand my brand and make my law firm website beautiful. Every time I had a proposed change, they incorporated it incredibly fast. I added extra pages of content, and they incorporated them quickly and beautifully. When I had questions long after their hard work was over, they responded instantly...
We retained Rodney and the team to redo our website and provide other Google-related services and could not be happier with that decision. We receive compliments about our new website almost on a daily basis. The professionalism and expertise of Connective Web Design are second to none. Even more importantly, though, Rodney, Maria, and Timmy are fantastic people and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend them...
Matt Weiss
My business revolves around my website. I didn't have a ton of startup cash and good web design is not cheap, so after interviewing a bunch of potential designers I went with Connective. I made the right choice. My site looks great - more importantly, it's really easy for me to manage and for customers to get around. The whole team was extremely quick with communication and very helpful,...
Belle Body Royal
My experience with the connective web design team was nothing short of amazing! They truly brought our brand to life through their creative process and their commitment to excellence for their customers. Our website has received several compliments about the design and branding which is critical for an e-commerce business such as ours! Do yourself a favor and considering working with such an elite team, you won’t regret it....
Rodney and his staff have taken the weight off my shoulders as far as web design goes. I know nothing when it comes to web design, how things should look, the feel of a website, etc. They made all the complications go away and made things very easy for me to understand, from a layperson perspective. But Connective Web Design, LLC took a wonderful, team-oriented approach to correcting errors,...
As an attorney that runs a small but busy law practice I've dealt with dozens of web designers and SEO "professionals" who all just tried to take my money. Recognizing that the web development industry was wrought with consumer fraud, I dedicated myself to learning the basics of web design and SEO in an attempt to build and develop my own website and handle my own SEO. As I was...
I could not be happier with the hard work, dedication, and outside-the-box ideas, this team brought to my website project!! This was the third team I hired and the third time was certainly a charm. I continue to get compliments on my website from everyone who visits it. Thank you!!!

I have worked with Connective for over eight years now and can recommend them without any hesitation. They are creative, responsive, and able to provide all of the services needed to have a thriving online presence. If you are looking for help with online marketing, look no further, Connective is your team!


Frequently asked questions

SEO companies are organizations that provide search engine optimization services to companies that want to increase online visibility. SEO tactics adjust the design of your website to improve how well your company ranks with search engines like Google.

SEO companies can offer you three different types of SEO services. On-page SEO refers to things that show up on your site, like product copy or blog posts. We also take care of off-page SEO, which can include backlinks. Finally, our company offers technical SEO services, like site indexing.

Your SEO ranking often directly controls how many customers can see your website. Websites with a higher SEO rank appear further up in Google search results and often appear more authoritative to customers.

Backlinks help your website establish connections with other authoritative websites. When other sites link to your site as trusted source of information, Google looks at these connections and boosts your company’s SEO rank.

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Our 4- step

SEO Process

Step #1: SEO Assessment

Every months, we start by monitoring the efficacy of our current SEO strategy. Our team assesses the changes to your website’s ranking and may adjust our digital marketing strategies to adjust to changes in Google’s requirements, allowing your website to continue to grow and flourish.

Step #2: SEO Strategy

After we’ve analyzed the effectiveness of our current plan, members of our team develop an updated strategy for the upcoming month. We may plan to address technical issues or discuss the content we’d like to add to your website. Team members also focus on the backlinks they want to add during the month.

Step #3: SEO Tactics

Our team develops a strong strategy and then implements it to boost your website’s ranking. We can focus on SEO-boosted content by working with copywriters. Our team also included specialists who focus strictly on outreach and backlinking. You can get comprehensive help from our Katy SEO company.

Step #4: SEO Reporting

You can keep track of our progress at any time by checking our reports in the client portal. We believe in being open and honest about the results of our strategy. You can review our dashboard at any time, so you don’t have to wait to get answers to your questions about your SEO ranking.

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