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Los Angeles Law Firm Video Marketing

Showcasing who you are.

Sharing Your Story

Compelling Visual Marketing

We Invest In Your Story

Your firm is more than a simple collection of lawyers. You have specialties and a mission. We’ll work hard to bring that mission to life on screen.

Finding What Fits You

Your firm has its own style and culture. A cookie cutter approach can’t capture that. We’ll collaborate with you to find the right message and visual style.

User Centric Design

We take the time to analyze your target audience. Knowing who your clients are and what they need helps us find the right language and images to reach them.

Our Process


Script Writing and Storyboarding

We develop full scripts and storyboards for your approval before the cameras roll.


We use professional crews, equipment, actors and editing software to produce your videos.

Website Integration

We’ll help you integrate the video on your own website.

Video Marketing

We can also help you deploy your lawyer videos online for maximum effect.

Los Angeles Law Firm Video Marketing

When you operate in Los Angeles, you’re almost required to have high-quality video content. You’ve got immediate access to everything you need with so much filmmaking going on. It goes deeper than that, though. Video content is quickly supplanting all other media online in terms of consumer consumption. Most of your potential clients would rather watch lawyer videos than read about your firm.
The advantages of video are unparalleled. You can deploy music, color, and even camera angles to help put your potential clients in the right frame of mind. You can host the videos on your own servers or put them on public video streaming services to reach a wider audience. Your videos can entice clients or simply educate them about a legal topic.
Connective Web Design knows how to present your law firm on screen. Whether you want a basic online ad or plan a series of educational videos, our team can put together a video that will make you proud. When the time comes to take it live, we’ll help you get the most marketing value from every second of screen time.