The Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should Actually Care About

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April 23, 2018
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Website visitors almost instantly develop their opinion of your website. In many cases, a period of less than one second elapses before a user decides what they think of your brand. For many people, this brief moment is their first encounter with your company, so you need to make it count.

Many factors combine to influence the perception of a website visitor. One of those factors is website design. In the past, having a website was enough to attract attention and earn positive sentiment. Now, things have changed. Customers are more savvy than ever before. Also, they have definite expectations about their online experiences.

How can a business operate a website that is either poorly designed or fails to embrace current trends? Simply put, your website reflects your credibility and, therefore, can turn away customers if it does look right and function well.

To improve the way people think of your brand, you should care about the following four web design trends.

Produce videos

Video production costs more in terms of time and money than text-based content. For this reason alone, many business owners and managers resist the trend toward video. However, failing to embrace video content signals your users that your brand is behind the times.

Despite their cost, videos offer many opportunities to visually communicate the values of your brand as well as the merits of your products and services. You can also improve your position in search engine results by including a video on your website.

Use Storytelling

Rather than simply stating facts about your business and the things that you offer, present a story of your brand using all available tools.

For starters, consider creating a custom layout replete with informational graphics, illustrations and videos that tell how your brand will improve life for your visitors.

Storytelling connects with users on a human level, forming an emotional bond that facts alone will never create.

Offer Web books

The popularity of ebooks has caused an explosion of available digital content. However, the traditional practice of limiting access to ebooks is changing. Rather than putting ebooks behind paywalls and subscription gateways, businesses are creating websites that are books that allow people to easily access, consume and share your expertise without any hassle.

Share Values

Modern shoppers want to know more about your brands than the tangible things that you offer. They want to know that your business values people above profits and is conscious of its social role in their world.

Sharing your values is one of the most difficult web design trends to embrace because you put your reputation on the line. After communicating your operating principles in direct and indirect ways, you and your team must show that you abide by those principles day-in and day-out.

In the end, when you demonstrate your that your values are more than a gimmick to win sales, you earn the respect of your customers, setting the stage for long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Now that you’re aware of some web design trends that you should care about, learn more about them and put them to use in your new or redesigned website. Contact the team at Connective Web Design today to set up a meeting to talk about your design, trends, and what we can do to help.