Web Design for Lawyers: Why Hiring a Specialist is Important

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February 10, 2013
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Why would an attorney or a law firm need a specialized web design company as opposed to hiring a firm that designs all types of websites? An attorney’s website should be credible, inspiring trust and confidence in potential clients. When a visitor lands on a lawyer’s website, they determine if the lawyer or law firm is reputable, professional and competent in just a few short seconds. Just as lawyers tell clients going before a jury; appearance is important.

What makes one attorney’s website stand out from the rest? A clean, content-driven website with professional quality graphics and easy navigation assures visitors that they are dealing with professionals who are qualified to handle complex legal matters.

Content is King

A website for a lawyer should have content that is professional, accurate and easy for visitors to read and understand. Professional web design firms will ensure the content is easily understandable by the target audience of non-legal persons.

The home page content will make it clear exactly what type of law the attorney practices and where he or she practices. A person in whose child is in jail needing a criminal lawyer ASAP or a client in a hospital needing a personal injury attorney that will come over to the local hospital is not going to want to waste time navigating confusing menu options; they want to know if this attorney can help them now.

Important Design Elements

Firms specializing in Attorney Website Design will include specific design elements such as contact forms and calls to action that are designed to get visitors to pick up the telephone. A strong call to action does not just ask a visitor to call; it directs a visitor to call for a free consultation or call to get answers now. Visitors to a website with strong calls to action will feel that by telephoning or filling out a contact form, they will have their problem addressed.

SEO & How Clients Find You

On site search engine optimization is important for attorneys who need to be found in order to get clients. Web designers will do keyword research, making sure the text on the website reflects what potential clients are typing into search engines when seeking an attorney. A firm specializing in web design for lawyers will also make sure the website is optimized for local searches, targeting clients in the attorney’s practice area.

Attorneys need specialized website design in order to inspire confidence and trust in themselves and their law firm. An experienced web design firm will make sure every element of the website from fonts to background colors lets a potential client know they have reached the right attorney.

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