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Was there a contact form directly on the home page?

contact forms on law firm websites

Making it as easy as possible for potential clients to get in touch through a home page contact form is clearly a primary focus for most of these sites. 89% of all attorney designs analyzed had a contact form directly on the landing page.

Having a conversion mechanism directly on the landing page means that visitors do not have to click through to another page to reach out to the law firm. It eliminates any chance of something going wrong with a page loading or a server hiccup wasting a lead.

Video Content

Do attorneys utilize video content on their landing page?

video content on law firm websites

65% of all attorney websites had some form of video content directly on their homepage. The vast majority of the videos I sampled seemed professionally produced. They tended to introduce the attorney, show a bit of the law firm’s culture and cover their specializations (helping the injured).

According to Renderforest: In 2019 80% of all global Internet consumption will be video content.

They also state:

  • Users spend 88% more time on a website with video.
  • Marketers who use video content get 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • Including a video on your homepage can increase conversion rates by 20% or more.

These statistics are not law specific, yet attorneys should pay attention. If your target clients prefer to research through a specific medium, then you should meet them there.

Has a Blog?

Do the top personal injury attorneys use a blog?

do attorneys use a blog?

There are so many good reasons for law firms to have an active blog and 93% of the top PI sites in the country agree.

From an SEO perspective, it’s a great medium as it allows law marketers to post content targeting long tail keywords and go after less competitive terms.

Blog articles also tend to attract links far easier than a “sales” page would. Being that earning backlinks to your law firm website is such a huge factor in how strong Google will perceive your website, not having a blog is kind of shooting yourself in the foot.

If you are wondering what kind of content you should put on your blog Brian Dean did an interesting study showing the types of website content that earn the most backlinks. Check it out here:

Attorney blogging strategy

Number of Trust Badges

How many badges do attorneys need on their website?

how many badges do attorneys use on their websites?

I defined a trust badge as a “badge” that is displayed on a law site for trust purposes. These could be rating oriented badges such as the very popular Avvo and Super Lawyers badges, award badges such as the top 100 Trial Lawyers or even badges showing the various associations to which the attorney belongs.

Essentially, these are all accolades incorporated into the attorney’s web design to help gain the trust of prospective clients.

The average number of badges across all sites was 7 with one site having 27 badges!

Has a Live Chat?

Do personal injury attorney websites use live chat?

lawyer live chat stats

66% of the personal injury attorney websites in this study were using some form of live chat. It could be an even larger percentage given that some live chat programs hide themselves when an operator is not available.

The argument for a live chat is that it is a proactive mechanism to get the visitor engaged in a dialog with a firm representative.

People also do not need to wait for a callback or for someone to respond to a contact form. They can get instant feedback. If the visitor was not quite sure if they needed an attorney in the first place or not, a proactive live chat asking “Is there anything we can answer for you today?” could turn someone who would have left the page into a client.

Internet users are getting much more accustomed to live chat. Why wait for hours or days for an email response from a rep if they can get an answer immediately via live chat? The more that people get used to using this medium, the more it will be a mandatory communication channel a law firm needs to use

Number of Practice Area CTAs

What was the average number of practice area calls-to-actions the websites used?

number of legal practice area CTA's in a design

The number of practice area CTA’s averaged out to around 6 or 7 per attorney. These included call-outs to practice area pages such as car crash, slip fall, dog bites and so on and so forth.

I was defining a “call to action” as any design element more significant than a simple text link and not as part of the main navigation whose purpose is to guide a user to a practice area detail page.

Home pages tend to be purposed around guiding people towards the most important money pages of the website. As an example, getting a user who was in a bicycle accident onto the bike accident page in a very clear and noticeable way is the purpose of these CTA sections.

Settlement Results

Do attorneys display the settlements of their previous cases?

I counted roughly 59% of all PI attorney web designs displaying their settlement results on their home pages. Below is an example of the kind of results you would see:

$4,400,000 won – Motor vehicle accident
$3,000,000 won – Product liability case
$2,350,000 won – Dog bite settlement

This is a design element whose purpose is to show competency and experience with the hope that it will help gain the visitor’s trust. Although this is not precisely social proof, it holds the same purpose. People want to be smart shoppers and analyzing the previous results of an attorney is a way a potential client can feel more informed before making a decision.


Do lawyers show client testimonials on their home pages?

do attorneys show testimonials on their site?

71% of all PI sites are displaying testimonials. Showing social proof through customer testimonials is one of the best ways a law firm can display how good they are at their jobs.

People want experience when it comes to hiring an attorney. Being able to back up your claims with testimonials from REAL past clients will help in winning over prospective clients.

According to eCommerce giant BigCommerce: 72% of consumers say positive reviews and testimonials make them trust a business more.

Personal injury clients are a different mindset than an online shopper, but the principals likely remain. People want to hire peer recommended organizations and showing a client testimonial is one way a law firm can help give them similar trust.

Number of Social Media Accounts

How many social media accounts do personal injury attorneys promote?

How many social accounts do attorneys have?

I counted the number of unique social media accounts law firms linked to from their website and saw an average of around four across all 100 sites.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube icons were the most common to see.

The vast majority of these sites linked to their social media profiles via familiar icons placed in the footer of the website.

Organically ranked attorneys having around four per site is likely because the marketing teams behind them push content through their social media accounts.


Is parallax used on these law firm sites?

Parallax is a website feature that has come into popularity over the years that incorporates multiple layers that move at different speeds when you scroll past them. This gives that area of the website a 3-dimensional feel as it separates the foreground from background.

I was actually surprised to see this used so little when looking for it across these websites. Only ten attorney sites had a section using parallax.

Here are a few law firms that have parallax sections:


This concludes our study of 100 Google page one personal injury attorney web designs! I hope you found it interesting.

As I said in my intro, I think it is important to not just follow the pack with the information you may glean from this article but instead use it as data that you can use to be more informed while making decisions about a law firm web design or seeing how you stack up compared to these.

I have included a list of my favorite attorney websites from the study here

Here are all of the law firm marketing tools that were used in this study.

Anything you found interesting? Were the results exactly what you thought they would be?

Leave a comment below. I’m curious to hear your take 🙂

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