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Copywriting for Lawyers

Delivering your message with clarity.

What We Do

Law Firm Copywriting

With briefs, motions, and filings, lawyers already spend a lot of time writing. Copywriting services let you focus on casework, while we handle marketing and user-centered content.

Legal Content Marketing

Legal content marketing helps you establish your firm as an authority. With your input, we develop articles, white papers, infographics, and even blog posts that position you as a topic authority.

User Centered Content

One area where copywriting for lawyers is especially helpful is user centered-content. We convert the often complex legal jargon into content that the average lay reader can understand.

Our Process


Prepare & Organize

We assess your business objectives and practice areas to develop a content strategy.


We research, outline, and then write a substantive draft of your requested content.


The content is fact checked, edited for style, and proofread.


The content gets reviewed in-house, then submitted for your review and approval.

Los Angeles Copywriting for Lawyers

Lawyers already deal with a substantial writing load in their day-to-day work for clients. Unfortunately, surviving in the contemporary market requires every business to write copy for websites, blogs, publications and straight marketing. These kinds of writing are skills in and of themselves. While lawyers could develop those skills and write the copy themselves, it’s not an ideal use of their time.
A copywriting service frees you from the burden of mastering those skills and developing the copy yourself. Outsourcing the work lets you reap the benefits of those skills while still keeping your hand on the rudder. You determine the tone, style, and topics of the content. Then, you can forget about it until it’s time to sign off on the final draft.
In addition to web design, PPC, and SEO, Connective Web Design also provides copywriting services. Our copywriters have extensive experience turning legal jargon into the kind of user-centered content that attracts visitors. We are also well versed in the subtleties of legal content marketing. We’ll position your firm as the expert in a practice area or legal topic of your choice.