As you’re renovating your website design and focusing on improving your SEO profile, social media strategy and overall design aesthetic, you want to focus on only what’s essential.

As we’ve discussed before, even when you’re doing a simple redesign, it’s easy to go off in a million and one directions and to allow this fragmentation of your attention to distract from your core competencies and bottom line goals. As much as you want to “use the search engines” to drive traffic and leads to your business, odds are you’re making at least one of these 3 mistakes:

1.    You’re designing the content with Google in mind as opposed to your core customer.

Pleasing Google should never be your end goal. Ultimately, if you are running a business, you are creating a system to meet the needs of a particular consumer constituency (your “niche”). Rather than trying to figure out what content to write for Google, think about your end users. What do they need to see? What kind of journey (online and intellectually) do they need to go through to believe in your product and complete the marketing/sales process?

2.    You’re getting caught up in debates over keyword density and article length.

There is one truth in SEO, and that’s that today’s SEO “secret sauce” is going to be tomorrow’s sour milk. Google changes up its algorithm – how it weights certain features of articles and other types of content – for a reason. The search engine does not want junky or irrelevant results to have an unfair advantage. Why? Because if Google returned mostly advertorial results, people would stop trusting it as a tool to comb through the web! At the end of the day, it’s really not about the length of your articles, the keywords you use, the positioning of those keywords, or any of those other “SEO factors” that you might have learned about from the SEO “gurus.” The future of SEO is all about giving human beings what they want in a way that’s interesting and not gimmicky.

3.    You’re falling victim to the “inch deep, mile wide” phenomenon.

In the early days of SEO, if you wanted to rank well for a particular keyphrase (e.g. “insurance agent”) you might write a gazillion articles loosely related about that topic. For instance, you may write one “insurance agent” article for every state (to win geo-targeted traffic). This inch deep mile wide approach is considered tantamount to spam by today’s more sophisticated search engines. Understandably so! Instead of scraping the same five to ten facts about a particular topic and making a gillion articles out of them, get to understand a topic really well and really in depth. Then explain that topic to a lay audience, using simple, clean language, clear graphics and an engaging personality. You will be far more likely to create a resource that people (and search engines) will want to link to and reward. Earn trust through the content that you create!

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