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June 18, 2018
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Getting a web development project from point A to point B requires cooperation and communication between you and your web developer. It’s impossible for a web developer to create a website that is perfect for your brand or business without specific deliverables like images and text. Between coding, designing, and rigorous testing, your developer has a lot on their plate without having to worry about bothering you for pieces of content. For a smooth website creation process, get these four items to your web developer and rest easy knowing that the job is now entirely in their hands.

Images and video

If you’ve been thinking about having a website created for a while, you probably understand the importance of video and imagery on your website. Using media on your site improves the likelihood that your website will get found in search results, makes your website easier on the eyes, and makes your site easier for users to navigate. Send your developer a link to your media library or send them the files directly and let them know where you expect the images to appear. Here are some of the most common places to put images or video on your site.

  • Your “About us” page
  • Any photo galleries or portfolios
  • In or after blog posts
  • Sidebars and headers
  • Testimonials or team members
  • Content and other text assets

You won’t have much of a website without content. The words you choose to publish on your website are a huge part of determining how well your site does. If your content is engaging and helpful for viewers, you’ll receive more social shares and traffic. Don’t leave your web developer in the dark in terms of your site’s content. Deliver any blog posts or other site content ahead of schedule so that they can have your website completed on time.

Design preferences or specifications

The best way to communicate with your web development team about design preferences is to send them direct links to ideas and designs that you like. You don’t necessarily need to give your developer any design specifications, but if you have a general idea of what you want your website to look like, pointing them in the right direction will help your site come together quicker.

Any documents requested by your developer

Sometimes, web developers have “homework” they give to clients, especially if you still need to carve out your branding and message. Without these documents filled out and delivered, your web developer won’t have much direction in terms of what you expect out of your website. If you’ve given technical and creative license over to your development team, don’t worry about this step. But if your developer gives you forms to complete that involve basic information about your brand, business, and website, don’t procrastinate. The sooner you send these over, the sooner your developer can get to work creating a website that you’ll identify with and be proud of. If you are interested in developing your own website, contact the team at Connective Web Design today.