What If Your Business Partner Hates Your New Website, But You Love It [Or Vice Versa]?

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January 22, 2015
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February 4, 2015
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Doing a website redesign or building a website from scratch for a small business can be at once an art and a science. On the one hand, you can definitely measure attributes of web redesign success through metrics, such as visitor engagement, search engine results, and organic links to the site. On the other hand, to some people, your pink and yellow website may look hideous; to others, it may look brilliant and engaging.

But what if you and another stakeholder in your business (such as a partner or spouse, perhaps) are at loggerheads regarding the website design or redesign? What if you absolutely love the logo but hate the content, while your partner (who wrote the content) hates the logo and all the art that you and your team created?

Rather than turn this disagreement (which could just be about artistic taste) into a major bummer for your business and a waste of time and energy, probe and get to the root of the problem. Ask yourself: what’s the actual purpose of the website redesign? What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you and the other stakeholder both clear about the purpose and on the same page? If not, have that conversation. Get clarity first, before you manipulate the website more.

Next, try to figure out what would make the website redesign process go “off the rails” for you? For instance, maybe you want to fight for your vision of the website… but you’re not willing to sacrifice this business relationship. Or maybe you care about getting the content right but don’t really care much about the aesthetics. Or maybe you want to make sure you get a return on investment or some “X” percentage of conversions, but you’re not that concerned about the timeline. The point is: get clear about what you need to happen to complete the website redesign on your terms.

The third part of this process involves brainstorming and envisioning best case outcomes. It always helps to brainstorm best case scenarios before you prioritize and organize your thinking. Really get fluid with the brainstorming. Open up a fishbone diagram and brainstorm on paper thoughts, images and ideas that spring to mind regarding the ideal solution to this project.

Don’t (yet) think about how you’re going to actually achieve the goals. Just think about great outcomes, envisioning them from beyond the point of completion of the website project. Doing this exercise will liberate your thinking. Push yourself to brainstorm outside of your comfort zone. Write down at least 20 different thoughts.

Finally, prioritize and develop solutions based on the thinking that you’ve done during this exercise. You might also consider and talking to an experienced Los Angeles Web Development small business website design team, like Connective Web Design. Please call or email us today for assistance getting to the bottom of your design dilemma and solving it in an effective, mindful and cost-effective way.