Law Firm Website Marketing: Top Questions Answered

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July 10, 2018
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July 31, 2018
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If you run a law firm or its marketing, then you need to have the right approach to its website design. If you don’t, you could miss out on a lot of potential clients. So put your law firm in the best position to succeed. Don’t fall into common traps most firms do when building out their website. Use the answers to these commonly asked questions in your own firm today:

How to Get Attention

Having a great website is essential. However, a website needs to be visited and seen if it is going to do anything for your firm. That is why it is crucial to get attention for your brand via search engine optimization for lawyers and pay-per-click advertising. While SEO is free and more long term, paid ads bring in newer customers faster while costing more. A balanced approach is the right way to drive traffic and get your services in front of potential clients.

How to Increase Engagement

Increasing engagement is essential for any law firm web design. Great websites have a way of drawing people in. Your content needs to be relevant to the audience you are speaking to. In addition, be sure to have clear calls to action and a layout that doesn’t have too much going on.

How to Build Desire for Your Services

Once you have assured that your website is easy to find and navigate, you need to understand how to create actual desire for your law firm’s services. While your clients may need help of some kind, they might not yet be convinced that they should use your company. This is your chance to show them exactly how you are different and use case studies to make your argument even stronger.

How to Get More Clients from Your Site

While your law firm website marketing can do a lot for your brand, it cannot do everything. You still need to take the extra traffic and interest that you generate and turn it into clients and profit for your firm. You do this by having an option to speak with a real person. Each legal situation is unique for every client. Being able to contact you via phone, email, or chat allows you to understand their needs and gain them as a client for life.

What Platforms to Use

There are various platforms available to build websites on today. This may seem overwhelming at first, and rightfully so. The platform you choose will have a big effect on your success online. From WordPress, to Drupal, and more, the right platform depends on your goals and current situation, which is why consulting professional designers is key to the right website presence.

How Important Security Is for a Law Firm Website

You might be asking if security is really an issue. After all, you aren’t doing transactions on your site most of the time. Still, personal information is always being transferred. This means having the right firewall in place as a key part of the design is important from day one.

When it comes to modern day law firm marketing, your website is your business card. However, it is also much more. You need to be able to attract and convert the right kinds of clients on your site. If you don’t, you could be losing business to your competition. So don’t settle for less than you deserve. Use the tips above from commonly asked questions and make sure you have the best law firm website marketing possible.