Establishing a strong web presence becomes increasingly important as larger percentages of commerce occur online. Many components make up an effective digital strategy, from web design, to social media to content creation.

Although all methods are crucial to engaging, keeping and converting audiences, not all techniques are created equal. Many brands spend a great deal of time and resources on web design – and rightly so. Visitors to ecommerce sites want aesthetically pleasing, functional experiences. However, brands make a significant mistake when favoring design over content.

What Makes Content So Compelling?

When it comes to targeting, retargeting, and retaining customers, design can only get a company so far. Brands consistently creating high-quality content – from site copy, to product descriptions, to blogs and articles – gain the advantage over companies placing their marketing onus on design alone. Here’s why:

  1. Content changes how prospects think. Putting a brand’s expertise and philosophies in writing provides audiences with a tangible perspective to which they can return again and again. With compelling, prolific content, savvy marketers change hearts and minds and convince visitors to become converts.
  1. Content establishes businesses as thought leaders. Among customers, prospects, competitors, and industry authorities alike, great content shows the world your brand wants to do more than market a product – it wants to change the world. Anticipating and remarking on industry trends shows companies understand the “bigger picture,” not only their own bottom line.
  1. Content can offer major SEO benefits. Use of keywords, key phrases, and rich information in content helps businesses rise to the top in search engine rankings. Algorithms change on a regular basis, but relevant, high-quality content is more likely to stand the test of time.
  1. Competitors may copy your design but not your content. Another brand may “rip off” that cutting-edge new design and get away with it, but it will become obvious to search engines – and everyone else – if they duplicate your written content.
  1. Brands can update content more often than design. For most brands, a new design occurs every year or two at the most. By contrast, businesses can (and should) update their blogs, social media accounts, and other content on a daily basis. Content creation is a constant opportunity to shine and show your progress.

At Connective Web Design, we understand that content, design, and other components represent interconnected parts of a complete digital strategy. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand’s online presence blow your competitors out of the water.

Is your content marketing strategy gaining you favor with search engines and audiences?