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Professional Law Firm Photography

Displaying your firm in the best possible light.

What We Do

Attorney Portraits

Like it or not, potential clients will judge your firm based partly on appearances. We provide attorney photos that present you as the competent professionals people expect.

Law Firm Photography

It’s not just your attorneys that need the sheen of professional photography. We’ll pull out all the stops to capture your offices, inside and out, in the best possible light.


Not sure how to stage your offices or attorney photos? We’ll come to you, assess your office, and provide consultation on how best to proceed with a photo shoot.

What We Offer


Own Your Images

You retain the rights to your images. We’ll never reuse or license them.


Our photographers are professionals with experience in portraits, interior, and exterior photography.


You get print-ready versions of the images on delivery.

Convenient Scheduling

We work around your schedule to create the minimum disruption at your firm.

Los Angeles Attorney Photography

What’s the first thing anyone looks at when they arrive at a website? It’s the pictures, of course. People respond to images. That means the first impression your law firm makes on a potential client depends on the quality of the pictures on your website. Rational or not, professional-grade images on your site create the impression that your firm is also professional.
Professional photos benefit your marketing efforts in more ways than one. Yes, they make you more appealing to potential clients. They also bolster your search engine optimization. Search engines like websites with images. The better your SEO, the better your site ranks in organic search results. You can use some of those images on your social media profiles to burnish your brand image.
Connective Web Design understands the importance of professional photographs for your firm. We’re here to help whether you’re looking for attorney portraits or a full package of images that also includes your offices. We pride ourselves on working with seasoned photographers. They’ll bring that professional shine to every image. They’ll also respect that work happens at your firm and minimize any disruptions.