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Look. Whether you already have a website and just want new hosting, or you got one of our awesome web designs, you will need hosting to power your website. Below I’ll detail on how to purchase hosting through Bluehost, along with explain which options are best for you depending on your needs.

The First Step

Click the button below.

Click Here for Bluehost

Okay great. You are on Bluehost. Now what?

Good question Timmy Johnny! Click their very obvious green “get started now”:


Easy enough so far. Right? You will be redirected to a page to select different plans.

Selecting a Plan

Below shows different plans to choose from: basic, plus, prime, and pro.

how to purchase website hosting

The two main packages we recommend are Optimus Prime and Pro. We do not recommend Basic, and really, what’s the point of Plus is it’s the same as Prime which is just flat out better. If at the time of reading this, the prices change, and Prime is more expensive, we can find the best solution for your business needs.

So. Prime vs Pro, and which one to pick. Pro has everything prime offers, plus a dedicated IP, SSL certificate, Domain Privacy, and backups. The two largest benefits are SSL certificate, and Backups. I go into more detail about SSL Certificate and if you need one here. Backups are very nice for multiple reasons, but the biggest reason is security. If your website is hacked, and your website is now advertising male enhancement pills, you are going to want a version of your website from before that happened. That’s where backups are handy. Website hacks are not always as simple as restoring a backup, but they really do help for multiple reasons.

Click Here for Bluehost

Now that that’s over… what’s next?

You will be prompted to this page:


Type in your domain in the “i have a domain name” section where I put in a fake URL. Serious time. Do not mess this up. Double check that you entered in the correct domain name that you have purchased. If you do not have a domain purchased, you will need to purchase one from anywhere. A good place to start is Godaddy.

Cool. Moving onto the fun stuff.

What, you were already having fun? Next step is to fill out all of your account information:


Next section is about Package Information:


What We Recommend:

We Recommend Purchasing Bluehost

SiteLock Security – Overall great security for your website. This is preventative security that will only cost $2 a month. No one will blame you for not taking this, but when your website does get hacked, we charge $75 / hour to fix hacked website. This process can take us anywhere from 1-10 hours. Not the best thing to find yourself with.

SSL Certificate – This is necessary if your website will have any sort of payment system directly on your website. It also helps boost SEO rankings as Google prefers websites with an SSL certificate. These are just two example of many – read our post about HTTP vs HTTPS to learn more about SSL certificates, and if it will be good for you.

What We Don’t Recommend:

Bluehost SEO Tools Start – This is literally useless. If that answer isn’t good enough, it literally doesn’t help your SEO. They submit an XML sitemap through Google (something we provide upon all website launched, or if you hire us for ongoing monthly SEO). After they submit it (a one time task) they continue to charge you monthly. This is the only actual SEO benefit they offer. They do provide monthly reports, but nothing in this monthly package directly or indirectly influences your rankings through search engines.

Sweet! Is this the end?

Yeah, I suppose it is. Click submit, and if you are working with us on your website, please forward any remaining emails to the CWD team. If you’re not working with us, well… you done goofed.

If you have any questions, comments, the typical stuff, please contact us!